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The Kaiser's Web: A Novel (Cotton Malone,…

The Kaiser's Web: A Novel (Cotton Malone, 16) (edição: 2021)

de Steve Berry (Autor)

Séries: Cotton Malone (16)

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655316,501 (3.77)3
Título:The Kaiser's Web: A Novel (Cotton Malone, 16)
Autores:Steve Berry (Autor)
Informação:Minotaur Books (2021), Edition: 1, 432 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:contemporary, thriller

Detalhes da Obra

The Kaiser's Web (Cotton Malone (16)) de Steve Berry


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All our favorite characters are back, this time looking for old Nazis and deciding whether Eva Braun really did die in that bunker in Berlin. From the plan crash at the beginning to the shocking ending, it was Steve Berry at his best. It's not great literature but the history is interesting and it's always a fun read.
  witchyrichy | Apr 13, 2021 |
The Kaiser’s Web, Steve Berry, author; Scott Brick, narrator
When the book begins, Cotton Malone and Cassiopeia Witt are escaping from Belarus in a stolen plane. When they are forced to bail out, somewhere over Poland, they only have one parachute. They Miraculously, clinging to each other, they survive with little injury to themselves. This excitement and tension remain throughout the novel holding the reader’s attention.
They do not want to be caught. When the pair emerges from the trees, after hiding their parachute, they are surprised to see Danny Daniels approaching them. How did he know they were there? Daniels, is somewhat of a loose cannon, who prefers his own lifestyle and has no security detail, although he is a former President of the United States. He asks them to do a personal favor for the German Chancellor, nicknamed Oma, Marie Eisenhuth, on their own time, at their own expense. What could be that important, they wonder?
Marie is engaged in a campaign for reelection. She has been Chancellor for 16 years. A man, Theodor Pohl is running against her. When a woman delivers some documents to her, alluding to questions in the background of Pohl, the woman is taken into custody for questioning. During that time, she is murdered in front of President Daniels, who was asked to question her by Oma. What meeting was the murdered courier trying to arrange? What information has she brought with her? Her last words were The Kaiser. What did she mean by that? Who was she referring to?
This is what Witt and Malone are asked to investigate. They are sent to South America to do research into the information in those documents. The investigation turns more dangerous as the people in power are compromised and are actually working for Marie’s enemy. Witt and Malone’s lives are often in danger.
There is a problem with this investigation. Instead of turning up anything incriminating about Pohl, the Chancellor’s opponent, they are discovering that Marie’s past seems very compromised by some financial payments. The investigation leads Witt and Malone into the time of the Holocaust, complete with Hitler and his minions. The day of Hitler’s supposed death is called into question? Who survived that day? Who did not? Familiar names of war criminals will appear, and since the novel is based on Germany’s actual history, with many real facts, the novel often seems very plausible, although very strange, sometimes requiring the reader to suspend disbelief.
Marie’s opponent, Pohl, has laid an elaborate trap for Marie, to defeat her in the election and put himself in power. However, there are others who have learned of his plot and are actively working to defeat him, behind the scenes. He is ruthless and orders the murder of many people. His right-hand man is a ruthless killer. He covers his tracks well. He knows many secrets. His vision for Germany is very different than that of the current Chancellor. While Marie is filled with remorse for her country’s involvement in the murder of so many during The Third Reich, her opponent is supported by many right wing groups that are gaining strength. Pohl has little remorse for the past, other than for its failures and the mistakes of its leadership. He is currently leading in the polls. He appeals to the citizen’s emotions. They think he will make Germany better, but Marie wants to stop him from destroying Germany by returning to policies of the past.
Witt and Malone uncover a web of mystery that will surprise the reader in the end. Who is telling the truth? Who is lying? Who can be trusted? There are so many secrets uncovered. Is someone manipulating everyone like a puppeteer? Although they are supposed to find out information about the opposition to the Chancellor, they seem to be uncovering evidence against Marie. Are they being played? Other questions arise. Did Hitler survive? Did Eva Braun? Did Martin Bormann? No bodies were found in the destroyed bunker. Are there any other survivors of the Holocaust, even left alive, to bear witness? Is there anyone who can help them in their investigation?
The ending was unexpected and disturbing. One would hope that civilization has moved far enough ahead so that all information can be dealt with, without eliminating witnesses and all those involved, even when the involvement concerns the worst aspects of the Holocaust. Is it necessary to wipe out history’s ancestors?
The reader, Scott Brick does a brilliant job, not only defining each character, but also with his accent and tone. He puts just the right amount of emotion and stress into all of his presentations. ( )
  thewanderingjew | Mar 18, 2021 |
Cotton is retired. But he is called upon to uncover the truth about one of the candidates vying for chancellor of Germany. He and his partner, Cassiopeia, uncover more than they bargain for.

