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Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella de Tony Johnston

Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella (edição: 1998)

de Tony Johnston

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This version of the familiar story in which a mistreated step-child finds happiness with the "man" of her dreams is set in the old-growth forest and features Bigfoot characters.
Título:Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella
Autores:Tony Johnston
Informação:Scholastic (1998), Paperback, 29 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:Tall Tale

Detalhes da Obra

Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella de Tony Johnston


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The Bigfoot Prince loves nature and hates when others are mean to it. A Bigfoot named 'Ella' has two evil stepsisters that hate nature and push her around. Ella wins a competition because of her bark- kicking clogs but runs leaving her clog behind. The Prince has to find the Bigfoot that fits the clog and him and Ella get married! This story would be great to teach comparing and contrasting the original story of Cinderella to this story. ( )
  marissathrower | Apr 24, 2018 |
This book was great! It was about a Bigfoot prince that loved nature and hated when other Bigfoot beings would abuse nature. There was another Bigfoot named Ella who had two evil stepsisters and an evil stepmother who hated nature. They made Ella do things with nature she didn't want to do. The Bigfoot prince has a big festival of games, and the first Bigfoot lady who knocked him off a log would become his wife. Ella wins, and they get married. The illustrations and the story telling in this book were great. I also really enjoyed how the author did the dialogue. The author made it sound like a caveman. It was great! ( )
  mthomassie | Mar 17, 2018 |
I thought the book was a good take off of Cinderella. It was funny to me that the characters were sasquatch creatures so I got a little kick out of the book. I did not like the slang language that the animals used which I know it was supposed to be like that it was just kind of hard to read. ( )
  caitlinpw | Sep 7, 2016 |
On the back of the title page, tucked above the copyright information, is a small glossary explaining forest terms.

The humorous tone is set immediately. “… Lived a dashing Bigfoot prince. He was tall and dark as a Douglas fir – with feet like cedar stumps. He was as odoriferous as his tree-home was coniferous. And so horrendously hairy that Bigfoot women near and far long day to marry him.” The Bigfoot in the illustration is cute with no hair on his face or feet, a large barrel-chested body, skinny arms and tiny hands, and a huge nose.

The text is rich with interesting vocabulary and clever comparisons, “sour as little green berries”, “golden as a banana slug, with feet like log canoes” and “teased her like stinging mosquitoes”.

Rrrrrella’s mean step sisters and stepmother make her do all the work. The Prince has a contest, whoever can roll him off a log into the river will become his wife. Rrrrrella is left at home wishing she could go to the fun-fest. Her beary Godfather provides her with enormous wooden bark-clogs and tangles her fur. Rrrrrella is the last to compete and the only one to dunk the prince. When she runs off, the Prince uses the abandoned bark-clog to find her again.

If the child is familiar with the original Cinderella story, this would be a hilarious follow-up. As well, throughout the text are valuable messages on protecting the old-growth forest and that beauty is a concept created by society. ( )
  Bonnie_Ferrante | Jul 10, 2016 |
I liked this book for several reasons. The big idea of this story was about a prince named Bigfoot who was on a search for his Cinderella. I liked that the language was descriptive but also entertaining. For example, one sentence reads "He was as odoriferous as his tree-home was coniferous". Also, when Bigfoot would speak they would shorten his sentences to be appropriate to the Bigfoot stereotype. He would say thinks like "me want princess" instead of talking in full sentences. These small elements of rhyme and humor helped keep me engaged in the story as well as entertained. I also like that the story combined elements of the traditional tale of Cinderella with more modern elements. For example, both stories have a prince, but in this story the prince was Bigfoot and "all the horrendously hairy women longed to marry him". This also enjoyed the illustrations in the story because they help the reader visualize the events in the story. The style of the illustrations is not simply pencil and pen - it has elements that appear almost like a painting. The animals and objects are also shaded so they look very realistic even though most of the events in the story could not happen in real life. Lastly, I enjoyed that the book tied in characters that would be appropriate in the setting of the story. For example, the story includes a grizzly bear who also lives in the same woods as Bigfoot. This helps to enhance the story. ( )
  ygurova | Apr 11, 2016 |
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For the California grizzly, now extince, and all those who protect the old-growth forest. - TJ
For our lovely new daughter, Oonagh - JW
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Once upon a time, in the old-growth forest, a band of Bigfoots lived.
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This version of the familiar story in which a mistreated step-child finds happiness with the "man" of her dreams is set in the old-growth forest and features Bigfoot characters.

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