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My Teacher Flunked the Planet de Bruce…

My Teacher Flunked the Planet (original: 1992; edição: 1992)

de Bruce Coville

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Peter, a typical seventh-grader, finds himself touring the planet with his friends Susan and Duncan, and with three aliens in disguise. Their mission is to file a report that will report the Earth's future in the universe.
Título:My Teacher Flunked the Planet
Autores:Bruce Coville
Informação:Pocket Minstrel Books (1992), Paperback
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

My Teacher Flunked the Planet de Bruce Coville (1992)


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  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
Who does Bruce Coville think he is? I remembered there being some heavy stuff in this book, but I completely forgot about that ending. The other 'My Teacher' books go into some deep waters with troubled homes, abuse begetting abuse, and the value of strong music programs in our schools, but Coville goes all out here.

Remember those old Sci-Fi movies and episodes of the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits where the Earth was held hostage by aliens? Some smug being in a silver jumpsuit or robe would lecture the assembled group of humans about humanity's lust for war and willful neglect of the starving and the poor, etc. The case against was (and is) pretty solid from that perspective. Death and famine versus art and non-lethal sciences. Humanity always gets saved though by some last-minute act of love or forgiveness. Aw, he forgives his daddy, I guess we won't blow up your planet after all. What a crock, right?

Coville avoids that, what he does do though just seems like the terrifying end of a book like 'Childhood's End' given a positive spin. I'm really not too psyched about humanity being screwed up because it was a malfunctioning hive-mind. But that's going to be fixed real soon kids. Sleep tight!

Creepy as those thoughts are I must respect Coville for what he did with this series. He didn't flinch from showing some really ugly truths to an audience that's traditionally overprotected.

And Coville did this with some really fresh takes on the juvenile sci-fi genre. Sure, there is hardly any science in this fiction at all, and the idea that human science has stagnated since the mass introduction of televisions is truly absurd, but what separates a good children's author from the rest is their ability to stimulate thought while entertaining. 'My Teacher Flunked the Planet' certainly did that for me when I first read it.

My Teacher is an Alien

Previous: 'My Teacher Glows in the Dark' ( )
  ManWithAnAgenda | Feb 18, 2019 |
This is a sci-fi sequel to My Teacher is an Alien. Seventh-grader Peter, travels around with two of his friends and three aliens. The aliens are apparently decideing whether or not to leave earth alone. In the end, Peter asks he council to send teachers to earth.

I am not a big science fiction fan anyway, but this book almost repelled my attention. I could not get into it at all.

I would probably not use this in the classroom, but if I did I would have students illustrate a scene from the book. ( )
  mmuncy | Dec 8, 2010 |
My Teacher Flunked the Planet is the last book in the My Teacher Is an Alien series. I don't have the earlier books, but that did not prove to be a significant impediment to enjoying this book due to the concise summary of previous events at the start of the book.

Peter, the human protagonist of the book, having previously uncovered the fact that reasonably benign aliens have replaced some of his teachers, left Earth to learn from the aliens, had his brain removed, studied and replaced, learns that the Intergalacatic Council of aliens has come to believe that humans are too dangerous to allow into space, and will either have their technology cut off, or simply be eliminated. Peter, and two other human children from earlier books - the smart and sweet Susan, and the former bully turned supergenius Duncan - are sent to Earth with three aliens to find a way to prove to the council that humanity doesn't deserve to be eliminated.

At this point, Coville lays on some fairly heavy handed social commentary, as the kids are whisked about the world to witness the worst humans can offer - war, famine, cruelty, indifference, and so on. Duncan is found by the police and taken away from the group, triggering nasty anti-alien riots. (One oddity in the book is that apparently making Duncan a supergenius also made him nicer, which I don't think follows. Sure, the book gives lip service to the idea that making someone smart doesn't necessarily make them nice, but Duncan, in practice, seems to have been reformed by his brain enhancement. Of the messages contained in the book, I'm least comfortable with the idea that smarter people are nicer).

Just when everything seems lost, Coville throws in what seems to be a deus ex machina ending, as the root cause of humanity's violence and anger is revealed - and it turns out it really isn't our fault. This, to me, undermines the plot of the book: humans aren't redeemed by anything we do, we are redeemed because we have special powers that were previously undiscovered. The message of the book, showing the human costs of violence and indifference, and that humanity is (or should regard themselves as) interconnected, is laudable. Oddly, for a book that deals with such a serious subject, the book is quite humorous too. But the clumsy execution at the end of the book reduces what could have been an excellent book to merely an average one.

This review has also been posted to my blog Dreaming About Other Worlds. ( )
1 vote StormRaven | Feb 3, 2009 |
Lexile: 750
Reading Recovery: 24
DRA: 40
Fountas Pinnel Guided Reading: R
  mr.crunkleton | Aug 24, 2007 |
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Peter, a typical seventh-grader, finds himself touring the planet with his friends Susan and Duncan, and with three aliens in disguise. Their mission is to file a report that will report the Earth's future in the universe.

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