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The Lady in the Coppergate Tower

de Nancy Campbell Allen

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Séries: Steampunk Proper Romance (3)

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725364,157 (3.79)3
Hazel Hughes finds romance and danger as she travels to Romania with her employer, Dr. Sam MacInnes, and her uncle, Count Petrescu, in an attempt to save her twin sister, who is slowly going mad inside the Coppergate Tower. Hazel and Sam must fight their way past vampires, clockwork beasts, and their own insecurities as they try to reach her sister in the impenetrable tower before time runs out.… (mais)

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Advance copy provided by NetGalley

I was so excited to get an advance copy of this book! I thought, after reading Beauty and the Clockwork Beast, that there might be a book for Sam and Hazel, and I’m so glad I was right! Now all we need is a book for Oliver and Emme (and I’ll eat my hat if that’s not in the works), and all the friends will be sorted into their happily ever afters. And then she’ll need to dig up some more friends, because I love this world, and she needs to keep the stories coming.

Kiss of the Spindle is my favorite of the Steampunk Proper Romance books, but I still enjoyed this one quite a bit. Allen is awesome with the swoony stuff and great at setting an ominous tone. This book was a fun combo of gothic mystery and steampunk adventure. I loved the submarine voyage!

The denouement was pretty rushed, though. Once we got to that point, there weren’t many pages left in the book, and a lot had to happen in those pages. It worked out, but I wouldn’t have minded a few more stolen moments between the lovebirds.

I really like the heroes and heroines in these books—their connections to each other and their distinct personalities and talents. The books are mushy and romantic, but low on the sex-o-meter, a good bet for people who like their romances on the chaste side.

This author is on my list of sure things. I’m always happy to lose myself in one of her books. ( )
  Harks | Dec 17, 2022 |
Sam & Hazel are both appealing characters - competent, admiring of each other's skills. It makes their eventual romance very satisfying. Alongside their changing relationship is a twisting adventure of mystery and magic plus there is the sarcastic automaton butler who is a hoot. I also really love the world building. It is lots of fun. ( )
  tjsjohanna | Jan 11, 2021 |
Series Info/Source: This the third book in the Steampunk Proper Romances. I borrowed this as an audiobook through Audible Escapes

Audiobook Quality (4/5): The audiobook was well done and easy to listen to. This is definitely a series that is well done on audiobook and fun to listen to.

Story (4/5): This is Sam and Hazel’s story (both of these characters have been side characters in previous books). This was just as well done as the previous books and I enjoyed it. There's a good mystery here, some adventure, as well as steampunk elements and some romance. This was an intriguing blend of a Dracula retelling and a Sleeping Beauty retelling. The story focuses around Hazel finding out she has a sister trapped in a tower and journeying with her mysterious uncle to help her sister. I did think a bit too much emphasis was put on the mystery sounding the attack on Hazel’s maid (who was in the story very briefly).

Characters (5/5): As with previous books in the series, the characters are the strong point of the story. Sam is a doctor and still recovering from trauma from the war. Hazel has strange supernatural abilities and has been working with Sam in his clinic. Both characters are easy to engage with and likable and have a lot of depth. The surrounding characters are decently done as well.

Setting (4/5): I again enjoyed the historical Victorian steampunk setting. I love that we get to journey to yet another country in this book. While the world-building definitely isn’t a strength of this series, the submarine trip to a different part of the world was fun.

Writing Style (4/5): All of the books in this series have been well written. The writing flows well, the story is easy to follow, and the dialogue between characters is witty and fun.

Summary (4/5): Overall this was a fun book and a good addition to this series. I enjoyed the characters but did think the story was a bit less compelling than the previous two books. This has been a solid series and I would recommend it to those who enjoy steampunk adventure romance. ( )
  krau0098 | Feb 20, 2020 |
Smiling! I am smiling as I finish this book. I love a book that satisfies my desire for a good story. This book had characters that I couldn't help but like. It had mystery, conflict, and romance.

Hazel grew up thinking that she was an only child. She is smart, inquisitive, and proficient at her job. She is a healer working with Dr. Sam MacInnes. She has admired him for a long time and is pleased when he offers to accompany her on a journey to find the sister that she just found out she had. Her Uncle is shrouded in mystery. There is something that isn't quite right about him. Having Sam with her adds a level of comfort.

