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Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, Book 1) de Ann…

Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, Book 1) (edição: 2008)

de Ann Aguirre (Autor)

Séries: Sirantha Jax (1)

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1,2227511,711 (3.73)42
Jax is a Jumper. She has the gene that allows her to take ships into Grimspace, speeding up travel. She wakes up a psych cell to discover everyone on her last ship has been killed and she's under suspicion. A man named March offers to break her out, but she'll have to help the group he's working with to change space travel.… (mais)
Título:Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, Book 1)
Autores:Ann Aguirre (Autor)
Informação:Ace (2008), 320 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

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Grimspace de Ann Aguirre

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This book is a 4/5 for me, but only two small things kept it from being a 5 star book for me.

Sirantha Jax carries the J gene, which allows her to be a jumper, a human that can access grimspace and carry ships on jumps across the galaxies. When our book opens Sirantha is in psych lock up. Her last flight crashed, killing her pilot lover and everyone else on board. Sirantha has almost no memory of the crash, but the Corp is trying to get answers out of her, or rather a confession that she and Kai caused it. Their techniques aren't so great though and Sirantha is on the verge of a mental break when March walks into her quarters and offers her freedom. She's got nothing to lose at this point and it's looking like the Corp is going to fry her anyway so she follows March out onto his ship the Folly and jumps them clear. The action in this book is immediate and it keeps going for chapter after chapter. Loved it! We meet and get to know the characters by interacting with them, not being told whether they're bad, good or crazy. Thank you Aguirre!

It turns out March rescued Sirantha for a purpose. The Corp control all jumpers which means they control all wealth, commerce and expansion. March and friends are looking to break free of that cycle. The problem is they need an experienced jumper like Sirantha to train other jumpers and the Corp rarely lets someone like Sirantha escape their grasp. Sirantha, March, Lors, Dina and Doc head out to find other potential jumpers amongst alien planets while the Corp guns for them. Locked in Sirantha's head is the answer behind the crash and the Corp doesn't want her or the truth to survive. Along the way they collect alien Baby Z, barely escape the Corp at every turn, meet a crazed despot and loose each other to sacrifice and intrigue.

Sirantha and March have a connection almost from the start and March is a psy, meaning he can sense and hear the thoughts and feelings of those around him. Sirantha has fun baiting him which I found hysterical. They grow closer throughout and Sirantha has to deal with missing her pilot lover Kai and honoring his memory while dealing with March.

There's so much action in these books it's hard to talk about it without giving the fun away. This book is technically probably more scifi than fantasy, but I think UF readers would enjoy it, as it focuses more on the world and the characters than the science. The "science" behind the jump is more magic than anything and you don't have to be a scifi reader to understand the worlds and their workings. Honestly I think this book would be more appealing for an UF reader than a scifi reader for that reason.

My only issues were Baby Z - waah! That's all I'll say. The ending is a bit much for me too. Suddenly everything is cleared up. It's not quite deux de machina, but they happen to meet the right person at the right time and bring about a semi resolution, all without March and Sirantha, the 2 MC's doing anything? Still worth the read and I'm definitely excited to start the next book. ( )
  lclclauren | Sep 12, 2020 |
Solid book, and my favorite character was an alien who appeared quite near the end. I really liked the world, so I may continue the series even though I found this story a tiny bit predictable. ( )
  bookbrig | Aug 5, 2020 |
Please note that I gave this book 4.5 stars that I rounded up to 5 stars on Goodreads.

So I really did like this book! I just had a problem with some of the world building and the constant messes that Sirantha kept getting herself into. I think after her last kidnapping I just sighed. That said, I loved how this book flowed from beginning to end. I am probably going to definitely check out the second book in this series.

We start off with Sirantha Jax in hold. She's enduring a psych evaluation after the last ship she was a jumper on crashed on impact killing everyone but her on board. I really can't explain the jumper thing to other reviewers. I was super confused by it and the book doesn't do a great job explaining it to my satisfaction. I finally just said it was like how the Matrix with how they logged on and left it at that. Sirantha is given the opportunity to escape, and she takes it, even though what she escapes into makes her wish she could back and take the blue pill rather than the red pill (yes another Matrix reference, leave me alone).

