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The Rain Heron: A Novel de Robbie Arnott

The Rain Heron: A Novel (edição: 2021)

de Robbie Arnott (Autor)

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478422,949 (4.14)1
Título:The Rain Heron: A Novel
Autores:Robbie Arnott (Autor)
Informação:FSG Originals (2021), Edition: Reprint, 288 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

The Rain Heron de Robbie Arnott


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It was a rainy afternoon when I picked up this atmospheric and entertaining book of myth, escape, adventure, and well-honed characters.

The myth is presented upfront, and I was drawn to the rain heron and its magical attributes. Then we are taken to the near future where a tragic climate event has caused a political coup where the world as the characters have known no longer. We learn Ren has escaped into the wilderness and living off the land with limited access to human contact, and Zoe has had a traumatic experience as a child but is now in charge of a military operation to capture the mythical bird at whatever cost.

The storyline goes back and forth in time and information is revealed to the reader, as necessary. This cleverly done as to keep the reader focused on the characters and their actions, though in the back of mind I wanted to know what was the climatic event and more about the military coup.

The seemly disparate narratives makes the plot a little bumpy in places, but the beautiful imagery and magical moments will keep the reader turning the pages.

This was a wonderful bittersweet tale by a talented storyteller that effectively controlled the pacing as we learn the age-old tales of greed, envy and power often come with lessons learned too late.

There are twists and turns in the storyline that are matched by twist and turns in the natural environment to the animal sanctuary.

If you are looking for a suspenseful eco-environmental tale with lyrical mythical elements, this is the book for you. ( )
  bookmuse56 | Mar 22, 2021 |
A highly original deeply felt fable-novel. Robbie Arnott is part of a greater circle of writers who seem very much to be in conversation with each other. That is to say writers like Jeff Vandermeer, Cynan Jones, Diane Cook, and Lydia Millet among others. Really though they are all in conversation with the climate, character, and the true horror of the authoritarian power of greed-government-power itself and the intentions and mandates such power creates. Throughout it all Arnott's work is deep felt and described in dry-cinematic language. All at once only what it needs to be and in that space giving the reader much more to inhabit than novels of much greater length. Robbie Arnott trusts and respects the reader to inhabit this story about people struggling to do what humanity as always struggled to do: inhabit a changing world.

Of course what is super-unique in this case, these cases, is that this novel is about and set in the near-ish future. It is a fable also a climate change story but ever more as with the other writers I mention it is a horror story. A much scarier, to this reader, kind of a story than mainstream horror that puts gore, violence, and the supernatural at the forefront. Like Diane Cook's The New Wilderness the supernatural / fable parts are just part of the world and always have been. Some people in the story see and accept it and others do not. Agreed upon realities for some and fantastic for others.

There are fantastical magic creatures. A Rain Heron made of rain. Magical Squid Ink extraction cultures. And the horror of people driven by government to inflict violence and after contending with having delivered such mandates, with more fervor than some others, must deal as all humans must with their decisions. And the horror of people driven by a love for each other and the world they inhabit to assert themselves. To live and find a way to inhabit a collapsing world that ultimately will continue to be ruled and driven by powers none of us can permanently dent.

The Rain Heron is of course beautiful and terrifying. Where human culture meets the crumbling near future we all must deal with as individuals.

Highly recommended. ( )
  modioperandi | Mar 11, 2021 |
A very different book, original, using allegory and myth to describe events in a world run amuck. . In fact, it starts with a myth, or at least what sounds like one, of a supposed mythical heron that can bring rain or drought. Wealth or destruction, in a world where climate change is occuring rapidly. The political situation in this unnamed country is also a factor as a coup is happening and people are fleeing villages for other places where they hope to find safety. There are few characters, but each of them have former lives, lives that are no longer livable.

The book is divided into sections, and despite these crucial events, it is a quiet, but impactful novel. . Very much character oriented, and the two main characters are women from very different backgrounds. This is a novel of survival and the ways in which we need or choose to act to survive. Some of the scenes seem impossible, the allegories are paramount and open to a readers interpretation as to what they are meant to represent.

The writing is gorgeous, the descriptions eloquent and despite the often grim state of affairs, quite lovely. A very strange book about a strange time, but after the last year with Covid and a tense political situation, I found this to be a perfect book.

ARC from Netgalley. ( )
  Beamis12 | Mar 1, 2021 |
This is a hard book to review and to rate. I suppose you class it as a Fantasy/Ecology /Personal transformation story, by a new Australian author (this is his second book). It is a beautifully written book, a fable, about a country beset by ecological, political and economic difficulties and the impact it has on one woman's perception of her place in, and relationship to the world.

The book begins with the myth of the rain heron, a bird that forms out of and dissolves into water, and brings success to the land it chooses to dwell on. When it leaves fortunes are likely to reverse.

In the present day we meet Ren, a middle-aged woman who five years ago and following a military coup, abandoned civilisation to live in a remote and pristine forest - whether these events are linked are hinted but never explained. Her only contact is one man from the nearby village with whom she trades. Rumour has it that she knows the location of the rain heron.

Into her world comes an army unit whose mission it is to get her to lead them to the rain heron, capture it, and bring it to the military leaders who feel possessing it will give them greater credibility and control over the population. The unit is lead by Zoe, a young woman who shows a lot more intelligence and ingenuity that the soldiers she leads. The narrative changes to Zoe's backstory, of being raised in a fishing village that existed on the symbiotic relationship the fishermen had with the local squid, to milk their ink in a sustainable way. However, the market price for ink collapsed and a more "scientific" method introduced by a young but misguided scientist led to the destruction of the village and forced Zoe to leave, from where she found her way into the Army and surprising herself how well she fitted into the Army/Military coup environment.

The rain heron is captured but Zoe inflicts and sustains injuries which start a personal redemptive and transformative process, a process that accelerates, helped by a game keeper who is the very opposite of Zoe, when it becomes obvious the coup leaders have no coherent plan for the heron.

The moral of the book I guess is to question man's current relationship with the environment, and how poorer and stressed we are with the current balance. It encourages us to find our redemptive and transformative path to a better balance with nature and ourselves. ( )
  motorbike | Dec 29, 2020 |
A remarkable little fable, a truly worthy novel. ( )
  therebelprince | Nov 15, 2020 |
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