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Oak-Mot de Crispin Hellion Glover

Oak-Mot (edição: 1991)

de Crispin Hellion Glover

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Wherein all action takes place on the Virgin American Prarie around the year 1868, save for the end which takes place in the Deutschland in the year 1928. Oakmot is a tale of epic proportions involving pride & prejudice.
Autores:Crispin Hellion Glover
Informação:Volcanic Eruptions (1991), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover
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Oak-Mot de Crispin H. Glover


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You'll know Crispin Hellion Glover as an actor (Thin Man in Charlie's Angels, McFly in Back to the Future trilogy, the 2003 remake of Willard, etc.).

However, Crispin Hellion Glover is strange. He's the man who starred in Rubin and Ed (one of my favorite comedies). He's the man who sings a song called "Automanipulator" about masturbation as well as a hilarious rendition of "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" on his very odd CD entitled The Big Problem does not equal the solution. The Solution equals Let It Be. He is a YouTube phenom with his shoe flinging at David Letterman when he stayed in character as Rubin. He's filming a trilogy of films containing midgets and people with cerebral palsy. Let's just say that he's on the fringe...

He's a fringe artist in more ways than one. I mentioned his CD and his movies but I'm writing to review one of his four books. Crispin's books are a combination of art (i.e. drawing/painting) and writing. He takes a very old book from the 1800s (this one 1868) and turns it into a collage. He tells his story by whiting/blacking out text, overwriting text, cutting out pages/sections, and adding bizzare drawings and photographs. He did this in Oak Mot and it's my understanding that his other books are similar.

Before I get to the spoilers, let me just say that it was a good book that was above all else - UNIQUE. That was precisely why I enjoyed it and why I like Crispin. I bought the book expecting a fringe art experience. I got it. This is NOT mainstream reading but it was a quick and interesting read nonetheless. I gave it 3 stars because it's not the sort of work I could read frequently nor is it the book that I put down and said, "Wow! That was brilliant!" It was good and worthy of 3 stars.

It doesn't really matter what I rate it. You'll either search this book out and read it or you won't. This isn't something that you stumble across at Barnes and Noble. You find it used on eBay or you order it directly from Crispin at CrispinGlover.com. I'd encourage you to have a look at the site. You'll be repulsed or you'll be intrigued. If you're like me, you'll be a bit of both but the intrigue will win and you'll place an order.


Let me begin by saying what an OAK MOT is because I was dying to know what the hell it meant. Mot is another word for a grove of trees. So, an Oak Mot is a grove/cluster of oaks. Simple enough. That was what I would have guessed but I wasn't familiar with the word "mot".

The book is a very fast read coming in at under 100 pages (with plenty of blottetd out words and images to boot). It's the story of the Long family which is comprised of mom, dad, two girls (Bexy and Prosy), and three boys (Edward, Hubert, and Adry). Adry is both physically and mentally handicapped. The girls help to take care of Adry and the family appears to be generally happy. In the next chapter, Uncle "Brown" Bob shows up. He's a black man (they're a white family) who spends time with his brother, brother's wife, nieces, and nephews. Things start to get pretty odd from there. Adry begins to realize/think (but not verbalize) that he's smarter than the rest of the family. Uncle Bob can sense it. The family becomes less supportive of Adry and his handicaps. Uncle Bob starts branding (yes, hot iron) things and I'm pretty sure it's the people in the family. Mom's skin starts turning brown and she becomes a black woman. Before you know it, the kids are sitting out on the front porch with Uncle Bob wanting to shoot at some cattle and someone shoots Adry (you're lead to think it was intentional and that it was Edward who shot him). Uncle Bob leaves shortly thereafter.

Weird so far, right?

Well, it finishes with Prosy getting older and falling in love with Adolf Hitler (called "Mr. H"). They have strange interactions (the book get's pretty hard to interpret here) and Mr. H wonders, "Swastika = ?" Then, Hitler dies and she survives him.


As I said above, I got what I was looking for - ODD. Believe it or not, I'd be interested to read another by Crispin. Maybe I'll order Rat Catching soon. ( )
1 vote adamallen | Aug 4, 2007 |
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Wherein all action takes place on the Virgin American Prarie around the year 1868, save for the end which takes place in the Deutschland in the year 1928. Oakmot is a tale of epic proportions involving pride & prejudice.

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