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As Fúrias (2011)

de Mike Carey, John Bolton (Ilustrador)

Séries: Sandman Apresenta (8), The Sandman (8)

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335558,049 (3.32)1
In the three years since Daniel left to fulfill his destiny as the newSandman, Lyta Hall has suffered greatly from the loss of her onlyson.  Now the bloodline that has made her kin to the Furies has takenover her senses...and her sanity
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Afteer Lyta Hall sets the Furies on Dream and her son Daniel takes his place, she returns to a normal life. Or about as normal as it gets when you have rage/depression issues and some superhuman strength to back it up... After her latest run in with the law Lyta travels to Greece (her homeland) with an acting troupe as a form of self-motivated therapy, but she is once again taken over by t he Furies when she encounters Chronos. He has a plan to finally destroy the Furies - by forcing Lyta to hurt her own kin that he created from her blood) - but his plan goes awry because he doesn't realize that Lyta has power of her own to use against him and when coupled with the Furies she is nigh unstoppable! The whole point of this story is a bit contrived (I don't think Chronos has ever been a regular character or even a minor one), but I really liked that we get to find out what happenned to Lyta. ( )
  JaimieRiella | Feb 25, 2021 |
Mike Carey and John Bolton’s The Sandman Presents: The Furies tells the story of Cronus, the Titan, seeking to use Lyta Hall in order to get his revenge on the Furies, who seek him for the crime of killing his father, Uranus. Lyta, as an Imago, can host various personas and struggles with the loss of her son Daniel (who later became Dream of the Endless after the death of Morpheus). She joins what seems to be a traveling theatre troupe, unknowingly playing into Cronus’ plans. In Greece, he springs his trap, though Hermes helps Lyta seek the protection of her son, Dream. The story works well as a continuation of themes from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and includes references to The World’s End, the Cluracan, and the events of Morpheus’ death. Carey wrote extensively for The Sandman spin-off Lucifer as well as other Vertigo books including Hellblazer and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, so his writing perfectly evokes the tone needed for this story while Bolton’s photorealistic painted art adds the perfect touch for a story blurring the lines of reality and exploring several different mythical realms. Fans of The Sandman looking for more to read set in that world will find this a worthy companion work. ( )
  DarthDeverell | Jun 29, 2020 |
Lyta Hall is probably my third-favorite character in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman.  Which is weird, because she isn't exactly up to much. (Though what she is up turns out to be quite important.) She used to be superhero Fury of Infinity, Inc., but within The Sandman, she's the poor woman whose husband turns out to be long dead, manipulated by nightmares escaped from the Dreaming, whose child is taken from her by Dream to become the next Dream, and who is manipulated by agents outside mortal comprehension to bring about Dream's death.  Poor woman-- no wonder she's a bit overwhelmed, and I like the idea of the character, gone from being a powerful young superheroine to a plaything of the gods through a ridiculous series of bad circumstances.

Anyway, I was excited to read a book focusing on her, and Mike Carey and John Bolton's graphic novel did not disappoint.  The Furies sees the Greek god Cronus returning with a complicated plan to destroy the Furies so that he can become the new Furies, in which Lyta Hall, thanks to the link forged between herself and the Furies in The Sandman, is the lynchpin.  It's half a tale of gods and monsters like Neil Gaiman would have told, half a woman trying to figure out her crazy life, but you get the feeling that Carey treats the mythology more seriously than Gaiman ever did and that Lyta might actually acquire some agency for once.  Endowed with superstrength, and she finally manages to do something super, even if it's just getting her life back a bit.

John Bolton's painted art was very nice, sort of Alex Rossian, but with a little less majesty.  It's maybe too realistic: his depiction of Dream (there's Daniel Hall again!, though he seems to have forgotten his mother) and some of the other supernatural characters looked a little goofy because they looked so normal, making their supernatural characteristics a little awkward.  On the other hand, Lyta's journey in the underworld and the appearance of the Furies themselves were fantastic.

Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Spin-Offs: « Previous in sequence | Next in sequence »
  Stevil2001 | Aug 21, 2011 |
Summary: Hippolyta Hall is drifting through life, sleeping around and acting out to numb the pain of the hole in her life left by her kidnapped infant son. She signs on to travel to Greece with a theater troop, but when she gets there, she becomes caught up in an age-old battle between the Cronus, the last of the Olympians, and the Furies, who exist to punish patricide, and who are all too willing to use her as a pawn in their acts of vengeance.

Review: It's been a while - too long, in fact - since I've read the Sandman main series, but I'm really enjoying working my way through the spinoffs. This one is one of the best that I've read so far; it's got same blend of fantasy, horror, pathos, theology, and a heavy helping of mythology that made the main Sandman series so appealing. This book is not for those who haven't read the main series - it's not an independent spin-off so much as it is a wrapping-up of one of the storylines, and characters appear and past events are referenced with little-to-no explanation for new readers. It's also not a book for those who aren't at least passingly familiar with Greek mythology; I'd recommend brushing up at least on the creation myth, the Titans, and the coming of the Olympians before starting. (There's also an appearance by Philemon and Baucis, whose story I was unfamiliar with before starting.) The artwork is gorgeous, and in quite a different style than the rest of the Sandman novels; Bolton's style is part photograph and part painting, and the result is incredibly rich and lovely. (Although I'm not sure how I feel about Dream showing up in layered T-shirts.) Overall, I not only really enjoyed this book, but it also reminded me how much I enjoyed the Sandman series as a whole, and how much I want to go re-read it. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Recommendation: If you've read through the whole main series of the Sandman, then you'll want to read this one as well. If you haven't... well, go do that, and then we'll talk. ( )
1 vote fyrefly98 | Apr 3, 2010 |
The artwork is extremely interesting for this, I almost think that the art style just looks like a series of photoshopped pictures though....which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it is sometimes distracting. I do like the new Dream design here though and the storyline, while not the best ever, was still interesting and well fitted to the Sandman series. ( )
  readingsarah | May 15, 2008 |
Exibindo 5 de 5
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In the three years since Daniel left to fulfill his destiny as the newSandman, Lyta Hall has suffered greatly from the loss of her onlyson.  Now the bloodline that has made her kin to the Furies has takenover her senses...and her sanity

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