I loved the character of Sirantha. She feels guilt over what happened and lost without her pilot Kai with her. We find out that most pilots/jumpers have a relationship with one another, and Sirantha and Kai were no different. Sirantha can't remember what happened to cause the ship to crash, but knows that it's her fault that Kai is gone.

Sirantha escapes with a man named March and his crew consisting of a doctor (Doc) mechanic (Dina) and a human like slave (Loras). I likened March to a slightly buffer Han Solo. The crew except for the Doc treats Sirantha terribly, and things then go from bad to worse when Sirantha realizes she's to be a key product that is needed by two separate clans, and oh yeah there's a bounty on her head, and the Corp coming after her butt too.

I loved how Sirantha and March's relationship evolved. It made sense and really worked. I also loved how Sirantha doesn't just forget Kai. She mourns him and hates any part of herself that is seemingly moving on.

Dina was my next favorite character and man oh man I wanted more information on her whole backstory. With just a few lines i was intrigued in her all over again. I would not mind a side story with her.

We have a lot of other secondary characters I won't get into here (we would be here all day) and I thought that the book as a whole worked though the constant fleeing from planet to planet got a bit old. I think that the book could have cut some things out, or better yet, ended it a lot sooner than it did. After a while I was waiting for man eating locusts to descend on the crew.

The writing was great, there's some language about Mary that I finally realized was referring to Mary, mother of Jesus. I don't know how she is now revered in this culture, but I wanted that explained. Heck I needed a lot more things explained to me. I hate information dumps, but I never did get a good grip on the grimspace that Sirantha refers to and tries to describe. I don't get the whole J-gene thing, etc. I wish that the crew and Sirantha could have stayed on one planet and had that explained to the reader fully before they kept taking off to other places that had to be explained as well.

The flow was good. I was really engaged after the first few pages. That said, as I already explained, I wish the world building had been better. That's what stopped my reading right in its tracks each time something new was introduced.

The ending left things on a high mark and I imagine that Sirantha and friends are going to be off on new adventures soon. ( )
  ObsidianBlue | Jul 1, 2020 |
Fun girly Sci-Fi - Siri's got a special power, a traumatic recent past, and a FTL adventure and psychic romance. ( )
  cindywho | May 27, 2019 |
This is a good space adventure story. Not terrible, not excellent, but good.

Sirantha Jax is a "jumper" who can find beacons in grimspace that help a ship travel from point A to point B the fast way. She has a troubled past, and is recruited by a badass crew who's mission is to research alien species to find ways to create jumpers that don't burn out, outside of Corp control. A really good concept, which lives up to about 60% of its potential thus far (there are sequels).

The narrative voice is interesting and sharp, though also a bit dense/repetitive/unnatural sometimes.

The characters of Sirantha, March and Dina are pretty cool, though the relationships are a bit rushed. Especially since we learn that Sirantha only just lost her lover/soulmate very recently.

Overall, there are just things that niggle at you whilst reading, some scenes where I thought things were rushed/unnatural, where Sirantha's guilt was dialled up to the level of stupidity, where the word "fragging" is used too many times on one page. And I just didn't buy the ending, it felt fake and over the top to me. I think an extra hundred pages to develop things more would have really helped this book.

Still, a good book, and a very quick and easy read. ( )
  Sweet_Serenity | Mar 14, 2019 |
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I give this book five stars, purely because it takes science fiction and does something that I haven't seen in a while: makes it interesting.

An easy read, Sirantha Jax is seemingly insane. Where true conspiracies exist, where she swears like a sailor and curses something dreadful, but it fits. Definitely not a children's book, but comparable to most of the urban fantasies i have read in the past.
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Jax is a Jumper. She has the gene that allows her to take ships into Grimspace, speeding up travel. She wakes up a psych cell to discover everyone on her last ship has been killed and she's under suspicion. A man named March offers to break her out, but she'll have to help the group he's working with to change space travel.

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