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Sons of The Profits de William C. Speidel

Sons of The Profits (original: 1967; edição: 1967)

de William C. Speidel (Autor)

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This is the story of how the fellas, beginning with Arthur Denny, who built Seattle made their money.
Título:Sons of The Profits
Autores:William C. Speidel (Autor)
Informação:Nettle Creek Publ Co (1967), Edition: July 2014 32nd Printing
Coleções:Sua biblioteca, Para ler
Etiquetas:non-fiction, history, Seattle history

Detalhes da Obra

Sons of the Profits de William C. Speidel (1967)


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Mildly interesting - probably would have been far more interesting if I'd ever lived, or even spent any time, in Seattle. A breezy storyteller style, which was somewhat odd for a clearly well- and deeply-researched book. The problem is that that storyteller style meant a _lot_ of detail, enough to swamp me at times - particularly when he kept going back over the same period while focusing on a different group and different events. The fire was while Lou was a madam, what about Pinnell? Were there two separate attempts by the railroad to use the exact same methods to kill off Seattle (delaying mail and passengers, among other things), when it didn't work the first time? Or were those techniques only used once and Speidel told us about them twice from two different viewpoints? And so on. The last section focuses on the Alaskan gold rush, and how Seattle made a fortune off it - I think that era was only covered once, which made it clearer. The other thing was, the few decent people he talks about...weren't as interesting to the author as the greedy, largely amoral lot that fit the name "Sons of the Profits", so we spend most of the book deeply immersed in nasty people and their plots to make more money. It got a little dull at times. I'm glad I read it...I might even reread (or at least skim), if I were going to Seattle and planning to tour the underground. I don't see any reason other than that for rereading, for me. ( )
  jjmcgaffey | Feb 13, 2021 |

My wife grew up in Seattle. While we were dating, we went on the Seattle underground tour, and now it's time to read the book. That said, there are lots of names that would be much more meaningful to a Seattle native.

This book reminded me that whether the person was a hero or villain, society tends to glorify them after they are dead. The people mentioned here gained wealth at other's expense (I am putting it very politely), and now are revered as the founders of Seattle. There are a few other characters mentioned because of their interactions with the founders.

An easy read with a few main characters, with lots of others that are also important in the development of the city, and a few who only appear briefly.
( )
  bread2u | Jul 1, 2020 |
This one's a snarky history of the beginnings of Seattle, written by the founder of the Underground Tour. Mr. Speidel has an entertaining mix of irreverence and respect for Seattle's founders. It's a book well worth checking out.
--J. ( )
  Hamburgerclan | Feb 10, 2020 |
A very fun, detailed and comprehensive history of The Emerald City. ( )
  DonaldPowell | Feb 5, 2019 |
Somehow, I guess I never thought I'd read a history book that detailed how much help prostitutes were to the growth of a major city. But that's one of the things I learned in the very irreverent Sons of the Profits, which details less of the grand views and more of the muddy underside of the founding of Seattle. The author, when he was alive, gave tours of the true Seattle underground, and reading the book was like reading his script, complete with sarcastic asides. However, I'm not from Seattle -- I read the book for a little inside information for a future trip -- and so I'm not as intimately familiar with all the street names and regional references, so I would have liked to have seen a few more maps to get my bearings. (I also might have liked the stories to tie in a little more to modern times, but perhaps the author was being prudent in not connecting current high society with the rogues gallery he profiles.) I suspect more people might enjoy history if it were taught with stories like these interspersed with the usual boring lists of dates.

LT Haiku:

Quick money (and girls) --
Seattle's founders are
All in for themselves. ( )
1 vote legallypuzzled | Jun 25, 2013 |
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In the spirit of Seattle's founding fathers, this book is dedicated with warmest appreciation to the most important people in the world -- the men, women and children who buy it.
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I'm sure there must have been somebody who participated in the construction of Seattle without first determining whether there was a buck in it for himself, but this book isn't about him.
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Henry Yeller was a bastard ... but I hasten to add, not merely because of the accidental circumstance of his birth. .... Unlike the others, Henry not only was born to the title, he worked at earning it day after day and year after year with a greater degree of success over a longer period of time than anybody else.
The cause of death of the three men [who were lynched] is listed as: "Irate citizens."
As a result, they left us with an official historical heritage about as rich as a bowl of broth made from the shadow of a chicken.
Lou stood about five feet, two inches ... and at chest height, she was about three feet thick.
One of the problems that goes with being a good woman is that she has to have something good to do. Nowadays, all the goodness is being done by the federal government and the welfare agencies ... and all the good women in town tend to become alcoholics because they have nothing good to do.
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This is the story of how the fellas, beginning with Arthur Denny, who built Seattle made their money.

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