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Independence Day [1996 film] (1996)

de Roland Emmerich (Director/Screenwriter), Dean Devlin (Screenwriter)

Outros autores: David Arnold (Compositor), Adam Baldwin (Actor), Margaret Colin (Actor), Harvey Fierstein (Actor), Vivica A. Fox (Actor)9 mais, Jeff Goldblum (Actor), Judd Hirsch (Actor), Robert Loggia (Actor), Mary McDonnell (Actor), Bill Pullman (Actor), Randy Quaid (Actor), James Rebhorn (Actor), Will Smith (Actor), Brent Spiner (Actor)

Séries: Independence Day films (1)

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6871025,485 (3.84)21
Massive spaceships appear in Earth's skies and wonder turns to terror as the ships blast destructive beams of fire down on cities all over the planet. The world's only hope lies with a determined band of survivors.

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Well, everyone seems to have forgotten Kenneth Johnson's V from 13 years earlier when this movie premiered in the summer of 1996. Just as with V, Independence Day deals with an invasion of UFOs. ( )
  robertbruceferguson | Feb 5, 2021 |
Il film narra di un'immaginaria e quasi riuscita invasione aliena della Terra, con la distruzione di parecchi monumenti simbolo degli Stati Uniti d'America, come l'Empire State Building, la Casa Bianca e la Library Tower di Los Angeles. Per il lancio del film si ricorse ad una campagna pubblicitaria di enormi dimensioni che ebbe inizio durante la 30ª edizione della finale del Super Bowl. (fonte: Wikipedia)
  MemorialeSardoShoah | May 8, 2020 |
One of the best pictures ever. ( )
  IraTozer | Feb 13, 2020 |
Independence Day (1996)

Will Smith – Capt. Steven Hiller
Bill Pullman – President Thomas J. Whitmore
Jeff Goldblum – David Levinson
Mary McDonnell – Marilyn Whitmore
Judd Hirsh – Julius Levinson
Robert Loggia – General William Grey
Randy Quaid – Russell Casse
Margaret Colin – Constance Spano
James Rebhorn – Albert Nimziki
Harvey Fierstein – Marty Gilbert
Adam Baldwin – Major Mitchell
Brent Spiner – Dr. Brakish Okun
James Duval – Miguel
Vivica A. Fox – Jasmine Dubrow
Lisa Jakub – Alicia

Screenplay by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich
Directed by Roland Emmerich

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2004. Extended Single Version. Colour. 147 min. 2:35:1 picture. 5.1 Dolby Digital sound.


This is not a great movie, but it certainly is a great spectacle – no doubt all it was ever intended to be. But some people have real genius for barking up the wrong tree and still rant about “plot holes” and “limited characterisation”. As if it mattered! Others are outraged that Americans yet again save the world. Well, Americans foot the bill, and quite a bill it must have been for that movie. Of course they will save the world in it. When a movie like that is produced by Nepal and Bangladesh, the world would be saved by a team of Nepalese and Bangladeshi geniuses. Anything wrong with that? Perhaps some people even think the movie is part of the Great Zionist Conspiracy because of this innocent joke:

Nimziki: I’m not Jewish.
Julius: Nobody’s perfect.

As a matter of fact, the plot and the characters are adequate to a movie of this type. Nor is the acting unworthy of some praise; Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum are fun; Randy Quaid and Judd Hirsh are hilarious. If you must be misguided and wrong-headed, you might as well lambaste the general idea. It is one of the most overworked ideas since science fiction was invented, yet it has been derided by some of the greatest SF writers. “As our own species is in the process of proving,” Arthur Clarke wrote in “Science and Spirituality”, one of his finest essays, “one cannot have superior science and inferior morals. The combination is unstable and self-destroying.” Hard to disagree with that!

The spectacle is the thing and this is where the movie truly dazzles. Quite rightly it got an Oscar for special effects. If the scenes with the giant spaceships overshadowing whole cities or the journey inside the huge mothership in the end don’t fill you with some awe, you’re probably brain-dead. I suppose even the anti-American gang would be happy with the spectacle. They must enjoy seeing Empire State Building, the Capitol and the White House demolished completely by a benevolent alien power.

Much like The Day After Tomorrow (2004), another Emmerich extravaganza, you watch Independence Day for the sheer visual feast it provides. If you can’t do that, then don’t watch it at all. Certainly don’t write or talk about “plot holes” and “flat characters” if you don’t want to make a much bigger fool of yourself than anybody involved in the making of that movie. ( )
1 vote Waldstein | Nov 1, 2019 |
Utilizzando tecnologia extraterrestre recuperata, le nazioni della Terra collaborano in un immenso programma di difesa proteggere il pianeta. Gli alieni attaccano con una forza senza precedenti.
  MemorialSardoShoahDL | Apr 5, 2019 |
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Nome do autorFunçãoTipo de autorObra?Status
Emmerich, RolandDirector/Screenwriterautor principaltodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Devlin, DeanScreenwriterautor principaltodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Arnold, DavidCompositorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Baldwin, AdamActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Colin, MargaretActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Fierstein, HarveyActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Fox, Vivica A.Actorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Goldblum, JeffActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Hirsch, JuddActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Loggia, RobertActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
McDonnell, MaryActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Pullman, BillActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Quaid, RandyActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Rebhorn, JamesActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Smith, WillActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Spiner, BrentActorautor secundáriotodas as ediçõesconfirmado
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This is the 1996 film Independence Day, directed by Roland Emmerich. It should not be combined with any novelization or other adaptation.
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Massive spaceships appear in Earth's skies and wonder turns to terror as the ships blast destructive beams of fire down on cities all over the planet. The world's only hope lies with a determined band of survivors.

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