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Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite

de Peter Schweizer

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"Offers a deep-dive investigation into the private finances and secret deals of some of America's top political leaders"--

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Peter Schweizer’s Profiles in Corruption is not an easy book to read, especially in today’s political environment of constant fighting, name-calling, and finger-pointing. Maybe it’s always been this way, maybe not, but today’s political class, regardless of party affiliation, seems suddenly to have way more than its share of hypocrites, liars, cheaters, and sexual predators.

Profiles in Corruption takes a long, hard look at eight of the worst offenders. I do wish that, for the sake of his own credibility, Schweizer had not concentrated his efforts exclusively on “progressives” who, with the exception of Bernie Sanders, are all card-carrying Democrats. (This is, however, a well-documented and cited book with hundreds of source references.) Political corruption is a problem for Democrats and Republicans alike – and whatever it is that Sanders calls himself in private. How else to explain all the newly-minted multi-millionaires who earn their fortunes never having held a single job outside of government during their entire adult lives?

Schweizer’s eight profiles are in this order: Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, and Eric Garcetti. None of what the author discloses about any of the eight is particularly surprising to anyone who’s been paying much attention to what goes on around them. None of what any of the eight have done to enrich themselves and their immediate families at the expense of the taxpayer is particularly creative, either. They are doing the kind of things that politicians like them were guilty of more than 100 years ago, and they are using pretty much the same old playbook to do it.

Every allegation and point that follows is documented in the book.

Perhaps most disconcerting of all the disclosures, is the selective justice wielded by some when they were still public prosecutors with the power to decide which cases would be prosecuted and which would be ignored. You guessed it: ignored most often were big-donor white collar criminals often also doing business with members of the prosecutors’ families. Making each other rich and/or keeping the prosecutor in a powerful position was more important than guilt or innocence. Particularly good at this little game, it seems, were Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar.

Two of the eight, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, stand out as much for their utter hypocrisy as for their unethical behavior. Both men brand themselves defenders of the common man and claim the working class as their base, but both have become wealthy elitists in the process of “working” for their constituency. Biden has made himself, his three children, and his siblings wealthy by so willingly selling his political influence through businesses and boards run by relatives. Sanders and family have become wealthy by funneling campaign contributions to companies headed by his daughter, and by allowing his wife to bankrupt a small private college even as she profited handily from her job as president of the school. Even as a young Vermont mayor, Sanders made a spot on the city payroll for his then-girlfriend, and then gave her a huge raise when she became his wife. And then there are the books that so many politicians, Sanders among them, write to huge advances so that their political committees can buy them up with donated funds for distribution to backers. According to Schweizer, Sanders has pulled off this particular trick three times. (This appears to be a common scam among “big name” politicians.)

With Sherrod Brown, it’s his unblinking pay-for-play game with America’s largest unions in which the Senator is always eager to back bills that are bad for consumers and taxpayers but good for unions. For Eric Garcetti, It’s shady real estate deals in and around Los Angeles that made him so rich and powerful. With Cory Booker, it’s a heavy duty pay-for-play scheme from his days in New Jersey that made him rich and powerful.

Bottom Line: Profiles in Corruption will make you as sad as it makes you angry. It’s hard to read that so many of America’s most prominent politicians are such petty, dishonest hypocrites. But now it’s time for a look at some prominent Republicans, because I suspect the result will be just as saddening and irritating as the disclosures in Profiles in Corruption. ( )
1 vote SamSattler | Jun 10, 2020 |
Have you ever wondered just how honest most politicians are… or exactly how dishonest?

Having an impression that all politicians are corrupt self-serving hypocrites is one thing, but after reading this book about the major front-runners in the up-coming presidential election, not only are my suspicions confirmed but completely justified.

Written by a reputable journalist who cites specific detailed examples, with 100 pages of documented references, Peter Schweizer dishes the dirt on widespread deception, corruption, and self-serving hypocrisy in the political arena. I don’t know how many of the activities listed are illegal, but they are certainly immoral and unethical.

A few examples: Kamala Harris got her big break by having an affair with the (married) “God Father” of San Francisco, and after becoming the DA of San Francisco, and Attorney General of California somehow, she just happened to avoid prosecuting some very bad criminals.

And Bernie Sanders wife Jane was mixed up in a case of a fraudulent $10 million bank loan which never got repaid, and a burglary that involved destroyed pertinent documents. And by the way, Bernie never held a job outside of the government but somehow, he and Jane amassed millions of dollars and several estate homes.

Biden is the worst! The Hunter debacle is just the tip of the iceberg. Biden has lined the pockets of all his family members with millions of dollars of tax payers money. His brothers Frank and James should be in jail! And maybe Hunter, too.

