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The Awakening: The Dragon Heart Legacy, Book…

The Awakening: The Dragon Heart Legacy, Book 1 (The Dragon Heart Legacy,… (edição: 2020)

de Nora Roberts (Autor)

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3301262,146 (3.99)2
Título:The Awakening: The Dragon Heart Legacy, Book 1 (The Dragon Heart Legacy, 1)
Autores:Nora Roberts (Autor)
Informação:St. Martin's Press (2020), 448 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Work Information

The Awakening: The Dragon Heart Legacy, Book 1 (The Dragon Heart Legacy, 1) de Nora Roberts

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The Awakening is a Fantasy/Sci Fi where there are two worlds. There is good vs. evil, magic, spells, witches, elves, pixies, romantic encounters, friendship, family and lots of love. It is a book about a young woman who holds herself in low self-esteem but must find the power and strength within herself to become a strong and powerful leader to fulfill her destiny. The story takes place in present day. It is a good story that does not conclude because there is a sequel. Four stars were awarded in this review. ( )
  lbswiener | Nov 1, 2021 |
I do enjoy Nora Roberts' fantasy trilogies... Heck, The Key Trilogy were the first Nora Roberts books I ever read, and I gobbled those up as a young teenager (or pre-teen - either way, it's over half of my lifetime ago.) There are some key elements (ha: see what I did there?) that are original and refreshing. But at the same time, there's a lot that seems derivative of her other fantasy/paranormal romances. Does it work? Yeah, sure - but it makes for a tired combination.

I adore Breen's cottage in Ireland: the descriptions of it set my heart to dreaming (cottagecore is something I aspired to, long before there was a name to it.) As someone who works with middle-schoolers every day but desperately wants to be a published author instead, it's fun to daydream that I could fall into the same sort of luck (and wealth) that Breen does... But seeing as how I don't have any monied connections into an alternate fae universe, that seems unlikely.

Lest I ramble on even longer about this book, I will say that if you can look past certain tropes (Stereotypical Gay Characters; Chosen One Heroine; Running Away to Find One's Self in Another Country/World) and don't mind some one-dimensional characters with bad names, you'll probably really enjoy this book. I won't go out of my way to read the next one, but I won't absolutely refuse to give it a chance either.

(I'm also thinking I need to re-read some of my old Nora Roberts favorites to see if I'll still enjoy them, many years later, or if I've moved on and they'll no longer satisfy me as a reader in her 30s.) ( )
  bookwyrmqueen | Oct 25, 2021 |
Nora Roberts definitely writes in a formulaic manner but I enjoy that when I am looking for a book I can escape into and that does not overtax my brain. Her books are great beach/vacation reads. I do not enjoy all of her series but this particular series is one of those that I quite enjoy both the story and characters. ( )
  KateKat11 | Sep 24, 2021 |
I have my list of tried and true authors whose books I always look for because they never disappoint - Nora Roberts is one such author, and I absolutely enjoyed The Awakening.

Readers familiar with her fantasy trilogies know she has a certain formula, generally speaking. It usually starts with a strong female protagonist with two equally strong female sidekicks (or a trio of strong female protagonists). One is usually tough, one is creative, and one is likely an amazing cook. There's some powerful magick, and a bad guy they have to defeat. In each book of the trilogy, each woman ends up with her soulmate, but the bad guy isn't defeated until the final book.

The Awakening doesn't quite follow her usual format. Breen is not your hero material. She's unhappy, lacks confidence, and does what she can to blend in. Her clothes are drab, and she tones down her red hair to a mousey brown, and she's anxious - mostly because her mother has gaslit her into believing she is barely adequate, less than average.

The bulk of the story plays out in Talamh, the mystical, magickal world where her father was from. This world has all the elements needed for a fantasy - elves, pixies, witches, weres, trolls, flying dragons, and more.

What I love about THIS story is that Breen did not grow up in this world so her response feels relatable. We get to see her work through the full range of disbelief, acceptance, and learning to use her magic. Through all of it, her character feels real. She's not perfect; in fact, she's terrible at fighting. She still struggles with self-confidence, and she's not sure if she's the one for the task.

Roberts' voice in whatever she writes is very strong and very much her own. Her writing is very visual and immersive, and she just tells a good story. You want to settle into the worlds she creates, real or imagined, in part because of the goodness of her characters who always believe in good over evil.

This really feels like a really big prologue, as it sets the stage for the real battles to happen. And that's ok by me because I enjoyed the ride to the very last page, and she left me impatient for the next book.

I was provided an advance copy from St Martin's Press via NetGalley for review purposes. All opinions are my own. ( )
1 vote jenncaffeinated | Jul 4, 2021 |
The relationship is a bit angst ridden but this is a story of an otherworld that is reached through Ireland and a woman who discovers that she has a foot in this world and what's more, that foot needs to be in that world to save it.
Breen Kelly has always been a good girl and followed the rules and tries to make her mother happy, when she accidentally discovers that her mother has been hiding a legacy from her and that the actually doesn't have to be a mediocre teacher but could, maybe follow her heart, she takes the leap and finds that there are more things underneath this. There's magic and power and maybe even love.
It follows a well-trodden path by Nora Roberts in her romances and her fantasy works and while the relationship isn't fully resolved by the end you do know that there is potential there and that there will be more in the future books. I really enjoyed the read and the characters. ( )
  wyvernfriend | Jun 19, 2021 |
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