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The Cold Is in Her Bones

de Peternelle Van Arsdale

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2157126,727 (3.56)3
When Milla, sixteen, who has lived a sheltered life on a farm near a cursed village, finally makes a friend, she learns of her connection to the curse's originator.

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This book was ok......not quite what I was expecting. I love the Medusa/ witch aspect and the rural village setting....I even love the vibe and feel of the story.....but, it still felt incredibly lacking.

There just wasn't enough happening, and I'm not one that needs constant action to stay interested, in fact I often appreciate a mellow read.....but this just felt empty.....incomplete...there was so much unexplored potential. ( )
  Jfranklin592262 | Sep 21, 2023 |
Full Review on NetGalley!

After reading the prologue, I wasn't sure if i would continue reading. But im glad i picked it back up.
I actually enjoyed this book. It had a creepy dark feel, honestly perfect for October. A Medusa retelling; it was perfect in every way.
I cant wait to read more from this author. ( )
  AnaCarter | Feb 14, 2023 |
final rating: 3.5/5

so, I thought that this book was okay at best. I LOVE the concept, but I think it is just too short for everything to become fully fleshed out. it left me wanting more from the world. if the book was closer to 350 pages there would have been more room to do things like develop the relationships with the family that Milla met, explore more about the demons and how they work, more about curses and witches, etc.

what I enjoyed:
~the writing style and prose
~overall concept (curses, witches, and family issues? count me in)
~the descriptions of the witches and demons, especially Hulda (absolutely creepy)
~the development/changing of the relationships in Milla's life (Iris, Nikolas, her mother)

what I didn't enjoy
~lack of world-building
~how many of the characters felt too bare-bones and unimportant even though they were
important (the family that Milla meets when she runs away)

~rachel ( )
  thebookqueensx | Jul 13, 2021 |
Neglected as a child, Hulda only wanted her family's love. Instead, she watched as they doted on her sister, making sure her beautiful hair was brushed and braided, while Hulda's remained a snarled mess day after day. Searching for comfort, Hulda turned to the forest, spending her days playing in quiet solitude. She began to befriend the snakes in the forest. They whispered their names to her, tangling themselves in her hair and wrapping her in the comfort she longed for. But her parents began to view her as an outsider. No longer just a neglected child, she was seen as a monster. A girl possessed by demons who could speak with snakes. When her parents and village struck out at her, the curse of Medusa began, passing down through the generations, driving young women insane.

Milla watches as her one and only friend succumbs to the madness of the curse. While everyone around her believes it is useless to try and save the cursed girls, Milla refuses to give up hope. Alone, Milla will discover the source of the curse and will do whatever she can to stop it.

This was a slow-paced novel. If you are looking for a lot of action scenes, this is not the book for you. I tend to need action to keep my attention, but this book was an exception. While the story was slow to develop, I was captivated by Arsdale's style of writing. She has a way of painting a picture in your mind with her words. The way she describes the settings is beautiful. She provides a darkly poetic world, filled with heartache and redemption.

But even with a beautiful writing style, I can't ignore the fact that there was too much filler. The girls would tell stories that held no importance. There was also a time where the main character stayed in one place without progressing the story. This all served to stall the story and I wanted to skip ahead to forward the plot. The ending was also a bit anticlimactic for my taste. It was an ok read, but I doubt I would revisit it. ( )
  Letora | Nov 21, 2019 |
If I had been wearing socks while reading this book, they would have been blown away. In fact, I am still absorbing what I read. I loved this book so much. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book by this author.

Everything about this book was awesome from Milla, the lead character to the whole storyline. There was just something about this book that had an ease about it. It was kind of like a fable tale. Milla is like the hero you never knew you needed. She was great. Her companions Sverd and Selv were more than just snakes. They were a part of Milla as her protectors. Author, Peternelle van Arsdale will sweep you away within the pages of The Cold is in her Bones! ( )
  Cherylk | May 5, 2019 |
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When Milla, sixteen, who has lived a sheltered life on a farm near a cursed village, finally makes a friend, she learns of her connection to the curse's originator.

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