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A Visitor for Bear de Bonny Becker

A Visitor for Bear (original: 2008; edição: 2008)

de Bonny Becker (Autor)

Séries: Bear and Mouse (1)

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99810315,910 (4.24)7
Bear's efforts to keep out visitors to his house are undermined by a very persistent mouse.
Título:A Visitor for Bear
Autores:Bonny Becker (Autor)
Informação:Scholastic (2008)
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

A Visitor for Bear de Bonny Becker (2008)


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  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
Bear does not like visitors--so much, that he had a sign on his door that said "No visitors allowed," One day, he heard a tippy-tap on his door, and found mouse standing there at his door. He turned him away, referencing the no visitor sign, and went to eat his breakfast. But when he went to get his bowl, the mouse was there in his cupboard! Each time he went to get something for his breakfast, who was there, but the little gray mouse! Then, after so many visits, the bear could finally get back to his breakfast, all alone. That is until...the mouse appeared in the tea kettle! Bear finally gives up his hunt for mouse and agreed to having cheese and tea by the fire together. The fire was nice and warm and crackled in their silence--but Bear was feeling a sense of belonging he never had before. He was so happy to hear the mouse call his fire lovely, that he began to show him his headstand and tell him a joke, and he felt so happy to have someone with him. But then, the mouse had to be on his way, and Bear was so upset. He begged the mouse to stay, and he said he had to keep his promise of no visitors allowed. Bear threw the sign, tore it up, and said, "That's for salesmen. Not for friends." Then, Mouse realized they were friends, and went back inside to enjoy time with his friend, Bear. Scholastic Book Wizard has identified this as a K-2 level story. This book could be used as a prediction book, as I can ask, "...and what do you think he found when he opened the fridge?" and students will answer, "the mouse!" In addition to being predictive, of course this story is a perfect read-aloud book. This was even recognized by the E.B. White Read Aloud Award, which I think is such a neat award I had never heard of! This story is sure to make students feel engaged, acknowledged, and excite them as we share the story together aloud. We could also have discussions about friends, how they make us feel, and how to let others in when we are having a hard time or feeling lonely. This story is such a sweet 5/5 story that I will absolutely share with my students so that they can feel the meaning of friendship and never have to feel lonely when they are in my classroom. ( )
  huntema19 | May 3, 2020 |
In A Visitor for Bear, a mouse insistently intrudes upon a bear despite the bear's clearly placed "No Visitors" sign. I'm ambivalent about this story. On the one hand, it is quite well written and has charming art. It's funny and fun to read out loud. On the other, books are part of how we teach children what is and isn't socially acceptable behavior. In this one, a mouse is rewarded for repeatedly refusing to respect the clearly defined boundaries of the bear. It is a classic and unfortunate narrative which is found in all media that elevates persistence above respect for personal autonomy.

For me, this means that this book is relegated to the land of books that should be read to kids by an adult who's ready to have a conversation with them, in this case specifically about boundaries. As funny as this picture book is, I certainly won't be using it for story time, because I'm definitely not initiating that conversation with a room full of other people and their preschoolers. ( )
  Zoes_Human | Jul 24, 2019 |
A Visitor for Bear is a fiction picture book for children ages 2 to 5.

In the story, there is a bear who does not like visitors and a mouse who is persistent to be his friend until bear enjoys his company and rips up the "no visitors allowed" sign.

This sweet book encapsulates the joys of friendship. It clearly depicts the impact of friendship as the bear is grumpy and alone before the mouse joins him for tea and is excited and playful as they enjoy each other's company. From a literary standpoint, it is perfect for parents or teachers to read to children as it shows a great impact of friendship while it is also a perfect length with great illustrations. The book also has repetition for the students to follow along as the phrase "small and gray and bright-eyed" after each time the bear finds the mouse in his house. There are also uneasy words, such as "intolerable" and "insufferable", but they are written in large font and in a fashion in which students could easily predict what the words mean based on context clues. I enjoyed the soothing book and hope to add it to my collection when I am a teacher. ( )
  rgoldm8 | Feb 19, 2019 |
A book about a bear who is sure he hates visitors but when a small, grey mouse appears on his doorstep one morning he discovers that breakfast for one is not nearly as much fun as tea for two.
  LibraryPAH | Jan 10, 2019 |
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Bear's efforts to keep out visitors to his house are undermined by a very persistent mouse.

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