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Midnight Alley

de Rachel Caine

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1,775587,221 (3.92)56
When she pledges herself to Amelie, the most powerful vampire in town, Claire is faced with a past stalker, murder, and an ancient bloodsucker who extends a chilling invitation for private lessons in his secluded home.
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    Feast of Fools de Rachel Caine (Pedrolina)
    Pedrolina: The next book in the series

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“Oliver: You turned me down. So why, I wonder, did you decide Amelie would be a better choice?
Claire: She smells better. And she made me cookies.”
― Rachel Caine, Midnight Alley

SPOILER WARNING!!! Although there are no spoilers for this book. There are spoilers in this review for those who haven't read the two previous books. So if you haven't already read the first two of the series then you may not want to read my review.

I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler free way. If you feel anything in my review is a spoiler and is not already hidden in spoiler brackets please let me know. Thank you.
After pledging herself to Amelie, Claire is assigned to help an old vampire with a secret of extreme proportions, the problem is this particular vamipire is slowly going insane and can be very dangerous. Meanwhile Shane is having trouble adapting to Micheal being a vampire and now murdered girls are turning up around the house. When someone goes after a vampire, the other vampire's suspect one is Shane. And Claire is just trying to do everything she can to keep herself and her friends alive.
Another great book in the series. It would be hard not to love this book. Its got action, suspense, and vampires. The four of them keep ending up in situations that seem like the end. I love how it keeps me on the edge of my seat. Reading these books feel like watching a new episode of my favorite tv show. I have every intention of continuing on and finishing this series. Can't wait to see what will happen next.
How I choose my rating:
1* Did not finish, or hated it but forced myself to finish.
2** Didn't really like it. Didn't hate it but not sure why I finished it other then for some closure.
3*** I liked it. I had some issues with it, but as a whole it was good. I probably won't reread again ever, but there is a chance I might finish the series. (If part of one) But if not it's not a huge loss.
4**** I really liked this book. Maybe not a work of genius, but highly entertaining. I might reread this again, and I will finish the series. (If part of one) I would recommend to those I know hold interest in this books content.
5***** I loved this book. I found little to no issues with it at all. I will definitely be rereading this and probably more than once. I will finish the series and reread it multiple times. (If part of one) I will recommend this book to EVERYONE!!!!
( )
  starslight86 | Jul 20, 2021 |
I love it!!! This series continues to get better and better. The mysteries that surround Morganville are being slowly revealed and the relationships between the main characters are growing stronger (yay for Claire/Shane romance)… Can’t wait for the next book to be published! ( )
  Lara-IT | Feb 3, 2021 |
The continuity is lacking across the series, but it’s a nice one to sink into when you need a mental vacation for several days. ( )
  amandanan | Jun 6, 2020 |
This series continues to not let me down...new twists, characters, and scenes from hilarious to intense abound.

Claire has made a big choice in order to protect her friends...she's tied herself to one of the oldest vampires of all in exchange for potent Protection. But even that is not going to be enough to keep the four Glass House residents from getting into as much trouble as ever.

As Michael struggles with his new condition, old enemy Monica tries to make nice with Claire, and Eve's murderous brother Jason goes on the loose again, Claire finds herself taking some classes that definitely aren't on the college list. Amelie wants her to study with another ancient vampire, a brilliantly portrayed and half-sympathetic scholar named Myrnin, who wavers between fits of passionate scientific interest and deadly madness. But Myrnin's research may hold the key to secrets that could destroy Morganville.

Parties will be crashed, people will die, crazy and desperate decisions will be made, plots will be uncovered, and the motives of humans and vampires will remain wavering in the shadows. In a world of constantly changing agendas and loyalties, the only people that you can really trust are the four rock-solid main characters and best friends who continue to hold this series together perfectly. And of course, more cliffhangers!
( )
  booksong | Mar 18, 2020 |
-Amelie sends Michael to be Claire's chaperone during one of her visits with Myrnin. The visit occurs in the daylight and Michael is unable to leave the tinted car. Why did Amelie send a week old vampire chaperone out into the daylight? Myrnin is older than time. Why did Amelie send a week old vampire as Claire's bodyguard? What is a newborn going to do against an MMA fighter... a tank... a nuke? Seriously, does Amelie want to kill Claire? (Why not just snap her neck, Amelie?)
-Sam is originally the bodyguard for the Myrnin visits. Sam is Amelie's former lover or something so Amelie divulging the secrets of Morganville to him--vamps are too sick to make new vamps--makes sense. You know, if you ignore that a centuries old Master Vampire who holds every single card so tightly to her chest that they may as well be sewn on decided to blab secrets to the pretty boy because he makes her vagina happy... Fine. Whatever. Sam has the secrets. Except he gets hurt and Michael takes over as Claire's bodyguard. And Amelie tells him secrets. Why? Just, why? (Watch out, Eve)
-During said Michael-as-bodyguard visit, Myrnin is locked up, but breaks out. He stalks Claire, is clearly close to killing her, calms down, and gets her high on magical ADD medication instead. Michael finally comes in the building and is concerned by... well, everything... and tells Claire she shouldn't be helping Myrnin. Claire says something like, "He's sick! Not dangerous!" The fact that the book didn't end immedately with Myrnin eating her face is frankly some kind of writing sin.
-Shane is upset with Michael's tranformation into a vampire throughout the book. At one point he gets into a fist fight with Michael and agrees to not move out? Because it proved that Shane is too wussy to hurt/maim/kill Michael? Therefore he should still live in the Glass House despite being so conflicted and miserable? Because leaving Morganville and forgetting about his troubles would... be... bad? Seriously, why didn't Shane move out? (This is not a Claire's vag joke....... she's sixteen she doesn't have one yet!)
-Speaking of the constant make out sessions: boys pressuring girls into sex is wrong. Girls pressuring boys into sex is wrong also. Claire. Stop it. He said no.

-Michael's suck it up lecture
-Myrnin is a lot of fun
-Sometimes Amelie comes off like a jealous girlfriend to Claire. She followed Claire home and made her put on the bracelet that claims Claire as her own. She's sixteen, Amelie! We know you like them young, but that's too young! ( )
  marcosburlybiceps | Mar 22, 2019 |
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For the people who got me through my own personal Morganville years: Elizabeth Sandlin, Andy Sealy, Mona Fluitt, Bruce Tinsley, Luis Hernandez, Gary Wiley, Scott Chase, Marsha McNeill, Rachel Scarborough, and many more who made the days bright. Also to the memory of sitting next to Stevie Ray Vaughn, hearing him make magic when few people were even listening. Fot the people who are getting me through these Morganville years: Cat Conrad, Kelley Walters, Maria Stair, Katy Hendricks, Claire Wilkins and Baby Griff, Becky Rocha, Laurie Andrews, and her lovely girls, PN Elrod, Jackie Leaf, Bill Leaf, Joanne Madge, Irene Ferris, Ter Matthies, the Alphas, ORAC, Douglas Joseph, Sharon Sams and her son Boardman, Ann Jackson and her son Trey, and literally too many LiveJournal and MySpace friends to even list. Every one of them a special, undeserved gift. And to Charles Armitage and Kevin Cleary, for making Morganville an even more exciting place.
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The instant the phone rang at the Glass House, Claire knew with a psychic flash that it had to be her mother.
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When she pledges herself to Amelie, the most powerful vampire in town, Claire is faced with a past stalker, murder, and an ancient bloodsucker who extends a chilling invitation for private lessons in his secluded home.

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