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Bound For Murder

de Laura Childs

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2658102,644 (3.34)2
New Orleans scrapbooking shop owner Carmela Bertrand's pre-wedding party is overshadowed when a friend's intended groom is murdered. Asked by the heartbroken bride to look into the case, Carmela must help her friend pick up the pieces while wrapping up a murder that has more than one lethal loose end.… (mais)

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Carmela Bertrand owns a scrapbooking shop in the heart of New Orleans. When she's attending a pre-wedding party for a friend, she finally meets the groom and decides she likes him. But when they're getting ready to do the toast, she seeks out a centerpiece that is supposed to be for the bride's table and a surprise. It's in the office of the owner of the restaurant, Quigg, and she goes to retrieve it. Unfortunately, she not only finds the centerpiece, but the body of the groom - Jamie Redmond. Now Wren, the intended bride, wants Carmela to investigate and find out who killed Jamie and why. The only clue Carmela has is the initials INE - which Jamie wrote with his own blood before he died. But is it a clue? Or was he trying to identify his killer? With mysterious happenings and Carmela's inquisitive nature, she wants to help Wren, but hopefully she won't put herself in the sights of a murderer first...

This is the third book in the series and I have to say that it's definitely improving. We have Carmela's regular customers back, although they play a smaller role in this book, and her estranged rogue of a husband, Shamus, who definitely plays a bigger one. He's itching to get his photographs in a showing with Carmela, and finds a scruffy stray dog that he names Poobah and foists on Carmela because his sister doesn't like dogs and he's staying with her.

But then there's the fact that poor Wren is living in an old convent that Jamie bought and is converting into a home, and she doesn't know if she even owns it; and has been working in Jamie's bookstore without pay and now she's being hounded by a giant of a man named Dunbar DesLauriers who's hot to get his hands on it and is pushing her to sell. Carmela wants to know why, and is determined to find out the truth of the matter.

Then there's Shamus - who left her to pursue his own interests but doesn't want her involved with anyone else - especially Quigg, even though she's not dating anyone - yet seems to appear at the most inopportune moments. Carmela, for her part, is still in love with him and is on the fence about whether to divorce the scoundrel or not.

But the mystery is an interesting one. Who's behind everything and what are they looking for? We really don't find out until toward the end of the book, and while I usually find it a cheat (and I'm not saying why in case there are others who haven't read the book as yet) this didn't bother me this time out, but I wouldn't like to see the author make a habit of it. As it is, the mystery was done very well, and I did like the climax with Carmela and the killer (because we knew all along that she would be confronting the person anyway.)

When we discover the identity of the murderer and why it was committed, it's rather sad but yet believable all the same. Evil lies in the hearts of men, and we can never determine who nor why they do the things they do. Recommended. ( )
  joannefm2 | Apr 22, 2020 |
I had actually read this once before, but I couldn't remember very far ahead in the storyline. The tale is pretty good; but I think as far as mysteries goes, the author doesn't leave quite enough clues or even red herrings along the way so that you can be deducing for yourself. I like to have the feeling that the author wraps it all up nicely at the end - this is more of a serial progression to the story - if that distinction makes sense to you. Still worth the read - will pick up another in the series if I see one. ( )
  Brauer11431 | Apr 16, 2019 |
Synopsis: The sister of one of Carmela's friends is getting married, but at the rehearsal dinner the groom in murdered. The bride inherits his business and his house. However, it's up to Carmela to find out who murdered him and why two of his 'friends' are pressuring the bride to sell the store and the software the groom had developed.
Review: Nicely written, except Carmela's 'husband' is still being rewarded for behaving badly. ( )
  DrLed | Nov 15, 2015 |
I enjoyed this book. Carmela helps her friend with her pre- wedding event only to find out the groom to be is murdered. Carmela can not keep her nose out of things and works to help find the killer only to find herself in danger. This book is a quick read with 230 pages. ( )
  rgleason14 | Jun 17, 2013 |
there is something to be said for reading out of order, but with this series it seems to be okay. ( )
  suefitz1 | Apr 3, 2013 |
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New Orleans scrapbooking shop owner Carmela Bertrand's pre-wedding party is overshadowed when a friend's intended groom is murdered. Asked by the heartbroken bride to look into the case, Carmela must help her friend pick up the pieces while wrapping up a murder that has more than one lethal loose end.

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