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The Tickle-Octopus

de Audrey Wood

Outros autores: Bill Morrison (Ilustrador), Don Wood (Ilustrador)

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The lives of Bup the caveboy and his family are changed forever when an extraordinary creature teaches them to laugh and play.

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I give this book a 5/5 because it is a great book for any age/grade. This story would be great for a teacher to use in the classroom if they are introducing a history topic about cavemen, Paleolithic time period, or the very first humans. It would also be a great book to use to engage students and help them with predictions and asking questions. The journey of the book is a good one for students to follow because it filled with many plot twist. The book draws in students attentions with its elaborate drawings and sentences. For example, the book is filled with many page flaps that hide what's going to happen next. This is a great way to gage if students are good at predictions or asking questions. The teacher can see what students think will happen next and see how to proceed with future lessons. Another example, would be the many facts that the students are taught about cavemen. They learn that they did not yet have a language formed, how there were so many dangerous animals around, and how they were the first humans to ever experience things. The book would be very entertaining for students. ( )
  Nmoore8 | Feb 23, 2020 |
Bup and his parents are a very grumpy family of cavemen. All of Bup's brothers and sisters keep mysteriously disappearing. One day, Bup's parents lock him in their cave to keep him safe while they hunt. While Bup was practicing making ugly faces by the cave pond, a strange creature appeared out of the water. Bup tried to run away from the creature, but it jumped up and tickled him! For the first time ever, someone smiled. Bup named the creature the Tickle-octopus and brought it to his parents, and eventually to the surrounding villages. The Tickle-octopus made everyone it touched laugh and for the first time ever, everyone was happy and having fun. ( )
  T.Spears | Oct 21, 2017 |
I LOVE the Tickleoctopus by Audry Wood and Don Wood. This is a cute story for young readers about emotions. This is a story of a cave family who first discovered how to smile and laughter. I love that the story takes place in prehistoric times - the plot and characters are very well thought out and developed. I believe children would like this story because it is fun and silly. The pictures clearly depict what is happening in the story. ( )
  calleenemiller | Nov 5, 2016 |
The book was interesting. It took place in ancient times about an octopus who is taken from the water and brings happiness to a very unhappy family. The premise of the story sounds good, but the way that it is written draws me away from it as it uses a lot of words that are made up or do not make sense to what age group this book would be appropriate for. It could be interesting for children who enjoy stories that take place in the far past. One of the best parts of the story were the illustrations. They were very colorful and helped to set the setting for the story. ( )
  dschae7 | Sep 29, 2016 |
I liked this book for two reasons. The first reason would be because the characters were very well developed. As the characters talked to each other, their personalities came out and readers could easily see what kind of people they were. For example, when the mom and dad wake up they mumble negative comments which shows they are negative people. I also like this book because of the illustrations. The images showed how the characters interacted and expressed their feelings and emotions very well. For example, in one picture the dad got very mad and how the illustrator highlighted and exaggerated his face really gave readers a good idea about how mad he was. The big idea of this story was that just one little thing (in this case the tickleoctopus) could change a family and bring them back together and to make them happy. ( )
  tthomp19 | Sep 26, 2016 |
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The lives of Bup the caveboy and his family are changed forever when an extraordinary creature teaches them to laugh and play.

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