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Breakfast on Pluto

de Patrick McCabe

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6861133,472 (3.34)6
"In the 1970s, Patrick ""Pussy"" Braden, who piles his transsexual trade in London, finds himself inevitably drawn to Northern Ireland's maelstrom of violence and tragedy."

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it could have been worse
  fleshed | Jul 16, 2023 |
The Ruined Maid

"O 'Melia, my dear, this does everything crown!
Who could have supposed I should meet you in Town?
And whence such fair garments, such prosperi-ty?" —
"O didn't you know I'd been ruined?" said she.

— "You left us in tatters, without shoes or socks,
Tired of digging potatoes, and spudding up docks;
And now you've gay bracelets and bright feathers three!" —
"Yes: that's how we dress when we're ruined," said she.

— "At home in the barton you said thee' and thou,'
And thik oon,' and theäs oon,' and t'other'; but now
Your talking quite fits 'ee for high compa-ny!" —
"Some polish is gained with one's ruin," said she.

— "Your hands were like paws then, your face blue and bleak
But now I'm bewitched by your delicate cheek,
And your little gloves fit as on any la-dy!" —
"We never do work when we're ruined," said she.

— "You used to call home-life a hag-ridden dream,
And you'd sigh, and you'd sock; but at present you seem
To know not of megrims or melancho-ly!" —
"True. One's pretty lively when ruined," said she.

— "I wish I had feathers, a fine sweeping gown,
And a delicate face, and could strut about Town!" —
"My dear — a raw country girl, such as you be,
Cannot quite expect that. You ain't ruined," said she.

- Thomas Hardy ( )
  RebeccaBooks | Sep 16, 2021 |
This story will unhinge you a little. Patrick Braden starts his life as a babe left on the doorsteps of a church where he is taken in by Father Bernard McIvor, who just so happens to be Patrick's real father. Not knowing what else to do with the child, the pastor takes Patrick to an abusive and alcoholic foster home. It is around this time that Patrick decides he is a transvestite and starts calling himself "Pussy". While Pussy shares his life story in lighthearted, sometimes amusing, sometimes matter of fact anecdotes, there is always a dark and violent undercurrent. That can't be helped when the protagonist's boyfriend is murdered, Pussy becomes a prostitute and gets involved in terrorism. Need I say more? ( )
  SeriousGrace | Oct 19, 2017 |
Mr. Patrick "Pussy" Braden is Patrick McCabe's fascinating misfit hero(ine) in Breakfast on Pluto, a novel that was a finalist for the Booker Prize in 1998. This former number one bestseller in Ireland is the story of a young man who makes his way to London to prostitute himself, dressed in his favorite blousy tops and tight miniskirts. This strange story is revealed as Pussy writes it all down for his psychiatrist, Dr. Terence. Pussy's seamy life of prostitution around Piccadilly Circus is obviously centered on sex, but the violence of The Troubles is very much a part of this story. Bombings and death explode into the book several times. The reader isn't always sure what is going on because of some misdirection and clever plot twists, but all is nicely folded within McCabe's fine writing. He deftly shifts time and leaves some areas of the story unclear, but, by the last page, it all works together to create a disturbing and moving book.

McCabe has written four other novels, with The Butcher Boy being the best known, most likely because of the film for which McCabe and Neil Jordon co-wrote the screenplay. That film did a great job of capturing the McCabe style. His characters are so well drawn that their images stick in your mind's eye. Now, you will find these characters disturbing, but if you've an odd sense of humor, they'll also amuse you to no end. McCabe's writing is to be watched for, so be on the lookout for a collection of stories promised for the near future.

(4/99) ( )
  jphamilton | Jul 27, 2014 |
This is a difficult book, especially if you don't know much about the IRA. Nonetheless, it is a compelling and transgressive story that never lets up. Unfortunately, the hardcover edition that I read is riddled with typos, especially near the end, which makes a difficult book border on frustrating. ( )
  malrubius | Apr 2, 2013 |
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McCabe ist ein beeindruckendes Buch gelungen. Beeindruckend deshalb, weil er sich nicht scheut, Absurdes herrlich skurril zu erzählen. Der zweite Rezeptionsschritt jedoch ist lehrreicher: der nämlich, dass vieles in "Breakfast on Pluto" so absurd gar nicht ist, sondern von der Konform-Gesellschaft lediglich an den Rand des Außenseitertums gedrängt wurde. Abgedrängt heißt jedoch nicht vergessen. McCabe sorgt mit diesem Buch dafür.
adicionado por Indy133 | editarliteraturkritik.de, Oliver Georgi (Sep 1, 2000)


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"In the 1970s, Patrick ""Pussy"" Braden, who piles his transsexual trade in London, finds himself inevitably drawn to Northern Ireland's maelstrom of violence and tragedy."

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