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A Sky Beyond the Storm (An Ember in the…

A Sky Beyond the Storm (An Ember in the Ashes) (edição: 2020)

de Sabaa Tahir (Autor)

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269775,938 (4.22)4
Título:A Sky Beyond the Storm (An Ember in the Ashes)
Autores:Sabaa Tahir (Autor)
Informação:Razorbill (2020), 528 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

A Sky Beyond the Storm de Sabaa Tahir


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The conclusion of the Ember in the Ashes series. This took too long to get going, and would have benefitted from a cast of characters at the beginning, especially since Sabaa Tahir has titles for most of her POV characters. Multiple names for characters is annoying. Laia of Serra is arguably still our main character -- a fighter and survivor. Elias Venturia (Soul Catcher), who is now bound to helping ghosts, while trying to forget his former life and Laia. Helene Aquilla (Blood Shrike) is a formidable character, with rough edges. Keris Venturia, Elias's mother, (the Commandant, now self-declared Empress), is wreaking havoc, whose story is finally explained. Finally, the Nightbringer, allied with Keris for his own reasons, dedicated to death and destruction.

The story brings all the characters back together very slowly as they allign, formulate plans to work together or fight each other. Each has an agenda and feelings or non-feelings as they try to admit or deny their love. There is joy, sadness, even agony as the war progresses, but many of the parallel story lines become clear and end in a satisfactory manner, with a few surprises at the end. ( )
  skipstern | Jul 11, 2021 |
The first book of the series was clearly the best. Introducing the world of the Martials, the Masks, the Scholars and the tribes convinced me to continue. I appreciate that each of the following books had a complete story and moved the underlying narrative forward. This final book seemed a little drawn out, but I appreciated that the ending carried some hope. ( )
  sbecon | Jun 23, 2021 |
I loved this series so. Freaking. Much. The build-up between Laia and Elias' relationship broke my heart and melted it. The way Helene took rule of the empire was just...wow. The way the author created this world and other dimensions (kind of) within it blew my mind. The character development was outstanding, and Livia's little son is just adorable. I am SO sad this series has come to an end, but I'm so happy because the ending was awesome. Kudos to you, Sabaa Tahir. Can't wait to see what's next! ( )
  Lulu0917 | May 19, 2021 |
I strung finishing this one out for so long. One of my favorite series and I'm so sad to see it end!
Don't want to give away ANY spoilers, so I'll just say my heart was broken in (many, many) places, but the ending resolutions left me grateful for the adventure! ( )
  deslivres5 | May 11, 2021 |

::: deep breath:::

Right off the bat I have to admit that I am little nervous... scared I won't do this series the justice it deserves. My mind is stuck in fangirl mode soooo basically it's mush. Coherent sentences may be beyond me at this point BUT I'll try.

I have loved this series with all of my heart since the very first chapter in An Ember In The Ashes. I have smiled and cried and raged and my heart has broken and mended so many times throughout this series that I am surprised it's not just a handful of shards unable to fit back together again properly. I am constantly blown away by Sabaa Tahir and her gorgeous mind, her amazing characters, her writing's tone and tempo and all around Majesty. She has the power to transport the reader directly into the middle of the action. I was there, living the story alongside the dynamic cast, and it was glorious.

This time around I enjoyed the series as an audiobook and now I can't see myself enjoying it any other way. In fact, I came to Audible for the ease and left with a transformative experience. Steve West and Fiona Hardingham will FOREVER be Elias and Laia to me. I have obsessed over and dreamed about Elias... actual REM type encounters. Not since Will Herondale have I wished, wholeheartedly, to be seen through another's eyes, truly seen... and Laia of Serra, sweet, strong, adaptable, dependable, loving, avenging bad ass Laia... she is the resident kick ass/djinn reaper/Nightbringer's scourge yet she also holds Elias's heart (and soul) protectively, in her tender, steadfast, loving hands. She is the definition of Woman's Pride AND, being a woman myself, I love that she is unapologetically Female, an avenger against the sexist world around her and the gender/station biased expectations that her world places on her. She's a character that I 100% wish I could be or at least be like. BUT there is also Helene, the Blood Shrike, to admire and I wish I was more like her as well. She is another warrior female that embodies all that women are capable of and showcases the ease with which one can be both Woman and Warrior at the same time. Mrs. Tahir writes the most beautifully, humanly complex characters and then throws them into seemingly impossible and gut wrenching scenarios. Then she kills them off, sniper style, one or two at a time just when you have started to love them and root for their happiness and longevity. I swore to myself that I wouldn't cry and yet...

Is no one safe Mrs. Tahir?

This leads me to the final quarter of the book. This section was absolutely B.R.U.T.A.L! I fear my heart will never be the same. Don't get too attached to any one character because all are on the chopping block and only a few survive the cut. Is it a fair ending? For some, the answer is a resounding NO. There are some Happily Ever Afters that never come to fruition no matter how much heartache they have endured and no matter how much we wish for their happiness. I think the ending is fitting for our war tested, love battered and transformed heros for they definitely do not end up being the same (naive) characters that we fell in love with in book #1.


I can't believe it is over. I have waited so long for this book to grant me some much needed closure and frankly, I am both grieving for its end and cheering for its splendor. Sabaa Tahir played me like a well honed instrument. Her artistry is apparent and I am thankful for having been emotionally tossed about her beautiful world because, in the end, I feel fulfilled... now THAT'S worth every penny, minute and tear shed.

I reccomend this book, and more importantly this series, with all of my battered heart and soul. There is absolutely NO way you'll regret spending time in this rich world with these unforgettable characters!!

~ Enjoy ( )
  BethYacoub | Mar 22, 2021 |
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A dedication
in two parts
For every child of war
Whose story will never be told.
For my own children
My falcon and my sword
Of all the worlds wherein I dwell
Yours is the most beautiful.
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I awoke in the glow of a young world, when man knew of hunting but not tilling, of stone but not steel.
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