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The Never Tilting World de Rin Chupeco

The Never Tilting World (edição: 2019)

de Rin Chupeco (Autor)

Séries: Never Tilting World (1)

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1575133,183 (3.67)Nenhum(a)
"After an ancient prophecy is betrayed, a world ruled by a long line of goddesses is split in two--one half in perpetual day, and the other in an endless night--and two young twin goddesses set out on separate and equally dangerous journeys to the Breach that divides them, hoping to save their broken world"--… (mais)
Título:The Never Tilting World
Autores:Rin Chupeco (Autor)
Informação:HarperTeen (2019), 496 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:ya, fantasy

Detalhes da Obra

The Never Tilting World de Rin Chupeco


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Exibindo 5 de 5
I remember the world back when it was soft and good, where I could watch the sun set before stars graced the sky with their shine. Do you know what I would give to see a sunset again, lad?

Marketing is so weird. Frozen? Hardly. Mad Max, sure, if Mad Max invented cobbled-together dune buggies. Instead it didn't really fit into anything I'd ever read before.

At least what I got from it was a high-octane road trip adventure, in a uniquely magical world, with two pairs of POVs belonging to some fantastic characters. And also, that amazing cover, gahhh.

The Never Tilting World follows Lan & Odessa (part-bodyguard, part-healer & chronically ill cinnamon bun goddess being chaotic lesbians together), as well as a second pair, Haidee & Arjun (big mechanics nerd with too much heart for her body & cranky rogue-type being REALLY SWEET TOGETHER WOW). Both pairs are journeying to the place where eternal-day and eternal-night meet. On the way they meet hoards of monsters, spooks, storms, and overall mortal danger.

This was especially inventive which I loved the most. It felt like a D&D campaign mixed with a book because of the outlandish monsters, travelling format, and magic system just fit for a D20. You're thrown right into the magic system and world with scant explanation, but I kind of enjoy scrabbling for purchase when it comes to that: that follows for the rest of the book's lore and rituals and the whole goddess thing, so hold on tight.

It was also a fantastic character book! Precious beans, all of them.

Only complaint was the long bit of slogging in the middle, which spilled into some big character moments that didn't quite feel earned. It's minor though, and there was enough fun along the way for me to be distracted from that, and the ending payoff was still really exciting.

Again, I feel the dread of reading such early ARCs - I'm gonna have to wait FOREVER for the next book!! Still, I was super grateful and excited to get my hands on this one, and it didn't disappoint. ( )
  Chyvalrys | Aug 5, 2020 |
The Never-Tilting World by Rin Chupeco is the rare young adult fantasy novel that I did not devour nor really enjoy. The story never fully grabbed my attention, and there was no emotional connection to any of the characters. For a genre that I adore, the entire book is disappointing.

One of the problems lies in the fact that I only liked one of the heroines. I feel like one is much more sympathetic a character, less spoiled and selfish, and therefore more tolerable. Considering the story shifts between the two heroines, only enjoying half the story is going to be an issue.

Another problem is that I feel like there are not enough answers. Even more frustrating is that none of the narrators provide us additional insight into the events before or as they occur. Readers receive none of the benefits of being an outside observer when all of the narrators are figuring things out at the same time as the reader.

In a similar vein, there is not enough actual world-building. Ms. Chupeco leaves most of this to casual mentions, which means that for a large portion of the novel, readers must piece together the clues to build this world. While I enjoy natural world-building within a narrative, I do not feel Ms. Chupeco did a credible job of achieving this, which left me more confused longer than I feel I should have been.

As such, I would be perfectly okay had this been a standalone novel. Unfortunately, The Never-Tilting World is the first novel in an as-yet-unfinished duology. Given my lack of interest in the general story and disregard for one of the main characters, I am okay with this being one series I do not finish.
  jmchshannon | Apr 9, 2020 |
This is the first book in The Never Tilting World series by Chupeco. I have read all of Chupeco’s other books and loved some of them but didn’t love others. I am kind of mixed on this one. I thought the world was really interesting. However, I didn't like how much jumping around there was between different characters and didn't think it worked well. I also thought a lot of the dialogue between characters sounded really awkward and forced.

This is set is a post-apocalyptic type of world but has a heavy fantasy feel to it. It switches POV between two young women and two young men. I found the world fascinating, it’s very “Mad Max” like with things like sandworms and desert marauders.

I had a lot of trouble staying engaged in the story though. The jumping around between the 4 different POVs was distracting and the two sisters sounded too similar in voice, I kept having to check to remember whose POV I was reading from.

Overall this was okay but not great. While it is a very creative world, I struggled a lot with staying engaged with the story and characters. I don’t plan on continuing the series. ( )
  krau0098 | Oct 11, 2019 |
DNF at 40%

I could not get into either world enough to care about this story. And none of the characters was really doing anything for me either. It didn't help that the chapters were a little on the long side for my liking and they felt long. This wasn't a story I could just pick up and get lost in. But I did enjoy the different kinds of magic in the universe and how each world adapted their magic to their needs. But I think this story just wasn't for me, but I do think I'll give another Rin Chupeco book a try sometime in the future - she has such unique concepts that I want to love so hopefully one will click.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. ( )
  LifeofaLiteraryNerd | Oct 9, 2019 |
Exibindo 5 de 5
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"After an ancient prophecy is betrayed, a world ruled by a long line of goddesses is split in two--one half in perpetual day, and the other in an endless night--and two young twin goddesses set out on separate and equally dangerous journeys to the Breach that divides them, hoping to save their broken world"--

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