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Escape to Vindor (World of Vindor Book 1) de…

Escape to Vindor (World of Vindor Book 1) (edição: 2018)

de Emily Golus

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1141,433,981 (4.6)Nenhum(a)
Título:Escape to Vindor (World of Vindor Book 1)
Autores:Emily Golus
Informação:Taberah Press, Kindle Edition, 451 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:remo-2021, adventure, fantasy

Work Information

Escape to Vindor de Emily Golus


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What I think you should know:
Escape to Vindor is a Young Adult Fantasy by Emily Golus. It is the first book in the Worlds of VIndor series.

What I think about this book:
As a Reader of YA Fiction I am in Love with the World of Vindor, Golus has done a spectacular job of creating a world and a story that quickly captures your imagination. I love the diverse characters and the interactions between them. The Shadow was a unique antagonist, that made for a story that I could not completely predict! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

As the Mom of a Young Adult reader and educator I think this is a great book, it is not only interesting but has the ability to have teachable moments in it. Megan is an excellent heroine and could be used to help reach kids who are struggling with self esteem. I would not hesitate to allow my 6th grader to read this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Celebrate Lit, this in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own. ( )
  DonnaC83 | Mar 31, 2020 |
As a homeschooling mother, I am constantly on the lookout for new books for our family to read. So when I had the chance to review Escape to Vindor, I was glad for the opportunity. This young adult fantasy novel pulled me in from the very beginning. The storyline is worth reading and the characters captured my imagination.
Megan is a normal girl facing the prospects of having to move because her mother has taken a new job in a new state. But her imagination takes her on what she believes to be a trip into a fantasy world. With goblins, centaurs, pixies, wood nymphs and more, Megan takes on the role of Guardian Selena.
Learning to face a shadow that is out to destroy, Megan faces her fears and confronts the evil shadow. Truly, this is a book worth reading, and I look forward to hopefully reading more books from this author and in this series. Check out this book for yourself.
I received a copy of this book for my fair and honest review. ( )
  PattiPeanut1992 | Mar 31, 2020 |
Right from the start, I knew that this was going to be a great read. Growing up, I never really fit in (and still don’t), and I was usually the kid who always had her head stuck in a book. I had a very active imagination and could thus easily relate to Megan. I always had an ongoing dialogue in my mind, which became the stories that I wrote; today these are usually book reviews! Often with fiction intended for or meant to include younger generations, there is a noticeable distinction in writing style that detracts from the allure of the story, for me at least. However, that is not the case here, and I love it!

With “Escape to Vindor,” Emily Golus skillfully combines elements from such classics as The Chronicles of Narnia in order to create her own unique world and plotline. I honestly never imagined that I would enjoy this book as much as I have, and for readers who desire a little more background and a map of this curious world, both can be found at www.worldofvindor.com in a delightful format. “Escape to Vindor” draws upon the fantasies we all exhibited as children and flips them around, placing us inside them as the hero/heroine, but one who is seemingly inept and obviously flawed.

In at least some way, we can all relate to Megan, thrust into a situation or circumstance that we weren’t prepared for: “She didn’t want to do this. She wasn’t an adventurer. She was shy, plain-vanilla Megan Bradshaw, who was used to a class speech being the most stressful thing she had to worry about all day”. Sooner or later we all face things we don’t want to, and if we learn to rely on God and reach out and allow others to help us, we can weather the storms.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Celebrate Lit and was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own. ( )
  Stardust_Fiddle | Mar 23, 2020 |
Please allow me to gush over this story for a bit. I was so surprised at how incredible the author is at writing with perfect imagination that soars through the minds of many. I was that girl that was very unpopular at school. I was bullied and had few friends. Yes I imagined that I would be swept away and live in a place where I was loved. Megan represents each of us that has felt left out, forgotten, bullied, pushed aside and unloved. The author has given me hope in a story that will penetrate those broken hearts and abandonment and give them hope and inspiration.

Centaurs , goblins, mermaids and heroes oh my. The book offers a chance to journey to a land of mystical creatures and a chance to find your courage and worth. The story is filled with adventure and I loved following Megan as she seeks to accomplish her mission. There are times you could feel her doubting herself, but something kept her going. She began to believe in herself in this fantasy world where she made friends and found that she was somebody.

The story is an adventure that will have readers drifting off into Megan’s world will you feel like you are beside her as she takes up a difficult task to defeat The Shadow. I really enjoyed reading about The Shadow. I won’t spoil anything but the discoveries in the book are phenomenal. Megan will come face to face with the very thing that has tormented her for years. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. ( )
  Harley0326 | Mar 21, 2020 |
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