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By Pat O'Shea The Hounds of the…

By Pat O'Shea The Hounds of the Morrigan (Reissue) [Paperback] (original: 1985; edição: 2009)

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When a ten-year-old boy finds an old book of magic in a bookshop in Ireland, the forces of good and evil gather to do battle over it.
Título:By Pat O'Shea The Hounds of the Morrigan (Reissue) [Paperback]
Informação:Oxford University Press (2009)
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

The Hounds of the Morrigan de Pat O'Shea (1985)

  1. 10
    Travel Light de Naomi Mitchison (inge87)
  2. 00
    A String in the Harp de Nancy Bond (gatheringofleaves)
    gatheringofleaves: Both books deal with older Anglo mythology and feature children 'traveling' to other times/other lands

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My new favourite book.

Well, almost. There's one other ([Peace is Every Step] by [[Thich Nhat Hanh]]) that is never likely to be displaced. But it is Buddhist mindfulness teachings and this is fantastic fiction, so they aren't really in competition.

So why do I like this book so much? Well, to begin with, there's the writing. O'Shea is a deft and able writer, with that bit extra that makes her prose yet more vivid. I open the book to grab a random example and get this, "In a moment, there was the creaking of wings in the sky and everyone looked up at a string of wild geese flying in a broad V in from the lake and across the sky above them."

This is not the most poetic of her sentences, but I like it because of that one word. "Creaking." Not flapping--these wings are too vast to flap, these birds so large they need the stiffness of long feathers. And there are so many of them above that even though they aren't calling, everyone hears them as they approach. This is one of the strengths of her writing. Nearly every moment of it takes place in the outdoors, and always there is the clear sense that the author knows intimately the domain that she describes.

I am a great fan of Irish mythology. Rarely (if ever) have I read a novel written by someone who knows and understands Irish myth. O'Shea does. She also knows and values the modern Irish world, and she knits the two together playfully, beautifully, and frighteningly.

The book is a quest novel, and after several decades of quest novels I've grown tired of them. Much as I enjoyed each meeting in the book, the characters, the actions, the settings and so much more, I thought I might get tired of them--it is 465 pages. But I didn't. In fact, the gradual unfolding of the different meetings and how they changed the children's trajectory through both this and the Other world began to slowly shift my plot-focussed reading style to one where I was free to simply engage with what was happening before me in each chapter and fully appreciate it. I don't know how long it took me--quite a while!--to realise that this was a much preferable type of quest for me. It wasn't obsessed with great clashes and thudding hearts (though there was clashing and thudding in places).

Funnily enough, the book that comes to mind when I look back at The Hounds of the Morrigan, which I finished reading a month ago, is [Middlemarch] by [[George Eliot]]. Of course, they are nothing like each other. But there are certain echoes. The enjoyment I took in the wordcraft, pausing now and then to savour a line or an image. The realisation that the plot was not so terribly important, that much more relevant was the time spent with the characters in their particular worlds. The sense that not one moment of this book was padding, despite their both being on the long side. And the sense that I had learned something in reading them. Perhaps the authors didn't intend that I learn anything, or at least not what I did--no one was preaching to me, or if they were they were awfully subtle. But in spending time with them my perspective on reading was in some way changed. ( )
  thesmellofbooks | Jun 7, 2020 |
SUCH a good book. A quest book, but a thoughtful, beautifully written quest, underpinned by a strong relationship with the Irish people and countryside, as well as Irish myth and magic. ( )
1 vote MaelBrigde | May 31, 2020 |
It took me more than 6 months to read this to the boys, mostly because late summer and fall don't lend themselves to reading before bed, but also because much of the book isn't a page turner and it was easier than most not to return to. Yet, we loved the book, my 10 year old particularly. There were some really great characters (Puddaneen the frog, and Cooroo the fox were two standouts), no Lord of the Rings references (hard to find in fantasy), and it wasn't twee. ( )
2 vote mkunruh | Nov 13, 2016 |
This is a Gaelic tale about two children, Pidge and Brigit who go on an adventure to find a stone with a drop of blood on it and an ulk glas. It starts with Pidge finding an old manuscript and opening it, there he lets out an evil force which calls forth the Morrigan, a tripartite spirit of battle and death. The Morrigan wants the pebble and the ulk glas so she can reign over the humans and make their life horrible. Two of the Morrigan's spirits are funny, but just as evil as she is.

The Morrigan sends her hounds after the kids. As long as they don't run, the hounds can't do anything to them. During their travels, Pidge and Brigit are helped by the Dagda.

There are a lot of Celtic words in the story and I was glad to see a pronunciation guide in the back. The story is exceptionally long and falls with that of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is a good read and even though long, could be read at bedtime to older youngsters. There is a lot of fantasy type stuff in there for all kinds of imaginations. I recommend this highly ( )
3 vote Cricket2014 | Sep 5, 2015 |
When 10-year-old Pidge accidentally sets free the evil serpent Olc-Glas, the powers of good do their best to assist him in rectifying the mistake, while The Morrigan works hard to gain Olc-Glas' powers for herself. This is most definitely a book that is appropriate for younger readers since, although the quest is serious, the main characters are never in true jeopardy and are helped at every turn by the powers of good so that the story never gets too scary. The main characters are very likable and all the characters they meet are interesting in their own right, so it was a fun read. I prefer a story that has higher stakes for the characters, but I can't really fault the book for being what it is even if it's not my type of story, so I'd recommend it highly to someone who needs a book for a younger reader who is ready for some exciting fantasy. ( )
  -Eva- | Jul 4, 2015 |
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When a ten-year-old boy finds an old book of magic in a bookshop in Ireland, the forces of good and evil gather to do battle over it.

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