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Elephant Speak: A Devoted Keeper's Life…

Elephant Speak: A Devoted Keeper's Life Among the Herd (edição: 2020)

de Melissa Crandall (Autor)

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4428456,826 (4.56)13
Título:Elephant Speak: A Devoted Keeper's Life Among the Herd
Autores:Melissa Crandall (Autor)
Informação:Ooligan Press (2020), 300 pages
Coleções:Early Reviewers Books, Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

Elephant Speak: A Devoted Keeper's Life Among the Herd de Melissa Crandall


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Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
A story of a man who spent most of his life taking care of elephants at the Oregon Zoo. In addition to talking about the overall care of the elephants and the individual elephant personalities, this book covers advancements that were made in the care of captive elephants and makes a case for why breeding elephants in captivity helps preserve the species. The author does touch on some of the ethical arguments around captive elephants but seemed to gloss over selling young elephants away from their herd to circuses and other entertainers. Overall a touching story of the bond between the keeper and the elephants.
  barefeet4 | Jan 14, 2021 |
Can't wait to visit the Oregon Zoo, in Portland, to see all results of the work done by Roger Henneous and his team and the ongoing caring staff. Roger made a huge contribution to Zookeeping technology and procedures that has expanded across the world. I didn't want the book to end, as the stories were so interesting and thought provoking. ( )
  Katyefk | Jan 2, 2021 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
In 1962 the first baby elephant born in the Western Hemisphere in forty four years was born at the Washington Park (now Oregon) Zoo in Portland.

Roger Henneous stood in line with thousands of other visitors to see it.

“Perched on his toes, Roger caught his first surprising glimpse of the infant and was instantly smitten. With his baggy skin and wooly reddish hair, Packy looked more like a miniature mammoth than an elephant. He toddled around Belle’s legs as aunts Rosy, Tuy Hoa, and Pet looked on with obvious delight and reached to touch him with their trunks each time he passed. Every so often, he squealed like a leaky balloon and lifted his mouth to suckle briefly from the incredibly human-looking mammaries located behind Belle's front legs.” P 42

He was smitten. Little did he know how much his life would be changed.

In 1967 he applied for a zookeeper’s job, eventually becoming an elephant keeper and moved to head elephant keeper.

His career spanned thirty years; beginning when elephants were seen as performers for human enjoyment to the evolution of respecting them as the magnificent wild creatures they are. He devised ways of handling them safely and enriching their environment.

I enjoyed this – not just as the biography of a zookeeper but for everything I learned about elephants.

“This was infrasound, the silent speech of elephants; a wave frequency too low for humans to hear, but which can be perceived by sensitive individuals. An elephant can adjust the volume and rate of this communication by opening and closing their mouth, moving their ears, changing the position of their body, and raising or lowering their head. Infrasound can travel for up to twenty miles and pass through trees, rocks, and buildings, enabling elephants to communicate even when they can’t see one another.”
P 76

Recommended for those with an interest in elephants, animals in general and the Portland Oregon Park Zoo. ( )
  streamsong | Dec 7, 2020 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
I received a copy of this book via LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

I love reading about interesting people and animals. How could I not love elephant speak?

Melissa Crandall first met elephant keeper, Roger Henneous while she was a volunteer at Oregon Zoo towards the end of his career. The story is based on interviews she conducted with him after his retirement. During the interviews he recounts his life story. Crandall turned these interviews into and an absorbing, emotional and engaging story.

Put simply Elephant speak is the biographical story of elephant keeper Roger Henneous and the elephants at Oregon Zoo. But it is much more. I rarely shed tears when reading but with Elephant Speak there were parts when I openly wept – for sadness and joy.

Roger was born in Iowa. Being raised on a farm he learned early in his life about the importance of animal care.

He was down to earth but insecure with no real goals in life but whatever job he did it was with diligence no matter how boring.

His marriage to RoseMerrie seemed to be a turning point. When Roger applied for a job at the Oregon Zoo, giving him an opportunity to leave a boring job, she supported him completely encouraging him to follow his dreams.

His first job at the zoo in 1967 was as a rover working in a variety of locations and jobs. He thrived on the arduous work and the variety of tasks always demonstrating his compassion for the animals and strong work ethic. In a short time, he was allocated to work with the elephants and takes on the position of head keeper following the retirement of his boss and mentor.

His decision to retire in 1997 from the job he loved came only after a series of devastating losses in both his two-legged and four-legged families, and the pain he went through on the way to that parting is told with sensitivity and compassion.

But Roger is not the only star of the story. He shares the centre stage with his beloved elephants.

We are introduced to the individual personalities of the elephants and the reciprocated love for Roger. Their intelligence, moods, love for the keepers, playfulness, curiosity, and cheeky sense of humour are described so well we develop a respect and love for each of them.

Also included is an elephant family tree.

This is not just a bio or an animal story. It highlights the plight of elephants worldwide and today’s conservation efforts to protect them and describes how zoos have gone from a place of entertainment for the public to institutes of conservation and preservation where the animals, not the public, are the priority. ( )
  Hostie13 | Oct 31, 2020 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
4.5 stars

Roger Henneous was a zookeeper, taking care of the elephants at the Oregon Zoo, for three decades between the 1960s until he retired in 1997. He did not use punishment as an incentive to train them to do things, but used rewards. The Oregon Zoo was the premier zoo in North America for the care of their elephants.

This book follows his life, along with the elephants he loved and took care of for all those years. Zoos also progressed a lot during this time (even still, Roger and the other keepers never got as much as they wanted for their elephants – it all takes money). He finally retired after a few years when he lost both parents, as well as a number of the elephants.

I loved this. It is sometimes hard to read about wild animals “behind bars” at zoos, but I still loved this story and I loved the elephants. Roger and his staff did as much as they were able to to help those elephants. There were still a few things I didn’t agree with (bull hooks, no matter how “gentle” they were while using them), and some of the (now) controversial things the author quoted Roger on from more recently on why they did the things they did. ( )
  LibraryCin | Oct 31, 2020 |
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