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Serpentine: An Alex Delaware Novel de…

Serpentine: An Alex Delaware Novel (edição: 2021)

de Jonathan Kellerman (Autor)

Séries: Alex Delaware (36)

MembrosResenhasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
1287164,473 (3.88)1
Título:Serpentine: An Alex Delaware Novel
Autores:Jonathan Kellerman (Autor)
Informação:Ballantine Books (2021), Edition: First Edition, 368 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:not read; 2021; requested

Detalhes da Obra

Serpentine de Jonathan Kellerman


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Serpentine by Jonathan Kellerman is the thirty-sixth installment of the Alex Delaware series but it reads well as a standalone. Lieutenant Milo Sturgis, a homicide detective and Alex Delaware, a psychologist, work together to solve crimes in Los Angeles. The duo is tasked with investigating a suspicious death that occurred many decades ago. A woman whose mother’s body had been found in a burnt-out Cadillac at the bottom of Mulholland Drive is depending on them to give her closure. As they investigate, they realize that nothing is what it seems with this cold case from so long ago. Every time the police have looked into the case, someone has had a suspicious and unusual accident leading to their death. Who does not want this cold case solved? Serpentine is an original police procedural and the reader will enjoy the ride. Although Jonathan Kellerman has written many Alex Delaware novels, this one is just as fresh as the first ones. Thank you to Penguin Random House UK, Century, NetGalley and the author for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. ( )
  carole888fort | Mar 30, 2021 |
Ellie Barker is a self-made millionaire by the age of forty, and is obsessed with reopening the coldest of cases: the decades-old death of the mother she never knew. She hires LAPD homicide lieutenant Milo Sturgis to help.

Twenty-five years ago, Ellie's mother was found with a bullet in her head in a torched Cadillac that has overturned on infamously treacherous Mulholland Drive. No physical evidence, no witnesses, no apparent motive. And a slew of detectives have already worked the job and failed.

This is a case that calls for the insight of brilliant psychologist Alex Delaware. And as he and Sturgis begin digging, the mist begins to lift. There are too many coincidences. Facts turn out to be anything but. And as they soon discover, very real threats are lurking in the present...

Although this is book number 36 in the series, it is my first Alex Delaware book and I could still read it as a standalone without having read any of the previous books.

This was definitely a slow-paced plot but it was quite intriguing. The investigation carried out by Milo and Alex is meticulous, even though there is not much evidence due to the passage of time, they leave no stone unturned.

There were lot of characters involved and a detailed description of the surroundings, which left me slightly lost in between. But there were some twists at regular intervals to keep me interested and read on till the end. And the ending was not what I was expecting, so it was actually a surprise!

Overall, an okay read.

Thank You NetGalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for this ARC! ( )
  Vanessa_Menezes | Mar 17, 2021 |
Fast-paced, good characterizations and dialogue.

But... very little changes. Kellerman adds a new cop now and then who appears regularly. But there hasn't been any significant development or change in Alex and Robin's relationship, nor in Milo and Rick's. How about Alex and Robin adopting a child? Just a thought.

For me these novels are pure escapism, go figure. I read them quickly and usually forget the plot and story lines. What can I say? Seems I've gotten comfortable with Delaware and Sturgis as the very GOOD guys fighting the very BAD guys.
  Bookish59 | Mar 15, 2021 |
Although this is book 36# in this series, and I had never read even one of the other books, I had no problems reading this book and understanding what was going on.

This is not to say that I didn't have issues, but they weren't serious issues. For one, there were just too many descriptions-what they were eating, drinking, wearing, how much food was being consumed, and when. It finally just got on my nerves. I've seen female authors do this time and again, but this is the first time I've seen a male author do this.

Secondly, I couldn't keep track of all of the characters. I had to look back in the book to refresh my memory constantly. (thank goodness for my Kindle)

There were many red-herrings and a whole lot of re-hashing. Too much was redundant.

I'm not saying this was a horrible book - not at all; it just wasn't my thing., and I love hard-boiled murder mysteries. Even though this was about a murder with a cop and a psychologist, it just seemed to me to be wishy-washy.

*ARC supplied by the publisher, author, and NetGalley. ( )
  Cats57 | Feb 16, 2021 |
Review of eBook

Ellie Barker, hoping to find some answers about the death of her mother, Dorothy Swoboda, some thirty-six years earlier, has a casual conversation with some women at a society function. Soon Los Angeles Police Homicide Lieutenant Milo Sturgis finds himself assigned by Deputy Chief Veronique Martz to investigate the very cold case.

Milo teams up with psychologist Doctor Alex Delaware to investigate the decades-old case. But with no witnesses, no physical evidence, and no idea of a motive, their efforts seem doomed to failure. After all, several other detectives have worked this case in the intervening years, and none of them managed to find any answers.

Milo and Alex begin digging and discover far too many coincidences, far too many facts that don’t stand up under close examination. Will they find a way to bring a murderer to justice? Will they find answers for a daughter seeking the mother she never knew?

Thirty-sixth in the Alex Delaware series [but working well as a standalone], the plot of “Serpentine” twists and turns as the police procedural slowly reveals its secrets. All the expected characters are in place, each well-defined and realistic as are the diverse secondary characters. The friendship between Alex and Milo feels genuine, as do their relationships with the other characters.

Anchored by a strong sense of place [and a Los Angeles many readers will instantly recognize], the compelling narrative is difficult to set aside. Unexpected reveals take the story in surprising directions, but the characters’ ingenuity in tackling the cold case serves them well and keeps the story moving. Humorous bits [mostly involving Milo’s well-documented appetite] and the easy camaraderie between Alex and Milo give the narrative witty moments that are sure to bring smiles to readers’ faces.

Overall, “Serpentine” is an intriguing case that is sure to please fans of the series and newcomers alike.

Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of this eBook from Random House UK, Cornerstone and NetGalley
#Serpentine #NetGalley ( )
  jfe16 | Feb 10, 2021 |
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After reading a good story like this one, I can't help but suggest that you should join NovelStar’s writing competition, you might be their next big star.
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