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Tandem (Many-Worlds) de Anna Jarzab

Tandem (Many-Worlds) (edição: 2015)

de Anna Jarzab (Autor)

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2421484,041 (3.35)2
Sasha, who lives a quiet life with her grandfather in Chicago but dreams of adventure, is thrilled to be asked to prom by her long-time crush, Grant, but after the dance he abducts her to a parallel universe to impersonate a princess.
Título:Tandem (Many-Worlds)
Autores:Anna Jarzab (Autor)
Informação:Ember (2015), Edition: Reprint, 448 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

Tandem (Many-Worlds) de Anna Jarzab


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I always get sucked in by books promising a fabulous multi-verse. It’s a really complicated theory for a book, where there’s a limited amount of space and a lot of explaining to do. I feel pretty confident in saying that from the scientific, worldbuilding POV, Tandem is the best YA multi-verse I’ve ever read. It’s such a complicated subject to get across and explanations need to justify suspension of disbelief, not just ask for it. I think Anna Jarzab did a really good job in that respect.

Unfortunately, because of the immensity of worldbuilding required – not just one, but two, and the theory of many others – a lot of the book was usurped by this. There were many scenes interjected to explain another possible inconsistency here or there, and it slowed the book down a lot. The presented plot just dragged. Tandem takes place over the course of a week, in which there’s political unrest and a hunt under way for the real princess Julianna, as well as the development of a love triangle… square… something. And honestly, all these things were interesting on their own, but there is a lot going on. With all that taking a back seat to worldbuilding explanations, other things felt underexplained and underdeveloped.

The characters, in particular, suffered from this. We get a pretty good idea about Sasha, because we’re in her head. Thomas, Grant, Julianna… all the other characters with important roles are relatively one-dimensional. Honestly, I get it. There was a lot of explaining to do and it was a bit overwhelming to include everything. There were areas in the worldbuilding I didn’t feel needed to be explained – such as Sasha’s visions, I’d’ve accepted them as an anomaly. And even though we were in Sasha’s head, she was very… pragmatic. She cursed herself for having crushes, but as a reader, I never really felt that bubbliness. I would have enjoyed a little more emotional depth from her.

To be honest? I’m surprised by how much I liked this book. The Many-Worlds series was cancelled by the publisher after low sales and interest in book two… but I feel like Anna Jarzab has a lot to offer. She took a chance and had some original ideas, which can be refreshing in a genre that likes to seize a trend and exploit it. I liked conspiracy, because despite its obviousness, I didn’t have all the details figured out. Her writing voice was easy to read, and the narrator did a great job. It was just the pacing that pulled it down – it was slow, and there’s no getting around that. Justifying the pacing as well as I might, there’s still the fact that it is slow.

As I’m reading this as part of Retelling-a-Thon’s Shakespeare week, it should be mentioned that this popped up on a lot of different lists as a retelling of Twelfth Night. I was pretty hesitant in my readathon announcement of this being an actual retelling.. and I still sort of feel that way. The play features as Sasha’s favorite book. As far as parallels go, the main theme is present: much like Viola has to step into Sebastien’s shoes, so Sasha has to step into Julianna’s. The relationship between Tandem and Twelfth Night is loose. It feels more respectful and inspired by the play than an actual retelling. I don’t think this is quite a proper retelling because there simply aren’t enough similarities.

As a story, if you’re patient enough to deal with the snail’s pace, this is a pretty good book. Certainly there’s the argument of the problematic nature of Thomas/Sasha’s relationship, but honestly this book reads like an adventure. If someone wanted to pull me into an alternate universe where I am a princess, I’m sure I could make it work somehow. I liked it enough that I would read the second book, even though I know the third will never be published. Not one I would push to the very top of my TBR, but I’m nonetheless interested. ( )
  Morteana | Aug 7, 2019 |
Good book. The plot was interesting and I really liked the main characters. ( )
  EdenSteffey | Mar 14, 2018 |
I liked the idea, but nothing else. ( )
  mtlkch | Jun 21, 2016 |
Diese und weitere Rezensionen findet ihr auf meinem Blog Anima Libri - Buchseele

Halleluja! Das war definitiv keine besonders spannende Lektüre. Ganz im Gegenteil, Anna Jarzabs "Das Licht von Aurora" gehört definitiv zu den zäheren Büchern, die ich dieses Jahr so gelesen habe - wenn es nicht sogar das zähste war.

Dieser Roman klang ja eigentlich so vielversprechend und ich war auch gerade zu geblendet, von den vielen positiven Rezensionen, die es bekommen hat, aber ich konnte einfach nichts, wirklich gar nichts, damit anfangen! Für mein Empfinden hat es ewig gedauert, bis endlich einmal Schwung in die Geschichte kam, für mehr als 300 Seiten hatte ich das Gefühl, dass einfach nichts geschieht.
Natürlich, Protagonistin Sasha wird entführt und landet in einem Paralleluniversum, in dem sie erfährt, dass (fast) jeder Mensch einen "Analog", einen Doppelgänger in jedem Universum hat. Und ihrer ist rein zufällig eine verschwundene Prinzessin, deren Rolle sie nun einnehmen soll. An ihrer Seite ist dabei Thomas, ihr Entführer und der Leibwächter der Prinzessin und - wuhuu, große Überraschung - Sasha entwickelt Gefühle für ihn!

Ich habe die ersten ca. 350 Seiten eigentlich als ein einziges großes Blabla empfunden, in dessen Verlauf nur immer und immer wieder gezeigt wurde, was für Klischees die Charaktere sind. Für Sasha konnte nicht einmal einen Hauch von Mitgefühl empfinden, dafür war sie mir einfach zu unbeständig und vor allem auch unglaubwürdig - und sie heult ständig wegen irgendeinem Quatsch. Und Thomas? Der war einfach ein Idiot. Die restlichen Charaktere sind auch nicht wirklich besser sondern reichlich zweidimensional.

Naja, jedenfalls, irgendwann passiert dann tatsächlich noch ein bisschen mehr, allerdings beschränkte sich diese Handlung dann irgendwie auch eher darauf, dass die Instantliebe plötzlich das Potential zur Dreiecksgeschichte entwickelte. Tja... Okay, es passiert noch ein bisschen mehr, aber ich war an dem Punkt schon so gelangweilt vom eigentlich nicht vorhandenen Plot und dem Mix aus ausgeklügeltem Weltenaufbau und riesigen Logiklöchern, dass es mir auch egal war.

Alles in allem ist "Das Licht von Aurora" von Anna Jarzab definitiv kein Buch, das ich irgendwem empfehlen würde und auch definitiv keine Serie, die ich weiter verfolgen werde, denn ich habe den Roman ehrlich gesagt als pure Zeitverschwendung empfunden. Schade, dabei klang das alles so gut! ( )
  FiliaLibri | Nov 10, 2015 |
Originally rated it 4 stars but after really thinking about it for a few days, I took down one star. Why? Because there was nothing that stuck out to me as being amazing or great. I thoroughly enjoyed it but I feel like this parallel universe novel is no different than all of the others that are out currently.

Full review: http://brittanysbookrambles.blogspot.com/2013/09/tandem-many-worlds-1-review.htm... ( )
  bpress | Apr 20, 2015 |
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Sasha, who lives a quiet life with her grandfather in Chicago but dreams of adventure, is thrilled to be asked to prom by her long-time crush, Grant, but after the dance he abducts her to a parallel universe to impersonate a princess.

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