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Shadows in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel de J.…

Shadows in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel (edição: 2020)

de J. D. Robb (Autor)

Séries: In Death (51)

MembrosResenhasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
16611121,144 (4.04)29
Título:Shadows in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel
Autores:J. D. Robb (Autor)
Informação:St. Martin's Press (2020), 345 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca, Public Library, Kindle, Lidos mas não possuídos
Etiquetas:Kindle, SF, mystery

Detalhes da Obra

Shadows in Death de J. D. Robb

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This is my 6th "In Death" book, and the 51st in the long-running series, and I think it's the best I've read so far, which is saying something, since they've all been terrific. This one is fast-paced and emotionally resonant, with all the familiar touches fans expect and crave: the malapropisms, the irritations, the bluster, the touches of romance, and of course the tightly-plotted and intricate mystery. Highly recommended. ( )
  RandyRasa | Oct 25, 2020 |
I liked that neither Roarke or Eve were damaged in this book. Rather they figured out who the enemy was, worked together to figure out how to get him, and then got him. Well-written as always. Suspenseful but not over the top with rape and torture. ( )
  phyllis2779 | Oct 17, 2020 |
Dallas and Roarke are back with another difficult case to solve.

Roarke's highly questionable past occasionally comes back to haunt him and Eve in awkward ways. The latest is exceptionally awkward. A rival and enemy from his hard childhood years in Dublin has arrived in New York and intends to kill him--after first killing everyone else who matters to him.

And Lorcan Cobbe is a skilled, professional assassin.

Cobbe claims to be Roarke's older half-brother, but Patrick Roarke, while employing him as an enforcer, never acknowledged him as his son. For all the elder Roarke's abuse of him, he did acknowledge the younger Roarke as his son. And that's what Cobbe, obsessed with Patrick Roarke as his hero and idol, can never forgive the boy that Patrick did acknowledge.

That hatred has burned for a long time, but now Roarke has achieved a level of wealth and success that's far beyond Cobbe. When he comes to New York to kill a woman whose husband finds divorcing her would not serve his interests, he does that job quickly and efficiently, but the trip morphs into a mission to finally eliminate Roarke.

Cobbe, driven by emotion rather than money this time, can't resist taunting Roarke--showing himself briefly to ensure Roarke knows he's there, and then other little taunts and challenges, and of course threats of what he'll do to Dallas before he kills Roarke.

Cobbe thinks Roarke is weak, because he's not a killer, and had the chance to kill Cobbe years ago and didn't It doesn't even occur to him that Dallas could really be dangerous.

Dallas, Roarke, and the NYPSD are not usually all one team, what with Roarke's criminal past and discomfort around cops even though he's married one. Roarke can't handle this threat on his own, though. Doing things entirely his way would hurt Eve, and maybe break their relationship. Working with them will also give him the help of men and women who, even though they're cops, he likes and respects, and who can bring real resources to the effort. And Eve knows that Roarke can't just set aside his old instincts and attitudes entirely in this direct and personal threat--a threat to him, but also to her, and Somerset, and his family back in Ireland.

It's a bit of a hurdle for both of them, when it means also working with Interpol, in the person of an English investigator who has been hunting Cobbe for six years.

It's a tense and exciting story, and we're reminded again how much these two have grown since they first met, in a case where Roarke looked like a possible suspect.

Content warning: A sweet little cat dies very nastily, as part of one of Cobbe's taunts.

I loved this book, and strongly recommend it, for a good mystery, good relationships, and being true to the characters we've come to know and value.

I bought this audiobook. ( )
  LisCarey | Oct 9, 2020 |
It could have been a five star read, but I deducted 1/2 point for unnecessary animal torture/death. I cannot abide even fictional cruelty to animals. It almost ruined the book for me. I skipped the pages. The rest of the book was a great police procedural. While working a homicide in Central Park, Eve and her husband Roarke get pulled into Roarke's past, by a professional assassin named Cobbe, who claim's to be Roarke's older half brother as well as the true heir of the long dead Patrick Roarke. Cobbe is on a mission to kill Roarke and everyone whom Roarke hold's dear. Eve and Roarke with the NYPSD and Interpol are intent upon bringing Cobbe to justice in a story which stretches from the streets of New York City to the fields of rural Ireland. ( )
  Raspberrymocha | Sep 26, 2020 |
This mystery centers on an old enemy of Roarke's from his childhood in Dublin. It begins with the murder of a woman in a park. While Eve is investigating, Roarke spots an old enemy in the background. He knows that Lorcan Cobbe has become a paid assassin.

It doesn't take Eve long to prove that the woman's husband is guilty of hiring Cobbe to murder his wife so that he can get revenge for her daring to have an affair and so that he could inherit her substantial wealth. Eve's willing to make a deal on the sentence if the husband will turn over information on Cobbe.

The main thrust of the book is trying to track down Cobbe before he can get his revenge on Roarke by killing everyone he loves and then killing Roarke. Eve's detectives are quick to join in on the hunt because they consider Roarke to be one of their own. Also, Cobbe has a previous history of murder in New York which was never solved but which Commander Whitney and Captain Feeney worked. They both want to catch Cobbe and throw in their expertise too.

I enjoyed all the details of the investigation to find Cobbe. I liked the strong relationship between Roarke and Eve and its contrast with the life of Cobbe. Cobbe was jealous of Roarke when they were kids and always claimed that Roarke's father was his father too and that he was the older son who should be his heir. That jealousy is leading him to make mistakes in the case Eve is investigating that will allow her to finally capture him.

I both read the Kindle version and listened to the audio version of this book. It is the first I've listened to. I thought the narrator sounded a little too old to be Eve and didn't think Roarke sounded Irish enough. Otherwise it was an engaging experience to listen to. ( )
  kmartin802 | Sep 22, 2020 |
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