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Last Chance Saloon de Marian Keyes

Last Chance Saloon (original: 1999; edição: 2002)

de Marian Keyes

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2,123325,802 (3.55)20
Tara, Katherine and Fintan were best friends since they were teenagers in Knockavoy, County Clare, in the days of legwarmers, stretch jeans and Duran Duran. Now in their early 30s, they live in London. But fate is about to step in and alter their lives.
Título:Last Chance Saloon
Autores:Marian Keyes
Informação:Avon (2002), Mass Market Paperback, 544 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Work Information

Last Chance Saloon de Marian Keyes (1999)


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Last Chance Saloon continues to speak to me and it has been almost six years since I have read it for the first time. I don't know why I re-read this constantly. Maybe it's because I keep thinking that the ending of the book will unexpectedly change. I fell in love with the main characters in this book and really just wanted them to have nothing but good things.

Even though this book is supposed to be about three best friends since child/teenage years Tara, Fintan, and Katherine. Most of the book devotes itself to Tara and Katherine's lives and how Fintan's health problems end up impacting both of them to do things that they never thought they would.

Last Chance Saloon comes from a saying that Tara always says when it is brought up that she should leave her horrible boyfriend Thomas. Thinking of herself as old and decrepit, she thinks that if she does eventually leave Thomas or she him, that she will have no further chance at love.

Katherine on the other hand is alone in between periods of when she dates a man and finds herself turning into a stage five clinger.

The only one of the trio that is in a happy and healthy relationship is Fintan with his boyfriend.

And life continues on it's way until Fintan is diagnosed with cancer. With everything becoming topsy/turvy we have all of them being affected by his illness. Fintain eventually calls his friends together to give them each a request that he wants them to do or he plans on dying just to spite them.

I think the character I found myself feeling more affinity with was definitely Katherine. You eventually find out why Katherine acts like she does, but at the time you don't get it. Being the most self assured of the trio (and most grownup) you don't think that things affect Katherine like it does everyone else. It was great to see Katherine starting to let other people in and have her learn from her mistakes.

Tara was maddening. I think that everyone has been in a relationship like Tara. You are dating someone awful. And you find yourself staying in it since the thought of being alone feels like a fate worse than death. Heck I am friends with some people who did this fairly recently and it gets tiring to listen to. I can't imagine dating someone like Thomas in real life. Bigoted, mean, cheap, and just a general asshole, Tara dating him made me dislike her since I was tired of her making excuses for the guy.

Though this book is set up as a trio with Fintan. You don't really get inside his head too much except for the parts where you find out how he met and fell in love with his now boyfriend. That is one reason why I could not give this a full five stars. I think it would have worked better if we had more insight into Fintan and his pain and fear due to his cancer diagnosis.

We instead flip/flop around with another character named Lorcan. At first you don't understand why Ms. Keyes included the guy and what he has to do with anything. If anything you start to realize that Ms. Keyes was leaving clues to why Lorcan was important throughout the book. You don't get to the payoff until almost the very end though. Lorcan was so horrible to not even feel real at times. Unfortunately I have met this guy's doppleganger in real life so I know that sometimes people like this do exist (womanizer, cheater, liar, etc.).

I do still wish that we had gotten less information involving Lorcan and more with Fintan.

I really don't have any complaints about Ms. Keyes writing or pacing. She writes very well and you don't have to worry about getting lost with which character is speaking. The entire book is told in the third person which allows you to keep track of who is speaking quite easily.
( )
  ObsidianBlue | Jul 1, 2020 |
And another Marian Keyes book I read but not registered.

On Thursday, July 28, 2005 I wrote on bookcrossing.com

8 out of 10
Hi Lauraloo
This book was so hard for me to get into.
Didn't know why. maybe because it is huge and I have set a goal, to read 100 books in 1 year?
anyway I had tried to read it twice. Both times I'd read 10 pages and then I received another book and stopped reading this one.

Well third time lucky. Again it was hard.I think because the main persons annoyed me, and did not have anything in common with them. I do not see food everywhere (Tara), and am not in control of my self like Katherine, tara annoyed me ,it was hard for me reading she took all that abuse of her boyfriend.
at one moment I thought I can't read any further. I am going to quit. Tried another book, but started to miss this book so I picked it up again :-)
Quess what. I am so glad I did. it is great, I am laughing so much.
Last night in bed I could not stop. it was 01.00 am and I was alone in the house (Glad for that!) screaming with laughter.
Love the Irish family of Finton, and the mudd bath of tara :-)
I have read about 450 pages and still nearly 150 to go.
Hooray!!! :-) thanks!
will update this J.E when ready

update august 10 2005

OOps i forgot to update. really enjoyed it.


(Left all errors and typos to show that my English did improve ;) ) ( )
  Marlene-NL | Mar 12, 2016 |
This started out a bit slow, but it soon turned into an absorbing read. I haven't read MK for a long time, but I enjoyed it. ( )
  gogglemiss | Mar 2, 2016 |
A couple of years ago I read a World Book Night edition of Rachel's Holiday. It's a proper novel with themes and an unreliable narrator. When I went to get more of her books I was appalled to find she was being marketed as Women's Fiction and it put me off. I've read a couple of Women's Fictions that I'd caught through Bookcrossing and I think, more than anything, I was angry that women should be so disrespected by writers and publishers. Why should the standard of fiction marketed at women be so much worse than that marketed at me?

Anyway, I took a risk on this and I can see why they take this marketing route. We're definitely in women's fiction territory. There are a number of scenes which are devoted to the trying on of new lipsticks. However, the standard of writing is better than usual. Keyes is fully conversant with the English language and writes with a cheeky comicality in a cartoony style. She appears to have warmth for her fellow humans. There's nothing here which required me to think but I don't think this is because she has contempt for her audience: it seems inclusive more than anything. Even a stupid person could read this novel without getting too confused.

This leads me to problems though. 600 pages without having to engage my brain was a real struggle for me. Sometimes her cheekiness descended into flippancy. There was a lack of artistic focus to the whole thing, leading to extraneous, half formed scenes which bloated this flaccid belly of a book to a completely unnecessary (did I mention?) 600 pages. ( )
1 vote Lukerik | Oct 12, 2015 |
Quite good Brit chick-lit centering around a three friends from Ireland who have stayed close after moving to London. When one is stricken with Hodgkin's Disease, he challenges the other two to live each day as if they had but six months left.

Keyes' characterizations are wonderful, the three friends and the others in their circle become alive in the pages. I look forward to reading more from this author. ( )
  wareagle78 | Apr 23, 2014 |
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Tara, Katherine and Fintan were best friends since they were teenagers in Knockavoy, County Clare, in the days of legwarmers, stretch jeans and Duran Duran. Now in their early 30s, they live in London. But fate is about to step in and alter their lives.

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