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George Whitefield: The Life and Times of the…

George Whitefield: The Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the… (edição: 1980)

de Arnold A. Dallimore- volume 2 (Autor)

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Volume 2 follows events onwards until his death in 1770. An outstanding biography, popularly written, and with an urgent message for the present day.
Título:George Whitefield: The Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the Eighteenth Century - Volume II
Autores:Arnold A. Dallimore- volume 2 (Autor)
Informação:Banner of Truth (1980), Edition: 1st Edition, 620 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

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George Whitefield: The Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the Eighteenth Century - Volume II de Arnold A. Dallimore


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So encouraging, stimulating, and edifying in my walk with the Lord. It's a bit long at times, but the style is very readable and I was sad to see it end. I'll have to find some of his sermons to read now, though they say the ones on record aren't his best, and of course reading isn't the same as hearing and seeing the evangelist in action... I was blessed. ( )
  acotnoir | Oct 13, 2013 |
After spending more than 1200 pages with a man, you feel like you know him quite well. Dallimore has set the standard for me as I read biographers and I would venture to guess that this book has permanently shaped my expectations as to the detail with which an author seeking to write the definitive biography, should write with. Dallimore shines in the details. I think that I read somewhere that he spent 30 years in preparation for this work and if that is true, I'd believe it. He seems to have read every imaginable primary and secondary source and brought in so much evidence for his arguments that this work will likely never be topped. I feel like I went with Whitefield on every single ministry circuit, read every one of his letters, and knew each one of his friends. Dallimore's contribution is remarkable.The danger in reading the biographies of such extraordinary humans is discouragement. Whitefield is probably the most extraordinary man I've ever heard of. His unique ministerial gifts, his gospel energy, and the holiness of his life make him feel superhuman to me and I find it quite difficult to relate to him. I attribute most of this simply to the fact that God gifted him in extraordinary ways. Yet, I also direct a modest portion of blame towards the author. My largest disappointment with this work is that though the author acknowledged numerous faults possessed by Whitefield, it often felt as if he did it only out of obligation. On pp 519-20 of vol. II Dallimore briefly summarizes 6 of Whitefield's faults but it felt disproportional to me. After 1200 pages of admiration, I'd suggest that the credibility of this work would be bolstered if at least 5% of the space had been given to a consideration of his faults. In particular, I was troubled by Whitefield's neglect of his wife and felt that many of his life's troubles came from overextending himself in ministry. I'm really surprised that the latter concern was not addressed as the author cites countless of accounts of how his friends seemed to share my concern.However, these criticisms should not detract much from this work. To borrow a common assessment of Whitefield, the weaknesses of Dallimore's work are like 'spots on the sun,' thus hardly noticeable. The power of this work, like any decent biography is the opportunity it provides not only for education for historical events such as the Great Awakening, or the Whitefield v. Wesley controversy, but also for personal reflection. It would be far too ambitious of a task for me to attempt to account for the numerous bits of both large and small wisdom that I gained from observing this man's life. The bottom line is that if you are interested in Whitefield, Wesley, or the Great Awakening this book is indispensable. This is the unrivaled, definitive work on Whitefield's life and should be widely read by pastors, church historians, and aspiring leaders across many denominations. Additionally, I commend Banner of Truth for the quality of this sewn binding. These two books are the best constructed books I own. ( )
  nathan.c.moore | Oct 1, 2012 |
As with the first, I have a really mixed feeling towards this book. Dallimore writes well, if only he wouldn't use direct quotes so much it'd shine through more clearly. It was sometimes tedious to read though, because he would divert from the main subject quite frequently. Dallimore & any reader of this book certainly will gain a lot of knowledge not just about Whitefield, but about many of his contemporaries. At the same time there was rather limited broad historical context. My chief complaint is still that Dallimore thrusts too much upon the reader his own very high opinion of Whitefield. I don't think Whitefield needs Dallimore to tell us that he was a great man - his life speaks well enough on its own (in many ways). At the same time, Whitefield had some major flaws - chiefly in his marital conduct it seems (not providing well) - but this gets scant notice. Even errors Dallimore admits are brushed aside largely, which is a shame, because it's far too easy to become discouraged when a biographer paints a too rosy picture of a man: how can I compare?? For a time as I read this, I questioned whether or not it was Whitefield or God that was popular - as it seemed that his works fell apart whenever he was on the other side of the Atlantic. As he settled into a ministry in England, more steadily, I felt like there was less of that perhaps "personality" draw & more work of the Spirit. Of course, this is just my sense from this one biography & it certain is no dis-credit to the instrument that it is fine or that people love to hear it; I just struggled for a while with the question of who (in the listeners' minds) was the chief delight. I haven't seen Dallimore's more recent single volume work, but if, on flipping through it, I found fewer "rabbit trails" & much less direct quotations (including an entire page of Lord's & Lady's names!!) I'm sure it would be a much finer work. ( )
  deferredreward | Aug 19, 2011 |
Not quite the exhilarating style of Volume 1 but a substantial, scholarly and very readable account all the same. The Index and Bibliography are both very extensive. I always wish that photographs were dispersed to relevant places in the text rather than being plonked in 1 or 2 wedges in the book ( )
  revchrishemyock | Aug 2, 2007 |
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Volume 2 follows events onwards until his death in 1770. An outstanding biography, popularly written, and with an urgent message for the present day.

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