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Star Daughter de Shveta Thakrar

Star Daughter (edição: 2020)

de Shveta Thakrar (Autor)

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270774,810 (3.54)Nenhum(a)
Título:Star Daughter
Autores:Shveta Thakrar (Autor)
Informação:New York: HarperTeen, 2020
Coleções:Read, Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

Star Daughter de Shveta Thakrar


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3.5 stars ( )
  Nicole_13 | May 12, 2021 |
I read this as part of my Norton Award finalist packet.

This is a fun YA read that draws from Indian culture and mythology to bring a new spin to the familiar teen-forced-into-competition trope. The book follows Sheetal, a teen planning to take the PSAT while trying to hide her heritage as a star. Her celestial mother abandoned the family years before, leaving Sheetal with her dad--who she loves dearly, even as they clash as teenagers and parents do. With her 17th birthday days away, though, her usual black dye won't stay in her hair, she finds out her boyfriend knew she was a star and was literally using her as a muse (she is not happy), and then in a flare of anger, her star powers surge and she almost kills her dad. Now she needs to ascend to the sky to find out how to cure him before it's too late.

The cultural and mythological aspects of the book were fantastic. The first chapters hooked me right away with the desi family drama, and the drama among her mother's family brings in higher stakes for sure. The whole trope of a teen-forced-into-competition is wearing thin for me, though. I also was frustrated by how many plot points dragged on simply because people couldn't TALK. Yeah, people really do that, but it wears thin in reality, too. Still, it's a fun read and I can definitely see why it made the Norton ballot. ( )
  ladycato | Apr 19, 2021 |
"Somehow Sheetal kept her eyes from rolling right out of her head." ( )
  Jon_Hansen | Apr 2, 2021 |
I listened to this audiobook over the course of a few days and I was completely enamored. Star Daughter was an interesting foray into a bit of Hindu mythology that was both rich and intoxicating! The world building was robust and extremely ethereal. The writing was expressed in prose both subtle and divine. The narration was eloquent. Soneela Nankani narrated and she was very adept at conveying which character in the pantheon of personas was speaking at any given moment. Her subtle inflections made listening to her voice, for hours on end, extremely enjoyable. She managed to vocally paint the unique cast in vibrant hues allowing them to shine brilliantly through her words. She also showcased their flaws in gradients of beautiful gray making it worth every stolen moment I had with this (audio)book.To be honest, the names were a bit confusing to remember at first but some have wormed their way into my brain and are now living there... permanently. It is almost 2 weeks since I experienced Star Daughter's radiance and still those unique names remain. I believe this book will have that same affect on a variety of genre loving audio/bibliophiles... yes, that means you too... unless you don't like Fantasy... then you're in the wrong place.


I guess I am the outlier here because I really enjoyed this book. I am convinced that every time I think of the constellations or a burgeoning star, I will think of Sheetal and her protégé boyfriend Dev.

Bottom line: This book got mixed reviews on GoodReads and I'm a bit stumped. I usually use those ratings as a gage for whether or not I should add a book to my TBR . It might sound snobby but I don't usually go for books with ratings below 4 stars. BUT in this instance I happened to pick up Star Daughter when it was first released and took a shot in the dark and gave it a chance. I'm glad I did because I ended up disagreeing with its low rating. Was this book amazingly, mind-blowingly awesome? No. Will it expand your mind in significant ways? Also No BUT it will expose you to a piece of another culture's mythos while coaxing you to dwell in the realm of the Fantastical for a bit. I say, if you're on the fence about picking this one up, go for it... you'll have a good time.

~ Enjoy ( )
  BethYacoub | Dec 7, 2020 |
Series Info/Source: This is a stand alone book. I got this book in one of my Owlcrates.

Story (3/5): This whole story is about Sheetal losing her ability to hide that she is half-star and accidentally hurting her father with her star abilities. As a result she is forced to hunt down her mother and the other stars, for help saving her father. The story was a bit all over the place. There are parts of the story I enjoyed, like the magical market and some of the mythology included. However, I ended up mostly just skimming the last 25% of the book because I found the story boring and poorly constructed.

Characters (3/5): I never really engaged with Sheetal or any of the other characters in this book. They were hard to get to know and fairly one dimensional. Sheetal seems very naive and somewhat selfish, as do all of the adult characters in this novel. Sheetal’s crush is just very fan-girlish and I didn’t see a lot of actual affection between her and her boyfriend. All the characters were just kind of “blah”.

Setting (3/5): The setting was okay. Pretty typical YA setting the first part of the book and then Sheetal journeys to the star realm. There is some nice magical description of the star realm but despite this I still had a really hard time picturing the setting. It was okay but nothing exciting.

Writing Style (3/5): This whole book was pretty mediocre and somewhat disappointing for me. I loved the aspects of desi culture and the idea of a character that was half-star. However, the whole story is very immature. The main character is immature, the whole plotline around Sheetal having to win a talent competition is really immature, and the writing was immature. There wasn’t really anything here technically awful, but nothing that piqued my interest and made me want to read more by this author either. I should also mention there is a ton of desi terminology in here I did not know, which made the book even harder to read. It would have been nice to have a glossary of these terms in the back of the book.

My Summary (3/5): Overall this was an okay book, the best part by far was the beautiful cover design. There are some promising elements in here around desi culture and mythology. I also love the idea of having a character that is half-star struggling with her human vs celestial side. However, the execution was severely lacking. The whole thing is immature and unengaging. There was a lot of potential for an amazing story here but it just wasn’t realized. ( )
  krau0098 | Nov 13, 2020 |
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