This story takes you all over the globe, Chile, Africa, Germany. And, of course, each country has a new piece to the puzzle. Did Eva Braun die in the bunker? Is one of the candidates up for chancellor of Germany her descendant? Leave it to Cotton to find out.

I have been a fan of this author since his very first book. And I have read them all. I have not missed a single one. (The Amber Room is his best!) I love the history and the action which is in every book. And this story is full of all of the above. Steve Berry is one of the best at historical mysteries!

Cotton Malone books are not to be missed! Grab this one today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review. ( )
  fredreeca | Mar 5, 2021 |
Berry’s writing is so interesting and effective because he focuses on an historic event where there is much conjecture with few definitive answers. In this case; What really happened in the Fürherbunker at the end of WWII ? Capitalizing on the current expansion of “The New Right” worldwide Steve Berry brings the theme to Germany and sets it amidst a heated election.

The candidates each think they have the goods to take the other down. Each is fierce in their political beliefs and each has formidable political allies. But there is more involved than either of them knows. This is a Cotton Malone installment, so he is front and center along with his girlfriend, Cassiopeia Vitt and the former U.S. President, Danny Daniels, has more than a passing part. There is a whole cast of good guys, bad guys and some in between but they keep shifting and you are kept wondering who can be trusted. Each thinks they know everything to find out they know nothing. There is bloodshed, ruthless people who pray to the Gods of Power and Money without having any idea of what is at stake. So much of the book was based on distraction, illusion, half told truths, lies and fanaticism that it was almost too much to attempt to figure out who was losing or winning . Politicians flaying each other because of their unshakeable belief that their ideals, visions and morals are sacrosanct .

So much was based on Hitler’s mantra: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe.” Scary, could it be happening again? Impossible to say more without spoiling the reveal.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Minotaur Books/St. Martin’s Publishing and NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. ( )
  kimkimkim | Jan 30, 2021 |
Whenever someone says that they enjoy Dan Brown or Tom Clancy, I’ll ask them if they’ve read Steve Berry… and I get so happy when they say they haven’t because I know they are really going to enjoy the Cotton Malone series.
Berry always does a fantastic job incorporating true historical events and facts into his fiction, and I always read his extra bit at the end where he tells you what is all true.

The Kaiser’s Web takes a look at Hitler and WWII which happens to be very timely subject matter for the United States. It made some of the recent events in our government even more interesting to think about after reading book 16 in the Cotton Malone series.

While I still really enjoyed The Kaiser’s Web and it does have the great twist at the end that I have come to look forward to, it seemed to me that this one wasn’t quite as good as previous ones. Now Do Not let this stop you from reading it because it’s still very good, but the thing that I thought was not as enjoyable throughout a lot of the book was that you already knew who all the players were. In previous books there would be big surprises in regards to various characters turning out bad (or good) that I didn’t see coming. But this one had no surprises in that regard.
And this is just a teeny tiny thing, but it really stuck out to me. A previous book had a very intense scene with a bear and Berry has an animal scene again which just didn’t have the impact and felt a bit recycled.

But these are just my observations, and I still think fans of the series will still enjoy it. If you are new to the series you should start with book one, The Templar Legacy. ( )
  KimHeniadis | Jan 28, 2021 |
Exibindo 5 de 5
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