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Ignite (The Disciples Book 4)

de Cassandra Robbins

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Guys you know I dont normally write long reviews, so please forgive me...From the very beginning Axel was one of my favorites, I dont know why but he was even when he was being a jerk and judgmental but dude was loyal and i loved him because he said what he felt and did not sugar coat things so yes I have loved him and have been waiting for him. And finally we got it. Did I totally get Antoinette, no did I feel like she was his soulmate or whatever..not really but I didn't hate her. So far to be honest Eve is my girl and she will continue to be, i haven't felt like any of the other girls is at her level. I had loved Dolly in the first book in hers not as much but again Eve is my girl..Now having rambled about my feelings let me tell you i did enjoy book again I am gonna have to say that the first book was and is still my favorite. Again love my Eve and Blade and besides them my other favorite character is Doug, love him to bits. Now let me get other stuff off of my chest. I am feeling a little lost or let down why? OK So we got to know about Benny in the first book, so I dont feel like I got any closure and am sad because I dont feel like Eve was able to get some either. So we know what happened in the first book so I was seriously waiting for some type of culmination. Eve's dad tells her to give him a chance (something like that) so then we get that dude was raping and killing all over the world- huh not getting it, he was broke and I get that he had robbed the disciples in the first book and it was 10,000 not that much and he got away so why did he come back? huh not getting it you come back but dont try to contact Eve? so then why come back? you could have done those things anywhere, again what was the purpose of him coming back to steal from the disciples if you are not gonna contact her, and why mess with Axel? what would be the point? why was Antonoinette so special, yeah was let down with that whole scenario it didnt jive me besides the fact that we after three books we hear about him again but it was not realistic at all that was not how we got to understand Benny he seemed smarter..yeah not happy with that. Then there is Crystal, we were supposed to hate her since again the first book. Now we were conditioned to hate her since she was the club whore, again didn't feel like what happens in this book made sense, So if you think about it I was even prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt. I mean come on she was with this club forever, she was Chucky's girlfriend and he get blown to bits, then she was Blade's whore as they keep saying but he did keep her on the side even though we know he slept with whoever but kept going back to her, so I understood why she was so hurt when Eve came in the pic and why she felt the way she felt, it wasn't 1 year, it was about 10 years come on, so i was trying to be understanding. but again her scenario with Antoinette didn't make sense because wasn't mad at her, no she was really mad at Eve it was just everything that she told Antoinette was using her like really a scape goat and why would Axel hate her, he never mentioned it before. I could see Dolly hating her and even Edge but Axel yeah not buying it. I also understood how Blade kind of protected her more than once, last book with the Dolly and Edge scenario and this book buy giving her the managers position she is no longer a spring chicken. Now if you are gonna allow her to be yelling at him and Eve in the office which ahh you are the President where was the respect and then to not allow Eve to knock her out after she said the crap she said, nope Eve deserved to knock her out..And that can't possibly be the end of her if it is, I will be disappointed again, I mean I dont like her but it would again be disappointing if they do to her like Benny and we get nothing. ( )
  NelisPelusa | Nov 22, 2020 |
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