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A Tale of Magic... (A Tale of Magic..., 1)…

A Tale of Magic... (A Tale of Magic..., 1) (edição: 2019)

de Chris Colfer (Autor)

Séries: A Tale of Magic (1)

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276575,894 (4.24)3
Fourteen-year-old Brystal Evergreen risks everything by opposing her kingdom's repression of women, but Madame Weatherberry, seeing her potential, invites her to a school where she hopes to change the world's perception of magic.
Título:A Tale of Magic... (A Tale of Magic..., 1)
Autores:Chris Colfer (Autor)
Informação:Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2019), Edition: Illustrated, 496 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

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A Tale of Magic... de Chris Colfer


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This book was a bit of a slow start for me, since I had a hard time not being incredibly annoyed with the blatant sexism that set the tone for our protagonist’s revolution and adventures, but I stuck with it to see if Brystal Evergreen could overcome adversity and I was not disappointed! Colfer borrows his base plot from the likes of other well-regarded YA and children’s fantasy stories like the Chronicles of Crestomanci and Harry Potter, placing his characters in a world where they are out of place because of (SURPRISE) latent magical abilities and are subsequently rescued by a mysterious benefactor to be educated in their newfound talents. I don’t think that Colfer’s story is intrinsically as interesting as other examples in the genre, but it was an easily engaging read and I can see a lot of young girls picking this book up because the protagonist is female. He builds a complex world, which is potentially occupied by many interesting characters and plagued with the potential for political revolution, but to an extent this distracts from the central tenants of the story he’s trying to tell - establishing Brystal and her magical friends in their newfound roles as the Fairy Council, and setting out to change the world. A little bit less to begin with would have set the book up for even more world exploring in future endeavors, which seem to be forthcoming. Yet, the story is still solid and the characters are engaging as they grow into themselves alongside their magic, so I can see this book being quite popular with the younger crowd who are looking for stories full of magic and adventure. ( )
  JaimieRiella | Feb 25, 2021 |
If I were younger when I read this, it would have really resonated strongly... I was the weird, bookish girl that never felt understood. I don't think I'm necessarily the target audience... I definitely think it's geared toward tweens and teens.

As an adult, I wish this book was around when I was younger. The concepts are important -- inclusion, judgment, prejudice, fear, embracing differences. I think it's so important this book is around for younger children, so they can see themselves in books and know that even if their pasts or presents aren't easy, their futures can be full of magic.

I really enjoyed the characters. The concepts were possibly simplified for the younger people reading, which I like, but the characters were so nuanced and complicated. My favorite character is Lucy. She made me laugh out loud throughout the whole book. I love her.

There was a twist at the end too, that I did not see coming! Whoa. Such a good book to read along with kids - a lot of great and important discussions will ensue!
  coffeefairy | Nov 21, 2020 |
I loved this book. The twists and turns are amazing. We are back in the Land of Stories, and we learn about the past, and how the fairy council came to be. It’s so good, and I know that this series will be another amazing one. ( )
  Linde1 | Apr 30, 2020 |
Prequel series to the very popular Land of Stories series. It was fun being back in the same world, learning about the origin stories of some famous fairies in the Land of Stories. I enjoyed listened to the audio book which is read by author/actor Chris Colfer. Very positive messages about not having to conform to gender roles, being different is okay and accepting others different than yourself. This prequel seemed to have a bit more violence/cruelty, magical or otherwise, than I remember the original series having. ( )
  deslivres5 | Feb 18, 2020 |
A prequel to the Bailey Twins adventures in The Land of Stories, this takes place before magic is accepted in the major kingdoms of the Land. The Snow Queen is attacking the Northern Kingdom and magical creatures have been forced out of all the "civilized" areas into the "In Between". One powerful fairy is looking to change the public's view of magic by opening a school for magical children, who are often driven from their homes or arrested, with the hope that they will eventually be able to defeat the Snow Queen. We meet the young fairies who will later form the Fairy Council as they are just learning to control their powers. ( )
  SF_fan_mae | Nov 14, 2019 |
Exibindo 5 de 5
I love the Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children vibes I get from this book. The difference between the Miss Peregrine series and this one is that the characters are mostly the traditional fairytale types and the plot is not as dark. The students in Madame Weatherberry's academy are fairies with unique appearances and abilities. They aren't the traditional little winged creatures you imagine. Each are human-like with unique fairy attributes such as a girl with a beehive for hair and a boy that is continually on fire when not wearing a special medallion.

This series is a sort of spinoff of the Land if Stories series and is set in that world. I highly recommend the Land of Stories series and have written a review about the first book in it as well. If you haven't read that series don't worry, you don't have to have read it in order to understand this series. It has a few characters that cross over but most of them are completely new.

There is a great lesson about discrimination, belonging, acceptance, and friendship throughout the story as the characters develop and grow.

This book is great for middle-grade to adults. The plot could be a little too complex for younger kids but it is clean enough for little ears. The huge plot twist at the end does not disappoint either. I listened to the audiobook from the Overdrive library and liked the narrator. I definitely recommend this for young and adult fairytale fantasy fans. Happy reading! 📚
adicionado por firereader2316 | editarLibrary, firereader2316 (Jun 3, 2021)

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Dorman, BrandonIlustradorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado

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Fourteen-year-old Brystal Evergreen risks everything by opposing her kingdom's repression of women, but Madame Weatherberry, seeing her potential, invites her to a school where she hopes to change the world's perception of magic.

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