The mystery surrounding her Uncle is well written. I couldn't quite piece together all of the clues and figure out what he was about for most of the book. Hazel's sister, Marit, is introduced as snippets in Hazel's dreams. Hazel knows there is something wrong with her sister's situation and is determined to free and heal her broken mind.

This book has everything that I enjoy. I loved the Steampunk and paranormal aspect of the book. It was present without being overwhelming. Nancy Campbell Allen does a wonderful job at giving the right amount of information in increments to keep the interest of the reader

This book contains non-graphic violence and kissing. ( )
  Bookworm_Lisa | Aug 8, 2019 |
Dr. Sam MacInnes is a well-respected and incredibly talented surgeon in London. He is at the forefront of cybertronic prosthetic devices for amputees. He's drawn to his medical assistant, Hazel Hughes, a talented Healer in her own right. Just as Sam doesn't fit in with high society, Hazel doesn't seem to fit into the roles society has deemed appropriate for a woman of her status. Her mother would be happy if she were to get married and settle down, but Hazel feels that she is meant to do more with her life and wants a husband that not only understands that but is willing to work with her on pursuing her goals. Both Hazel and Sam seemed destined to skirt around the idea of flirtation and possible courtship with one another when Hazel's life is turned upside down when she's introduced to Count Dravor Petrescu, her long-lost uncle from Romania. In one night, Hazel finds out that she was "adopted", is titled and related to a count, and has a twin sister. Suddenly Hazel's dreams begin to make a bit more sense. Hazel feels she has no choice but to agree to return to Romania to do whatever she can to help her twin sister, Marit, and thankfully, Sam insists on traveling with her. Although Hazel might be considered somewhat naive, she quickly realizes that her uncle isn't what he appears to be and there may be some dark magic at play. When Hazel's lady's maid is attacked followed by an attack on Sam's automaton, she realizes that she may not be as safe as she initially presumed. Can Hazel and Sam figure out what is behind Petrescu's dark magic before it is too late to save her twin sister? Will they be able to save themselves from this dark power?

I can't recall ever reading a steampunk romance novel before and I've got to say I was intrigued with a lot of the ideas introduced in The Lady in the Coppergate Tower by Nancy Campbell Allen. I enjoyed the concept of the automatons or 'tons and loved Eugene, Sam's automaton valet/assistant with artificial intelligence like capabilities. The inclusion of telescribers, or devices much like pagers, was interesting for a Victorian era, along with the steam-powered carriages and the submersible. Hazel was fiercely independent, whip-smart, kind-hearted, loyal, and, best of all, no pushover. I enjoyed the push-pull relationship between Sam and Hazel as well, partially due to the constraints of the time period and partially due to their unwillingness to overstep the boundaries of friendship, etc. The best part of reading a romance, historical, steampunk, or otherwise, is knowing there's going to be a HEA ending and The Lady in the Coppergate Tower provides a great HEA ending. Although this was the first book in this series that I've read, I now feel that I should go back and read the previous books in this series. It is important to note that it is quite possible to read The Lady in the Coppergate Tower as a standalone, but something tells me it might make a bit more sense if I had read the previous books. For those of you that enjoy reading steampunk novels or romance, I sincerely hope you'll be adding The Lady in the Coppergate Tower to your TBR list. If you've never tried a steampunk novel, perhaps it's time to give one a try and might I suggest The Lady in the Coppergate Tower as your first read. I found this to be a fast-paced and enjoyable read that offered bits of intrigue, murder, obvious steampunk elements, fantasy, and romance. Happy Reading, y'all!

I received a print copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. This review originally posted on 08/01/2019 at https://www.thebookdivasreads.com/2019/08/2019-book-229-lady-in-coppergate-tower.... ( )
  BookDivasReads | Aug 1, 2019 |
Exibindo 5 de 5
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Hazel Hughes finds romance and danger as she travels to Romania with her employer, Dr. Sam MacInnes, and her uncle, Count Petrescu, in an attempt to save her twin sister, who is slowly going mad inside the Coppergate Tower. Hazel and Sam must fight their way past vampires, clockwork beasts, and their own insecurities as they try to reach her sister in the impenetrable tower before time runs out.

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