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The Escape Artist (1997)

de Diane Chamberlain

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1518138,633 (3.79)2
A runaway mother's dilemma. Susanna Miller of Colorado loses custody of her baby daughter because of a stint in a mental home. She absconds with her to Maryland and resumes life under an assumed name. The dilemma comes when she learns of a serial killer's next move. If she goes to the police she risks losing her daughter. By the author of Reflection.… (mais)

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I don't believe this author is capable of writing a bad story. This one I could not stop listening to! What would you do if you lost custody of your only child? Escape? That is exactly what the main character does. My heart cried for this woman and the manipulations her ex husband performed to get custody of their child. A child he never wanted. I felt every emotion that this woman felt. The only difference is I raged about the ex husband while the character never did. I think this may be an aspect of Diane Chamberlain's writing. Focusing on love and not hate. This story has the bonus of an additional mystery that provides incredible suspense. ( )
  bostonterrio | Nov 21, 2017 |
This was an older release of Diane Chamberlain and while I enjoy her newer novels so much better, this was also a great read.
Susanna runs off, leaving the man she loves, when she loses custody of her son to her ex, Jim and his new wife Peggy. Trying to relocate to somewhere no one knows her, she makes a new life for herself but cannot let go of certain parts of her past and against her better judgement becomes close with people in her new town and soon finds herself in a mystery she hadn't bargained for. I am not sure I agree totally with what she did, there were times when I didn't like her too much, she believes she is doing the best thing but is it the best for her or for Tyler? She believes she is, Jim is a piece of work, but there are obstacles she didn't consider that could prove to be dangerous for her and/or Tyler. I found myself wanting to slap Peggy throughout most of the book.
I did find it a little predictable, and some parts totally unrealistic but it's a quick read and an enjoyable enough one even if it is missing some of the magic of her newer releases. ( )
  maggie1961 | Sep 2, 2015 |
I discovered another well written story in this book. The author used the same basic outline as her other books, but she did use some interesting characters. I enjoyed the characters and the emotions they displayed. Some parts of this book moved very slowly, but those parts were surrounded by emotion filled adventure. I have found that this author is okay to read once in awhile, but I get bored with the same outline of story when I try to read her work back-to-back. I look forward to discovering what other people thought about this book. ( )
  BrendaKlaassen | Jul 4, 2015 |
I absolutely LOVED this book! This is a 5 star Diane Chamberlain is an excellent writer and each time I read one of her books, I think the next one cannot be as good- It always is! Each one of her books is so different making it hard to compare as is as good as the next in its unique way.

This was a page turner and one hard to put down! I am so glad the author wrote at the ending of my Nook book, how she came about the idea for this story (otherwise, I was thinking…wow, she has some imagination and creative mind ), which is why her books stand out from a lot of other authors. She can run with a little inspiration!

With Escape Artist there were several main characters and the two which grew the most was, of course Susanne (Kim) and Peggy. Such a twist with the computer files, the artist, Linc with his radio show and their past….awesome storyline!!! Brilliant!

Susanna lost legal custody of her 11 month old son (even though she was a great mother to Tyler/Cody); however, due to her aggressive ex-husband and his new wife (also an attorney), forcing Susanna to flea with her son as any mother would do, leaving behind Linc (which was one of my favorite characters) which had sacrificed so much for Susanne since they were children.
When Susanna changes her identity and name to build a new life in picturesque Annapolis, Maryland (love the quaint area), you could picture her living in this house and starting over to build her new life with the ladies in the house and taking on the typing to work from home.

However, when the strange artist and his sister (Adam/Jessie) and the bombs - became involved and the incriminating files left on her computer she purchased--a mystery to be uncovered. This was an older book which I had not read before which is now on E-book, so glad she the author did not change anything – It was a great book and one which I would highly recommend! I am looking forward to reading all Dianne’s books as she is now one of my favorite authors, as I make my way through all her masterpieces!
( )
  JudithDCollins | Nov 27, 2014 |
With a Diane Chamberlin book you always get great, in-depth characters. You may love or hate them, but you will care about them on an emotional level. This wasn't my favorite of her books, the ending was a little obvious, but it was an enjoyable, quick read. ( )
  busyreadin | Nov 9, 2013 |
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A runaway mother's dilemma. Susanna Miller of Colorado loses custody of her baby daughter because of a stint in a mental home. She absconds with her to Maryland and resumes life under an assumed name. The dilemma comes when she learns of a serial killer's next move. If she goes to the police she risks losing her daughter. By the author of Reflection.

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