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The Chronicles of Amber, Volume 1 de Roger…

The Chronicles of Amber, Volume 1 (edição: 1978)

de Roger Zelazny (Autor), Boris Vallejo (Ilustrador)

Séries: Chronicles of Amber (Omnibus 1-2)

MembrosResenhasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
9781715,722 (4.25)26
Título:The Chronicles of Amber, Volume 1
Autores:Roger Zelazny (Autor)
Outros autores:Boris Vallejo (Ilustrador)
Informação:New York: Nelson Doubleday, Inc., 1978
Coleções:Read, Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

The Chronicles of Amber, Volume I: Nine Princes in Amber, The Guns of Avalon de Roger Zelazny


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Wow, never had I thought that I would like Roger Zelazny's work. I know that the series is a classic in the genre, and that, yes, the series consists of 10 books... But luckily the first 5 are complete on their own, whereas the others apparently focus on the main character's (Corwin) son, Merlin. Maybe one day I'll read those other six, but when reading other peoples' comments, it seems they're not as good and written to exploit the series.

Roger Zelazny has a great writing style, very fluent, very smooth, great prose. It's been a while since I last was so engulfed by one's way with words.

As one other reader wrote in his review - see here: you have to read the whole series as one, not as stand-alone books, because they do link up and follow one another. That way you get to see the bigger picture, the puzzle being completed.

In the beginning, it's hard to discover who Corwin is, why he lost his memory, how it happened, who was involved, etcetera. Then you learn that he's part of a big family of brothers and sisters and that it involves the kingdom of Amber and specifically the throne. Some of the brothers/princes of Amber want to ascend the throne, as the king and their father, Oberon, seems lost or dead. Of course, there's a whole scheme behind it, each character has his/her reasons to help or work against the other. Hypocrisy, enmity, jealousy, distrust, betrayal, conspiracies, and so on... the evil that men do, unbelievable.

But apparently such events can also change a human being, making him see his errors and providing the opportunity to set things right, to renew the family ties for the better instead of the worst. And how to see what one really wants in life. Daddy's influence is here and there omni-present, it seems, as Corwin succeeds where he normally would fail or be dead. Zelazny added some nice surprises to twist the events and make you even more excited to read on, despite certain details (about certain characters or areas) not being (completely) known. But then again, were they all that necessary in the grand design?

Also, lovely to see how contemporary and Fantasy elements are mixed, how the scenery changes as Corwin goes into shadow worlds, working his way through different sceneries in the blink of an eye, changing the setting so he reaches his destination faster.

How the Trumps, or set of cards with pictures of the other family members, are used as smartphones avant la lettre. Swiping/touching the card, focusing on the picture and establishing contact. Even being able to be transported to where that other person is, through the card. Interesting idea. Star Trek ("Beam me up, Scotty" meets contemporary times).

However, as was probably very common back in the day (1970s): lots of smoking and drinking. It's still common today, but since there are anti-smoking laws in certain countries...

Long story short: A great series that kept me excited from start to finish, despite at times nothing much happened, not much action, yet all the more descriptions and dialogues. While the ending is an ending and things have been set aright, or sort of, it does make one curious of how it goes on. What about Amber? Will it be like before, how are the family ties now that there are two new members? And so on. I guess I'll have to read the other 5 books for that, no? But that's for later. The first five were very entertaining, so let's leave it behind with positive thoughts. :) ( )
  TechThing | Jan 22, 2021 |
I read the first volume of the Amber series many years ago. Liked it well enough, but not as much as some other Zelazny novels, notably Lord of Light and Creatures of Light and Darkness.

Having now read through books one and two of the saga, I find my original impressions still stand.

The first few chapters of Nine Princes in Amber are fantastic, a tour-de-force of sustained irony and tension as the protagonist wakes up in a hospital with no memory and bluffs, connives, and forces his way through one dangerous encounter after another. This is also a brilliant narrative device for introducing the reader to the fictional world, as we learn the amazing facts of this world along with the point-of-view character.

And the world is impressive: a Universe of realities, all reflections of the central Realm of Amber, of which our hero is a prince. One prince of many in a large, dysfunctional dynastic family full of rivalries, hatreds and betrayals. Plenty of room for drama and adventure, and Zelazny gives the world just enough scaffolding to support his narrative as it dances and cartwheels along. So don't look too deep or ask too many questions.

This is fun, ironic fantasy. Nothing profound, but enough to make me want to read the last three novels. Just not yet.

( )
  JackMassa | Jan 24, 2019 |
Undeniably a great series with imaginative story line, action drama, surprise turns and growing self understanding of Corwin. But drags in parts and maybe indulges in a bit too much self-introspection and self-dialogue. Ganelon development is a bit too predictable. Some great scenes including the battle with Lord Borel at the Courts of Chaos and the initial hospital scene. ( )
  drsabs | Jun 30, 2017 |
I first read these books when young; they have not lost their magic.

Roger Zelazny pulls you completely into the amazing Amber universe where there are infinite shadow worlds of the one true world - Amber.

Unreliable narrator, political intrigue, unique fantasy setting, terrific first person writing, leads you to read until the wee hours of the night despite the fact you have work the next day.

What's not to love......

( )
1 vote bhuesers | Mar 29, 2017 |
Corwin wakes up in the clutches of someone claiming to be his sister. He has no memories but knows he must bluff his way into freedom. A few audacious con-man moves later, he is travelling between alternate worlds, alternately fleeing, fighting and helping his numerous siblings. They are the nobility of Amber, and the victor will rule them all--and all of reality. Corwin is a golden age hero, complete with bravado and silly gender issues, but his adventures are a lot of fun to read ( )
  wealhtheowwylfing | Feb 29, 2016 |
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