Amy Klobuchar seems pretty innocent except for the fact that she is the “queen of earmarks”. I tried to do further research on that but recent years records have been obliterated from Google. However, if you search back far enough, in 2010 she did enact 88 earmarks worth over $100,000,000. She seems to pretty much match Bernie on many social issues. I wonder what promises she is making to her current donors.

And Elizabeth Warren – not only did she use the “Native American” handle to get an education, but also to get a teaching job at Harvard when the college was specifically looking to hire minorities.

You can read all about it in this book. And the deception amongst all of them is deep and convoluted. Much like Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation, they all have non-profit organizations going for themselves. Sometimes multiple organizations intertwined… Peter Schweizer follows the paper trail, and at the end of the trail there, is always huge bank accounts linked to these very politicians. And much of the non-profit money is exempt from taxes.

They claim to be for the middle-class, spouting equality and fairness for all. Too bad they don’t live up to their own standards.

One further comment – Peter Schweizer admits most Republican politicians fall into this same category, but he decided to focus on the Democrats because Democrats are always for “bigger government” and “more” government control of everything, on every level– which in effect gives the politicians more power and more opportunity to line their own pockets.

"Profiles in Corruption" is a well-timed publication and definitely a worthy read. ( )
1 vote LadyLo | Feb 18, 2020 |
Profiles in Corruption, Peter Schweizer, author; Charles Constant, narrator
Political corruption in the swamp is not concentrated in one political party. However, Peter Schweizer has chosen to write a book detailing and exposing the corrupt behavior of many of the Progressives who tout themselves as America’s saviors, as the knights that can gallop in and save the world from the despots on the right, from the Republicans and Trump and anyone associated with them. His research has uncovered shady deals, nepotism and incestuous behavior in government transactions. The naked eye would never see these things, not only because of a complicit left leaning press which hides the faults of the left, but because the trail to the underhanded business deals and appointments that enrich themselves, their friends and their families is hidden in secret business deals which are often in the names of people associated with the politician, that do not have to disclose their business dealings in any but the most superficial manner.
These people featured in the book (Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, the Sanders and the Clintons, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, Sherrod Brown and Eric Garcetti), all believe they can save America from a man they, and the press, have consistently demonized, President Donald Trump. They have also defamed his family, pointing fingers in all directions, claiming corruption, tax evasion, criminal behavior, crony capitalism, a violation of the Emoluments Clause, incompetence and anything else they could think of to shame them. Yet, these people have ghosts in their own closets and have made deals that are the same as, or worse than, those that they are accusing others on the right of doing. Schweizer readily admits that there are those on the right who also use the political system to benefit themselves, but I, the reader am well aware that many on the right have already been showcased, trashed and splashed over all the headlines from the left leaning media world, without a corresponding effort to cover those on the left doing the exact same kind of thing, or worse, to financially help themselves and their families without leaving a discernible trail to follow.
In his book, he attempts to show that these very same individuals throwing rocks at the Republicans, claiming to be far more virtuous, actually live in glass houses and are perhaps only far better at hiding their shameful nepotism and incestuous dealings with relatives, corporations, criminals, and anyone or any business that can positively influence their career and future. Donations definitely help to put a politician in your corner, even if the politician rails against you and your business, in public. In private, politicians are schizophrenic! They have more than one side! Their relatives, business associates and/or opportunities, friends, girlfriends, etc., were all put in positions of power and influence once they were elected.
Schweizer’s powerful in depth research has connected the dots to show the hidden deceptive behavior. These politicians have used every trick in the book to benefit themselves while shielding the information that would prove it. The route is therefore circuitous and the reader has to draw their own conclusions as to their motives. Politicians accept money from groups they publicly disavow when it serves their purpose, and they make excuses to explain away the opposition’s questions about their somewhat secretive, dubious arrangements. It is hard, therefore, to trace the money with perfect accuracy, but all the people Schweizer has featured have quietly enriched themselves. Many have even dealt with unsavory characters to do so. They get away with it because of a complicit press which ignores their behavior, coupled with a school system that brainwashes the student body by pushing a curriculum drowning in Progressivism rather than in the teaching of critical thought!
This book will not please many liberals, but it should be read by all of them so that they can see that the crimes and behavior they constantly criticize Trump and his family for actually often pale when compared to some of what has been done and hidden by Progressives and Democrats in the spotlight now. ( )
1 vote thewanderingjew | Feb 5, 2020 |
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"Offers a deep-dive investigation into the private finances and secret deals of some of America's top political leaders"--

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