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Cinnamon and Gunpowder: A Novel de Eli Brown

Cinnamon and Gunpowder: A Novel (edição: 2014)

de Eli Brown

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4403642,408 (3.89)39
In 1819, kidnapped chef Owen Wedgwood transforms meager shipboard supplies into sumptuous meals at the behest of his kidnapper, pirate queen Mad Hannah Mabbot, while she pushes her exhausted crew to track down a deadly privateer.
Título:Cinnamon and Gunpowder: A Novel
Autores:Eli Brown
Informação:Picador (2014), Paperback, 336 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

Cinnamon and Gunpowder: A Novel de Eli Brown


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Note: I started this book in March, but had to set it aside for other priorities. I was able to pick back up without a hitch.
This is the definition of rollicking adventure. In every way the story spins on the chase. The reader is drawn in by the narrator and becomes witness to the violence, determination, vengeance and frivolity of life as a pirate on the high seas. Turning away from the usual pirate tale, the captain is a is a woman. She bargains with the narrator, a captured chef, to produce gourmet meals for her as a way of saving his life---think Scheherazade. The author's vivid descriptions of the world of the seafaring bandits is somewhere between poetic and flowery, but much appreciated by this reader. All in all a fun read. Thanks to Strong Sense of Place podcast (https://strongsenseofplace.com/podcasts) for the recommendation! ( )
  beebeereads | May 10, 2021 |
What a lucky find this was! A male chef is kidnapped by a female pirate captain and forced to cook a meal for the captain every Sunday using only what he can find in the provisions on the ship to save his life. I was moved to tears by the writing more than once and laughed out loud. ( )
1 vote trinker | Jan 9, 2020 |
Pirates and gourmet cooking? This is Games of Thrones meets Pirates of the Caribbean - with Gordon Ramsey as chef. In 1819 famed chef Owen Wedgwood is kidnapped by a red-haired tempestuous pirate queen. He must cook her an exquisite meal every Sunday or lose his life. The catch? Meager food supplies and an ill-equipped kitchen on her ship The Flying Rose. Juxtaposing the drama of creating gourmet meals from practically nothing is the excitement of pirate raids on trading vessels, defending themselves against a saboteur, a deadly privateer, and the many escape attempts by chef Wedgwood. Lots of blood and gory injuries from cannonballs and swords. Our book group was inspired to dress like pirates and hold a potluck inspired by the ingredients in this original novel. ( )
  PhyllisReads | Aug 19, 2019 |
I discovered his book accidentally, browsing through Goodreads. I am VERY happy that I did!
The story of notorious lady pirate "Mad" Hannah Mabbot, and her war against a British trading company name Pendleton. In the process she kidnaps a chef and away they go to sea.
I don't want to give away too much, bu I will say this book is fabulous. Read it! ( )
  a1stitcher | Jun 22, 2019 |
"The year is 1819, and the renowned chef Owen Wedgwood has been kidnapped by the ruthless pirate Mad Hannah Mabbot. He will be spared, she tells him, as long as he puts exquisite food in front of her every Sunday without fail." But how do you make a gormet meal on a pirate ship with no kitchen, and practically no food. That, in itself, is an intriguing thread in this fun narritive, but then tack on that Hannah is chasing, and being chased by another notorious pirate; The Brass Fox, as well as menacing the Pendleton Trading Company (think Dutch East India Company) and its flotilla of cargo and war ships. A really fun read that kept the excitement up for both the planning of incredible meals and staying alive thru incredible sea battles.
Shaking, I said, "I will not take insults." "Take? Not take, that would make a pirate of you. No, they are given freely. In your company, I find I am positively wealthy with insults, and I don't mind lavishing them upon you."

What skills I learned I used to the benefit of England. And besides, though despots may whip the world to war, a brioche did not sail against Trafalgar. Cathedrals were never shelled with chevre. The one exception to this rule is the boiled cabbage I encountered in the monasteries, which is a weapon in a bowl. The proper way to treat a cabbage leaf, of course, is to blanch it ever so briefly, wrap it around a piece of thinly sliced ham, and dip it in hollandaise.

Mr. Apples ... hurled a basket onto the deck of Laroche's ship, where it broke open, dark clumps scattered like quicksilver. I saw that the contents were alive, and I recognized then the scuttle of his pet scorpions. At the time I thought it was a ridiculous attack, but as I write this, I understand that this was not a weapon of battle as much as of vengeance and the sowing of fright. The creatures sped for the cover of shadow and small places, the ship would be haunted for weeks by venomous beasts hiding in the murky nooks and crevices that ships are comprised of.


S: 2/27/19 - 3/9/19 (11 Days) ( )
  mahsdad | Mar 28, 2019 |
Mostrando 1-5 de 36 (seguinte | mostrar todas)
"..perfect mixture of classic piracy and food snobbery.."
adicionado por WeeklyAlibi | editarWeekly Alibi, Jyllian Roach (Jul 25, 2013)

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Eli Brownautor principaltodas as ediçõescalculado
Arensman, Dirk JanTradutorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
Langton, JamesNarradorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
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In 1819, kidnapped chef Owen Wedgwood transforms meager shipboard supplies into sumptuous meals at the behest of his kidnapper, pirate queen Mad Hannah Mabbot, while she pushes her exhausted crew to track down a deadly privateer.

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