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Price to Pay: A devious, twist-ridden page…

Price to Pay: A devious, twist-ridden page turner (Archer and Baines) (edição: 2024)

de Dave Sivers (Autor)

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Título:Price to Pay: A devious, twist-ridden page turner (Archer and Baines)
Autores:Dave Sivers (Autor)
Informação:Dave Sivers (2024), 286 pages
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Price to Pay: A devious, twist-ridden page turner (Archer and Baines) de Dave Sivers

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It's not necessarily news-making when someone threatens a DCI. But DCI Archer gets a couple of very fresh threats from family members of someone she's just put away and from a would-be organized crime heir, and things seem to be a little more real than usual. She's ready to ignore them both, but some spoilery-events prevent that.

More annoyingly, an ex—some might call him the ex—tracks her down and announces his intention to win her back. Archer is utterly uninterested in him—and her husband is not amused by his antics at all. The ex- is on the verge of turning into a full-fledged stalker, and Archer's mild-mannered husband is about to try to get into a fistfight over this.

As the distractions and annoyances start to pile up—there's a murder. The initial evidence points at Archer and her husband, and a lot of their past starts coming back to haunt them. There are plenty of alternate suspects around, but none of them are quite as convenient for the police (Archer, on the other hand....)

Meanwhile, DI Baines has to deal with the repercussions of stopping the serial killer, The Invisible Man, on his family—who were almost victims. As the expert in The Invisible Man, he's also brought in to consult on some cold case murders that might be connected to him. As much as he wants to help out—his loyalties are divided, because Archer needs help a lot sooner than these cold cases. (although he's officially not allowed to be working on the case, for obvious reasons)

Now it takes a little bit for the plot to get really rolling along because there is just so much backstory involved with Archer and Baines individually at this point. Particularly when it comes to Archer—she's got connections with just about everyone we meet early on in these pages.

As this is my first time reading Sivers, I don't know how many of these various and sundry people are making their first appearance in these pages, and how many are just people from her past that are being brought back into her life in this book. It really doesn't matter, because Sivers will pause the narrative long enough to catch you up with the relationship/history between Baines, Archer, and these people from their pasts.

Most authors do this—and most of the time it's good as a refresher or a way to get a new reader oriented. But with a book as rooted in the past and the ties between characters past and present as this one...taking the time to give all this background really slows things down. I think I'd have appreciated Sivers finding a better way to blend these into the narrative rather than stopping everything. It was such a momentum killer.

That said...all the backstories were pretty interesting. A couple might have been a smidgen too soap-opera-ish for me, but still interesting. The amount of work and character development demonstrated by these says a lot about the series that's been built up to now.

Once all the dominoes were set up—the crime established, the motives, the backstories told—Sivers started knocking them over and things moved so well that all the annoyances of the stop-and-start pacing of the early chapters were forgiven. To change up metaphors, it took a long time for Sivers to get his hook into me, but once he did—I couldn't stop turning the pages.

This is such a rich, detailed world with a very clever—and well-executed—mystery. And, as is necessary for a police procedural series to be as established as this one, the characters are really well-developed and jump off the page. It's a real treat to read.

While Price to Pay can serve as an entry point to the series, and has a strong stand-alone element to it, the amount of ongoing character and story arcs involved are going to be an obstacle for anyone approaching it without some previous knowledge of Archer, Baines, and the rest—and what they've been up to lately. Is it worth persevering? Oh yeah. But you should know that going in. And by the time you're done—you'll be curious about what's next*—and maybe about what was before. Based on Book 7, Books 1-6 are quite the ride, you might be well-served starting from there.

* I will admit that I'm not sure what kind of future the series has, but it should be fun to see.

If you're not new to this series, obviously, you're not going to have that difficulty. You likely won't need me to suggest that you give this a shot, you're probably ahead of me on that point. Still, if you haven't gotten around to it, you should probably remedy that.

That's two paragraphs just to say: Price to Pay is an entertaining and rewarding police procedural that I recommend to you. ( )
  hcnewton | May 18, 2024 |
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