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The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star (2013)

de Susan Wittig Albert

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Séries: Darling Dahlias (4)

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1468184,294 (3.79)1
When the Texas Star herself--aviatrix Miss Lily Dare, the fastest woman in the world--is threatened and her plane sabotaged, the Darling Dahlias must weed through the rumors to find the truth to take down a saboteur who may be propelled by revenge.

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This was another cozy read with a now-familiar circle of friends, and it was nice to revisit them =) The mysteries were pretty easy to solve (especially since both of them are more or less spoiled right from the get-go), but it was nice to visit Darling, AL again - and even knowing what was happening, it was still a quite amusing ride!

The Dahlia at the focus of this story is Mildred Kilgore, wife of Roger Kilgore, the owner of the town's Dodge dealership. Mildred is one of the few left in town who has the luxury of hiring full-time help at her mansion out by the country club, but its obvious from the start that money can't shield her from pain. She confides in Lizzy that she's received several disturbing anonymous notes, alleging that her husband is involved with the svelte, sexy, stunning Lily Dare, and that the lady daredevil has managed to swindle him out of a large sum of money. Worst of all, the Kilgores will be hosing the lovely Miss Dare during her stay in Darling, and Mildred can't stand the thought of that woman staying under the same roof as her. She asks Lizzy to sleep over so she can help keep an eye on her - and ensure that she stays far, far away from Roger Kilgore!

The town is abuzz with the news, as airplanes are still a novel thing, and a lady pilot even more rare of a sight. It turns out that stunt pilot work is not Lily Dare's first time at the rodeo - local newspapermak Charlie Dickens knew her back when she was the young wife of an old wealthy Texas rancher, who was infamous for the multi-day "parties" she thew on her wide expanse of Texas land. She was a heartbreaker, even then, and there are rumors flying that at least one of her lovesick suitors killed himself while trying to impress her. Charlie was close enough to Miss Dare that he knows her dark side - she's a schemer, and she's a chameleon who's reinvented herself more times than he cares to count.

She's also hit a spot of trouble, as someone tried to sabotage her plane at their previous show. Charlie is concerned about her, and asks Liz Lacy to help him keep an eye out for her - nobody wants anything nefarious to happen to her while she's in Darling, especially not when she's the star attraction at the Watermelon Festival! It's the Dahlias' year to organize the event, and Liz dreads a re-run of last year, when it turned into a comedy of errors.

She agrees to help Charlie and Mildred, and soon finds herself in the middle of a plot straight out of a Miss Marple novel. She enlists Verna to help her, and together they figure out what's going on - who's behind the anonymous notes, the mysterious payments, and the sabotage. The entrap the antagonist with a little help from the sheriff's deputy, in a plot that would make Jessica Fletcher proud! =)

The subplot is the appearance of a new cook at the Darling Diner, just when the previous one decided to leave for sunnier pastures. Raylene Riggs is a godsend, and she makes an big impression on even the town curmudgeons. Myra May and Violet are eager to hire her, as well as other part-time help, to keep the Diner afloat. Raylene is mum about her past, and why she's chosen to settle in Darling, but Aunt Hetty Little holds the key to unlocking her mystery, and she reveals all in a very sweet scene near the end of the book. (However, if you've read the intro pages to the books that come after this one in the series, you know what the big secret is, because of course Raylene joins the Dahlias! :P)

A secondary plotline is the burgeoning romance between Charlie Dickens and Fannie Champaign, who is also an enigma. The whole town has them practically married off, but Charlie balks at the idea of a commitment, so he quite foolishly breaks up with her -and when he comes around to the foolishness of his actions and goes to apologize to her, finds that she's left town, and nobody knows where she is.

The other thin line of romance is the series-long triangle between Lizzy, her long-time beaux Grady Alexander, and her boss, Mr. Moseley. The longer she hems and haws, the more I'm leaning towards her making a play for her boss, but honestly, I'm not too sure...I do think that after 3 years, Grady is losing the advantage in the race for her hand, considering he totally takes her for granted, along with the fact that they'll one day get married. Hmm...

