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Just Like You de Nick Hornby

Just Like You (edição: 2020)

de Nick Hornby (Autor)

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2421586,517 (3.56)4
"Just Like You is a brilliantly observed, tender, but also brutally funny new novel that gets to the heart of what it means to fall surprisingly and headlong in love with the best possible person--someone you didn't see coming"--
Título:Just Like You
Autores:Nick Hornby (Autor)
Informação:Viking (2020), Edition: 01, 320 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca, Para ler

Detalhes da Obra

Just Like You de Nick Hornby

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I was captivated by the first part of Just Like You. Lucy was spunky. Joseph was handsome and thoughtful . Their burgeoning relationship felt vivid. As I continued to read, my feelings shifted. it felt as though the colour was slowly fading from the story. The tension between Joseph and Lucy just wasn’t there. I wanted to like this. I wanted to feel something powerful. Anger, disgust, giddiness, joy... Instead, I was left with a beige feeling of blah.

This might be a good book for when the world feels too intense. Interesting enough to read but not poignant enough to make me force it upon all who I encounter. ( )
  katie66219 | Aug 24, 2021 |
Nick Hornby's Just like you tells the story of Lucy and Joseph, two Brits who could not be more different. Set against the backdrop of the Brexit referendum in the UK, Lucy meets Joseph who works in a butcher's shop in North London. She is a teacher, head of her department, mother of two, separated from her husband but not yet divorced, white, in her forties. Joseph is 22, black, works many jobs, wants to become a music producer one day and has never had a long-term relationship. But as the saying goes, opposites attract. First Joseph is hired by Lucy to babysit her kids while she is out dating, but quite quickly both notice their attraction to one another and start a relationship that is secret at first but slowly becomes more public. Can such a relationship work, though? This is what Hornby explores in his novel.

While I liked the setting of the novel, I did not find the plot particularly exciting. Maybe this is because I found many turns quite predictable and was not surprised by the general direction the couple was heading towards. For me, the strength of the novel lies in the dialogs and the everyday-ness of the conversations not just between Lucy and Joseph, but also between them and their friends and family. On the whole, Just like you grew on me during the reading process, but did not completely win me over. 3 stars. ( )
  OscarWilde87 | Aug 20, 2021 |
Lucy verliebt sich in Joseph. Eigentlich kein Problem. Doch die beiden könnten verschiedener nicht sein. Lucy ist 42, alleinerziehende Mutter zweier Jungs, Lehrerin. Joseph, 22, schwarz, hält sich mit diversen Jobs über Wasser. Lucy gehört zum Bildungsbürgertum, Joseph stammt aus einem schwierigen Milieu Londons. Die beiden leben ihr Glück aus, ohne sich Gedanken über die Zukunft zu machen. Doch die aktuellen gesellschaftlichen und politischen Themen wie der alltägliche Rassismus oder die bevorstehende Brexit-Abstimmung machen auch vor ihrer Beziehung nicht halt und bringt die beiden in einen Konflikt ... - Nick Hornby (zuletzt ID-A 15/20) gelingt es in seinem neuen Roman, die drängenden Fragen der Gesellschaft Großbritanniens anhand einer ungleichen Liebesbeziehung darzustellen. Sprachlich schnörkellos fesselt die Geschichte durch kluge Dialoge, die von Leichtigkeit und intelligentem Humor leben. Die Protagonisten sind fein beobachtet charakterisiert und bekommen genug Raum für die jeweils eigene Sichtweise. Das gelungene Porträt eines gespaltenen Landes. Unbedingt empfohlen für alle Bibliotheken. ( )
  Cornelia16 | May 10, 2021 |
Good read and at times a bit of a page turner. Gently challenged some of my assumptions about age, race, ambition, education, so enjoyed to be slighly outside of my comforth zone while enjoying a well written story. ( )
  sachesney | Mar 17, 2021 |
Nick Hornby is one my favorite authors. About a Boy and High Fidelity have been turned into excellent movies and in addition to novels he does non-fiction and has down successful screenplays for movies. His novels deal with modern life and relationships. What makes Hornby so good is his humor and insight into the psyche of his characters. In addition to main characters he is always able to create a cast of supporting players who help lend depth to his novels. This story is about Lucy and Joseph and their relationship. They are from North London and the time is 2016 during the Brexit vote and the American election. Lucy is an attractive(during the novel she is described at times as being "hot") white 42 year old teacher who is separated from her alcoholic husband. She has 2 sons(6 and 8 and very clear as youngsters always are in books and movies but not always in real life). She is starting to date and we are treated to her witty observations about that. Joseph is a 22 year old working class black man who holds many jobs and aspires to be a DJ. One of his jobs at a butcher shop creates the initial connection to Lucy. He also does babysitting which he does for Lucy and then their relationship proceeds from there. The joy of the book is the way Hornby deals with the real gaps of getting 2 people together. They need to deal with age, race, culture, economics and the backdrop of Brexit. Hornby weaves it all together in his usual entertaining way. If you have never read Hornby then this is a good intro. However I would recommend "How to be Good" as the place to start with him. You may find that once you read one of his books you may want to read them all. ( )
  nivramkoorb | Jan 30, 2021 |
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"Just Like You is a brilliantly observed, tender, but also brutally funny new novel that gets to the heart of what it means to fall surprisingly and headlong in love with the best possible person--someone you didn't see coming"--

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