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What If Someone I Know Is Gay?: Answers to Questions About What It Means…

de Eric Marcus

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Offers answers to questions young readers might ask about gay people, whether those questions concern a friend, a family member, or themselves.

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What If Someone I Know Is Gay?: Answers to Questions About What It Means to Be Gay and Lesbian by Eric Marcus. Epiphany library section 12 E: Teen, Non-fiction. This book in Q & A format for teens covers a variety of questions Marcus has received from teens about this issue. The first chapter covers basic information. Other chapters concern friends and family; dating and building families; sex; God and religion; school; parades, activism and discrimination; and a chapter especially for parents of teens of all orientations. The final chapter lists resources: books, DVDs and videos, national organizations, advocacy organizations linked to various religious denominations such as Lutherans Concerned North America, and websites where teens can obtain free, safe, and truthful information about sexual orientation, and crisis hotlines and counseling.
If you don’t have a child that is gay, your child will have several classmates who are. Wise parents plan for that contingency by learning the simple facts about sexual orientation from experts like this author. I hope this book will help GLBT teens feel less isolated and whom to turn to for safe, reliable friendship and support. I want GLBT kids to know there is life after high school; that they have very promising futures and can confidently plan for them with hope. I want straight teens to read this book so they can maintain friendships they’ve had all their lives with childhood friends who “come out” to them, and with GLBT friends they make in the future in college and beyond. Demystifying this issue deflates fear and discomfort, and makes friendships more trusting and long-lasting.
The other reason this book is in our library is that in 2010 the ELCA finally dropped its rule that gay and lesbian clergy must remain celibate. So it behooves us to know the basic facts about sexual orientation. While this book may make us initially uncomfortable to read because of ingrained fear and schoolyard myth we’ve all been exposed to, we can read it knowing that when a colleague, niece, friend, aunt, or grandchild “comes out” to us, we will know exactly what to say and do to make them feel loved and supported. You’ve no idea how much this can mean to someone fearful of loss of family support and friendship. Jesus always sided with the victims of his world, and He is our model. It can literally save someone’s life to stand up for those who must remain silent for their own protection – a valuable lesson for our teens to learn.
There is an adult version of this book in our church library called Is It a Choice? by the same author, in section 8 L: Life Skills; Self-Esteem/Life Challenges/Special Needs. ( )
  Epiphany-OviedoELCA | Dec 1, 2011 |
Answers to Basic questions.
  PFLAG-MD-by-J.Horner | Jul 13, 2009 |
This is a very handy handbook to answer all young people's (and adults') questions about homosexuality--whether you think you are gay, or just know someone who think is gay. An experienced writer in these matters, Eric Marcus writes simply and directly about all aspects on this topic. His tone--without being condescending--is uncomplicated enough for middle grade readers. he explains topics as sensitive as how to come out to parents to how to have (safe) sex to feelings of confusion. There is an extensive list of references that take up an entire chapter. A must-read for anyone who thinks they know everything they need to know about homosexuality. At least one eye-opening fact per chapter is guaranteed. ( )
  LilyMoayeri | Jul 2, 2009 |
This book is an excellent resource for any Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual students (or their friends). Marcus writes in an FAQ format, offering straightforward answers to tough questions. He doesn't shy away from pertinent questions about sex, marriage, religion, discrimination, and dating. If you know someone who is gay or exploring their sexual identity, this is a must read. As a school counselor, this will be on my shelf for those students who are struggling with this topic. I think it should be in every school library because there are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and questioning teens in every school and they deserve a book that affirms their identity. ( )
  readasaurus | May 1, 2009 |
Openly gay writer Marcus offers a detailed, reader-friendly, question-and-answer book that covers many topics, shatters myths, and affirms quite honorably the dignity of all people. He holds forth on everything from sexual feelings, dating, sex, and marriage to religion, activism, and discrimination. His explanations are helpful, and forthright.
  mikethomas | Feb 29, 2008 |
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Offers answers to questions young readers might ask about gay people, whether those questions concern a friend, a family member, or themselves.

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