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Elatsoe de Darcie Little Badger

Elatsoe (original: 2020; edição: 2020)

de Darcie Little Badger (Autor)

MembrosResenhasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
1846111,406 (4.14)3
Autores:Darcie Little Badger (Autor)
Informação:Levine Querido c/o Chronicle Books (2020), 368 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

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Elatsoe de Darcie Little Badger (2020)



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This book had such potential! I just couldn't get lost in its crazy/mish mosh/over saturated world. It had a lot going on like: vampires, ghosts, ghost whisperers, ghost pets (including a temperamental ghost dinosaur) bat people, coyote people and a nefarious, devilish deviant, most likely immortal, (human?) antagonist. Sounds pretty entertaining right? Nope! What a letdown. Now, I can't say with 100% certainty that this book doesn't deliver at the end because I threw in the towel ~ the 47% mark... but life's too short to spend time on a mediocre (imo) read when my TBR is begging for my attention.

This could be a case of It's Not You It's Me but I am too bored to find out.

~ Sorry
  BethYacoub | Jan 15, 2021 |
Oh this was SO SO GOOD. The worldbuilding was just bonkers good--all kinds of magic going on, this balance of Lipan Apache knowledge (and refusal to share knowledge where it's not appropriate to share) and other knowledges and culture, the GHOST CREATURES, VAMPIRES, MAGIC, all of it was just so good. There was a part where I threw the book down and had to pace because it was SO GOOD AND SO CREATIVE AND I'D NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT LIKE THAT BEFORE. Just so good, such a beautiful story and I had such a good time reading it, I couldn't put it down. ( )
  aijmiller | Jan 13, 2021 |
Elatsoe is the Lipan Apache name of the main character, Ellie, a 17 year old Native American girl in Texas with a ghost dog, Kirby. Elatsoe is part murder mystery, part speculative fiction, written in a tone that would set it on the middle grade shelves at the library.

Ellie's adult cousin Trevor has died in a car accident. He appears to Ellie in a dream, saying he was murdered and asking her to bring his killer to justice. Ellie sets off with her friend Jay to solve the murder, which takes them to a fictional town, Willowbee, run by a doctor Allerton who performs miracle cures on the gravely injured.

The book combines Lipan Apache mythology with paranormal fantasy. There are fairy transport rings instead of airports, and vampirism is a normal part of life, as in True Blood. However, this story is G-rated.

As an adult reader, I enjoyed the first part of the book, where we learn about Ellie's Lipan Apache history, and some of the mythology related to the tribe, particularly Ellie's ancestor, Six Great Grandmother, who moved between the worlds of the living and dead. I was less enthralled by the action story that unfolds once Ellie sets foot in the fictional town of Willowbee. But I can see young teens liking this a lot. There are small illustrations at the beginnings of each chapter, as you might find in chapter books, which is why an illustrator, Rovina Cai, is named. Before getting the book, I thought it was a graphic novel, and in fact, I think it could be a good one. ( )
  fromthecomfychair | Jan 5, 2021 |
An interesting entry into the teen supernatural investigators category, this one has a the distinction of a Lipan Apache sensibility and an ace central character. The body count get way high and the impact of the body count stays low. And the magic is dangerous, but we use it and it works dynamic was a bit unbalanced. The tiny chapter heading illustrations are charming. ( )
  quondame | Jan 3, 2021 |
This is what #OwnVoices is all about.
Indigenous people are all around you: your classmate, your teacher, your neighborhood vampire. (Ahem. Well it's believable in this story anyway.)
Authenticity will be found in the details, in the basis of the story, in the tangible presence of the past (even to millions of years for the family in this story), in the way other traditions are folded in with the indigenous -- that's the way it is. I can't speak to the authenticity of the Lipan Apache particulars, but given the way the rest rings true, I'm ready to accept that the author got right as much as was allowed to be shared.
There's also some important history here, about people whom the "experts" claimed were effectively erased. The historical detail is mostly in the background of the story, but it's the foundation the main character stands on, and it's also in the metaphorical blood-sucking invaders at the heart of story.
Paranormal fantasy is not a genre I regularly read, so I'm not going to give it that fifth star, but this is really good stuff. I'll be watching this author. ( )
  Mike__M | Nov 25, 2020 |
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