The plot of the book was predictable, yet cozy, and I loved the way it wrapped up: with a big gossip session at the town's beauty parlor, as the various characters discuss the events of the book, and speculate on Miss Champaign's whereabouts. Even though she's a Dahlia, nobody knows much about her ~ so I'm getting the sense that she might be our next character in the spotlight.

This felt like a middle-series book, if that makes any sense. It doesn't stand out as particularly good or particularly bad - just very middle of the road. I'm definitely not giving up on finishing out the series - plan to glom the last two books during the upcoming holiday - though I am kinda hoping the action picks up a little again. ( )
  eurohackie | Sep 23, 2018 |
Every year something goes wrong at the Watermelon Festival. This year the Darling Dahlias are in charge and they wan to be sure nothing goes wrong.

The famous Lily Dare "the Texas Star" is going to do an air show. But someone has been sabotaging Lily's plane. Can the Dahlias figure out who is responsible in time for the festival?

An enjoyable cozy mystery. ( )
  nx74defiant | Jun 25, 2017 |
read in Oct. 14. ( )
  lhaines56 | Apr 23, 2016 |
The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star is the fourth book in The Darling Dahlias series. And a wonderful addition it is, too.

I've read all of Albert's books and love them, but this book, she really shines as a storyteller. This series takes place in Darling, Ala., a small rural community, during the Great Depression.

The series follows the lives of the 14 members of Dahlias Club as they work together to make the best of a bad situation for the residences of Darling. Not only do they stay busy with the gardening that they love, but they reach out to those in need.

Darling is bustling as they get ready for their annual Watermelon Festival. It is the Darling Dahlias year to host the festival and Lizzie Lacy is busy making sure that the festival will come off without a hitch. This year's attraction will be Lily Dare, the fastest woman in the world and she will be bringing her Dare Devils Flying circus. But she is also might be bringing possible trouble, at her last show someone attempted to sabotage her airplane.

Lizzie soon learns that the editor of the newspaper, Charlie Dickens, has had a liaison with Miss Dare in the past. Then a rumor is circulating the Roger Kilgore, one of the Dahlias husbands might also be having an affair with her too. Lizzie is hoping that the mystery as to who is out to get Lily will be solved before the Festival begins.

As Lizzie points out in her letter of introduction to the story, will let Mrs. Albert finish telling the story.

Albert also provides the reader with Getting Beautiful for Pennies tips from the depression and also provides the reader with recipes from the Great Depression.

Definitely looking forward to the next book in this delightful series. ( )
  FredYoder | May 10, 2015 |
AUTHOR: ALBERT, Susan Wittig
TITLE : The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star
Date Read: 03/30/14
RATING: 4.5/B+
SERIES/STAND ALONE: #4 in Darling Dahlias
TIME/PLACE: 1930's Alabama
CHARACTERS: Lizzy/Garden club president & legal secretary; Myra May/co-ower of Darling Diner & Darling Telephone Exchange

FIRST LINES: " Well, it's almost all over," Mildred Kilgore said in her slow Southern drawl. She sat down at the table in the Dahlia's clubhouse kitchen.

COMMENTS: The 4th entry in this delightful cozy mystery series. So nice to visit w/ the ladies of the garden club in Darling. This one really didn't have too much gardening in it except that the ladies were part of the big event in town the Watermelon Festival. As well as offering free watermelon to all, there would be entertainment and this year the fasterest woman in the world, the Texas Star, Lily Dare would be there w/ her Dare Devils Flying Circus. Lily's plane has had some sabotage and Darling is preparing to keep her safe while visiting. The mystery part of who was doing the sabotage was not much of a surprise but reading about the various character connections was very enjoyable. ( )
  pammykn | Mar 31, 2014 |
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For Lucille, Pearl, Mildred, and Josephine,
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"Well, it's almost all over," Mildred Kilgore said in her slow Southern drawl.
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Homemade Beauty preparation recipes included:
Banana Hair Conditioner (pp.288-289)
Beeswax and Honey Lip Balm (pp.287-288)
Bessie's Bath Powder (p.287)
Carrot-and-Egg Facial Mask (pp.292-293)
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When the Texas Star herself--aviatrix Miss Lily Dare, the fastest woman in the world--is threatened and her plane sabotaged, the Darling Dahlias must weed through the rumors to find the truth to take down a saboteur who may be propelled by revenge.

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