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Faultland : A Novel

de Suzy Vitello

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4124498,642 (3.5)1

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Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
I received Faultland as an early reader copy in exchange for a honest review. When I first got the book I assumed it would be a post apocalyptic novel, but instead it was an alternative future novel. Imagine that Trump's presidency continued which gave more rights to alt-right groups to the point where they are acting police. Tech is more advanced, but only slightly so. It gives credence to the near future feeling of the novel, but it is not the focus.
While definitely a dystopian novel, it is not like the ones you are used to. There are no teenagers battling for the populace, no zombies. Instead, we are focusing on the lives of the Sparrow family as they navigate their relationships, a huge earthquake, and how actions always have consequences no matter how much time has passed.
No one in this novel is likeable. Normally, this bugs me, but I found this to make the novel more realistic. The perspective changes to each of the spoiled Sparrow children at various points and you get to see the world through their eyes. By the end you don't mind that they are unlikable people. They are human and they do improve throughout the course of the novel. I would not have picked this novel up without being given an early reader copy, but, as I find myself thinking about it on occasion, I am glad I did. ( )
  taimoirai | Oct 12, 2021 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
I received a free copy of this book from the publisher as part of the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.
This book takes a while to warm up, where you meet al the characters. Find out how they are related and fit together.
Then the earthquake happens. This is where the story comes together the most. Where you start to understand how the people are linked together.
The descriptions of the earthquake and the aftermath seem realistic ,(to someone who doesn't really know much about earthquakes). How each person is trying to find the others as well as just survive.
The one thing that bothered me, is that is set in the future, but at times it didn't read like it was. It just seemed like current times with some crazy technology thrown in.
It was a good enough read ( )
  Amethyst.Mirfi | Oct 7, 2021 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this gripping and insightful story and could hardly put it down. The characters were interesting and realistic, and I found myself thinking about them even when I wasn't reading. The sibling rivalries were well-portrayed. I love stories about dysfunctional/ troubled families. The history of the family's issues is layered into their struggle to survive this apocalyptic earthquake, along with some sharp political observations. I'm eager to read more from this author. Highly recommended. ( )
  Redmolly6 | Oct 1, 2021 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
I Have Received This Free E-Copy Of This Book From LibraryThing's Early Reviewers Program.

I Just Finished Reading This Book. This Is Definitely Well Written And A Good Read For Sure. I Do Feel Like There Is More To Go On. I Will Admit I Loved How It Ended. This Book Had Me Well Aware And Entertained. This Isn't My Typical Genre To Read But I Do Recommend This Book. One Should Pay Attention. And Last To Mention This Did Feel Like A Short Read. But I Do Like It. ( )
  lianara | Aug 14, 2021 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
I just finished this book today. It isn't my usual reading material as I tend to stay away from dystopian novels. But..I gave it a try.

It is a good read. Well written. The author manages to keep track of multiple narrators and situation well. I believe the author portrayed a lot of the fears for the future coming true.

Unfortunately there were enough narrators that none of them got a chance to really evolve as we read. Even at the end when one of the bad guys ended up helping. There wasn't really enough to make sense of it. Or of the father. In short, the characters were all shorted in development.

And yet- I liked how it ended. Even if the character development was more told than shown.

A decent read. ( )
  literatefool | Jun 17, 2021 |
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