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El Club del Crimen de los Jueves (Spanish…

El Club del Crimen de los Jueves (Spanish Edition) (original: 2020; edição: 2020)

de Richard Osman (Autor)

MembrosResenhasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
8716318,282 (3.99)92
Título:El Club del Crimen de los Jueves (Spanish Edition)
Autores:Richard Osman (Autor)
Informação:Espasa (2020), 387 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

The Thursday Murder Club de Richard Osman (2020)


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{First of 2(?) in The Thursday Murder Club series; murder mystery} 2020

We are introduced to the Thursday Murder Club, a group of four retirees in a luxury retirement home near the Kent coast (UK) who go over cold cases, through Joyce (an ex-nurse) and her diary. The point of view is told mainly in the third person narrative with excerpts, in the first person, from the diary. Penny, retired from the police as DCI, has kept copies of her old files although she wasn't supposed to; Ibrahim is/ was a psychiatrist; Ron was a prominent and very argumentative trade unionist; and Elizabeth - well, I could tell you but then ...

The retirement village they live in was developed by Ian Ventham, a shady businessman, from an old convent and called Coopers Chase. It has done well and now he wants to expand the development and build new apartments by digging up the graveyard associated with the convent grounds. However this brings up old secrets associated with the graveyard - some twenty years old and some fifty years old - which provide motives for the modern day murders which suddenly start occurring around Coopers Chase and which the Thursday Murder Club enthusiastically look into. So do the police, of course, and I like the two police officers - Chris Hudson and Donna De Freitas. (PC De Freitas is invited to Coopers Chase to talk to the pensioners; but they're not interested in practical tips for home security:

‘And what criminal wouldn‘t be able to forge an ID document?‘
‘I‘ve got cataracts. You could show me a library card and I‘d let you in.‘
‘They don‘t even check the meter now. It‘s all on the web.‘
‘It‘s on the cloud, dear.'

But the Murder Club have contacts and resources not available (or permitted) to the police and being older has not robbed them of their thinking power. And they're thrilled to be involved in something out of their ordinary routines:

‘So, we were all witnesses to a murder,‘ says Elizabeth. ‘Which, needless to say, is wonderful.'

This was fun and, despite the subject, light.

They are very careful not to talk about the Tony Curran case. One of the first things you learn at Coopers Chase is that some people can still actually hear.

It made me laugh out loud at times but it also made me think about the mortality of my preceding generation. A few minor quibbles: I found the 'chatting to my diary' format distracting but otherwise I liked Joyce's voice and I was discomfited by the way people kept clapping their hands (it made me think of them like little girls on TV).

All in all, a gentle whodunnit. Recommended.

4 stars ( )
  humouress | May 15, 2021 |
There’s been so much hype around this book that before reading it, I was worried that I might be disappointed. I wasn’t! This is such an enjoyable and clever book, which was a genuine pleasure to dive into.

In a sleepy retirement village, four pensioners hold a weekly murder club, where they study past unsolved murders and try to work out who might have committed them. It’s a bit of fun and keeps their brains active, but when they suddenly find themselves very close to an actual murder, they decide to put their skills to work investigating who the killer is. Leader of the group is the indomitable Elizabeth, newest member Joyce is the reader’s portal to how their investigation is going, as part of the novel is made up of her diary excerpts. Ron, a former rebel rouser who loves to kick back against authority, and the suave pilates-obsessed Ibrahim, retired psychiatrist, make up the quartet.

I’m not going to say too much about the actual murder itself, but I will say that there were plenty of twists and turns, some genuinely funny moments, and some moments of genuine pathos. All of the people who live in the retirement village have either lost loved ones, or are faced with the prospect, and are all well aware of their own mortality. But they are all spirited, and determined to help solve a crime.

The two police officers in the story – PC Donna de Freitas, and DCI Chris Hudson – are also great characters. So often in stories featuring amateur detectives, the police can be made to look incompetent, but that is not the case here; the police themselves are diligent and resourceful and clearly good at their jobs.

Anyway – there’s a sequel in the works, and a film apparently on the way, and I am looking forward to both. Highly recommended. ( )
  Ruth72 | May 2, 2021 |
This cozy mystery is light and funny with underlying universal truths. The quirky characters are delightful which pushed my rating upwards a good bit, almost a 4*. ( )
  beebeereads | May 1, 2021 |
The Thursday Murder Club created various emotions with a story of four older individuals that live in a retirement center. These retired individuals have not quietly gone into the night awaiting death. The center has multiple activities for the inmates, but these four people: Ron Ritchie, Joyce Meadowcroft, Elizabeth, and Ibrahim Arif have elected to investigate cold murder cases and to assist with current crimes. To their delight, a murder happens in their retirement center and the four jump into the hunt for the killer. The story contains many notable comments that hinge on life and life’s expectations. What delights me is that a retired person can a lead productive life. The group of four range in age from the 70’s to the 80’s as they utilize their life skills to battle crime. So much compassion in the novel such as married love that has lasted a lifetime. Joyce records the events of each day in her diary which also records her private musings. But in the end, not all the killers have been punished, a lesson that not all killing deserves retribution. ( )
  delphimo | Apr 25, 2021 |
Fun and clever. Set at an old people's home where a group of residents gets together on Thursdays to try and solve murders. It involves Discovery off an extra skeleton in a grave. Also the developer of the old people's homes is murdered when he is attempting to remove a graveyard and the bodies it contains so the development can be enlarged. The solution to the murders is a surprise. ( )
  waldhaus1 | Apr 25, 2021 |
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Corradin, RobertaTradutorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado

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To my mum, "the last surviving Brenda," with love
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Killing someone is easy.
Part One: Meet New People and Try New Things


Well, let's start with Elizabeth, shall we?
Part Two: Everyone Here Has a Story to Tell


I tripped over a loose paving slab in Fairhaven a few weeks ago.
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