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The Day Leo Said I Hate You! de Robie Harris

The Day Leo Said I Hate You! (edição: 2008)

de Robie Harris (Autor)

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Leo, upset that he has been hearing the word "no" all day, lets three words slip out that he wishes he could take back.
Título:The Day Leo Said I Hate You!
Autores:Robie Harris (Autor)
Informação:Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2008), Edition: First Edition, 40 pages
Coleções:Everybody, Sua biblioteca

Work Information

The Day Leo Said I Hate You! de Robie H. Harris


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The Book is about exactly what the title says. Leo is tired of his mother always telling him "No." That he can not do certain things without her telling him " no, he can not do that." Till at one point Leo tell his mother the 3 words you should never tell someone, ""I Hate You." He immediately regrets what he says and that the wish he could have stopped before saying it. His mother then goes on to teach him an important lesson about how its okay to hate things like his vegetables, but to tell other people that he hates them can hurt their feelings. ( )
  D.Patzan | Sep 11, 2019 |
This book will teach kids about judging the appropriateness of specific behaviors and predict the possible consequences of particular behaviors. In this book little Leo becomes very angry with his mom. She is always addressing the negative things he is doing by telling him not to do this and not to do that. One day Leo explodes and yells " I HATE YOU!" his mom feels so hurt by these words. He learns there are better ways to express his feelings in situations where he is upset and there are consequences to our behaviors.
Source- Yelm Library
  KrystalCrow | Nov 11, 2018 |
I really enjoyed the book because the illustrations enhance the story and make it relatable to readers. For example, Leo gets mad at his mom for saying no, so he goes into his room to hide. His mom then opens the door and catches Leo drawing on his wall and Leo has a terrified look on his face because he got caught doing something that he knew he wasn't supposed to do. This is relatable to readers because we all make that face when we get caught doing something that we know we shouldn't be doing. The illustrations also enhance the story because when Leo says "I hate you" to his mom, his whole entire head fits the page, his mouth is wide open, and his body is smaller then his head showing the built up anger and frustration. The main idea of the book is about love, forgiveness, and expressing feelings because most children have or have thought about saying I hate you to their parents over things, and the book expresses how to deal with those type of situations. ( )
  AshleyHardy2 | Oct 22, 2018 |
I enjoy this book because the illustrations enhance the story. When Leo says "I hate you" to his mother, his head covers the entire page showing him shouting in anger. When he feels disappointed in himself, he is shown very small in the back of the page with his mother drawn bigger in the foreground facing him. I think the reading is also very accurate and organized. When Leo's mother keeps saying no, he gets very frustrated and yells at her. This is a realistic reaction for young kids to feel. Then in the end of the book, his mother talks to him about how that is not okay to say to your parents. The reading is very realistic and shows a clear message/lesson that is useful for young readers. ( )
  SarahLansinger | Oct 9, 2018 |
This is a really cool book becuase it addresses a common issue that most teachers and parents will face with a kid. In this story, a little boy gets really frustrated with his mom for telling him "no" that he boils over and screams "i hate you" to her in a moment of anger. Outbursts like this are common with youner kids when they cant manage their emotions. The mom talks to him and lets him know how hurtful it is when he says that. They have a really good conversation abuot it that is meaningful for both parents and children. This book would be great for addressing similar situations or for preventing them. ( )
  Kyliehentschke | Apr 24, 2018 |
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Leo, upset that he has been hearing the word "no" all day, lets three words slip out that he wishes he could take back.

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