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How the Light Gets In: A Chief Inspector…

How the Light Gets In: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel (Chief Inspector… (edição: 2014)

de Louise Penny (Autor)

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2,0211376,163 (4.35)1 / 238
In Three Pines Chief Inspector Armand Gamache investigates the disappearance of a woman who was once one of the most famous people in the world and now goes unrecognized by virtually everyone except the mad, brilliant poet Ruth Zardo.
Título:How the Light Gets In: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel (Chief Inspector Gamache Novel, 9)
Autores:Louise Penny (Autor)
Informação:Minotaur Books (2014), Edition: Reprint, 432 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

How the Light Gets In de Louise Penny

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This is an interesting one. I found it gripping (to the point that I ignored many responsibilities today to listen to this audiobook) but at the same time unlikely and convoluted. Things just fit together a little too perfectly, and I am almost positive that the days in this book contained more than 24 hours each. I might take a break before the next in the series. But then, I've told myself that lie before. ( )
2 vote ImperfectCJ | Oct 4, 2021 |
Another sensational, breathtaking & riveting installment in the Inspector Gamache series by the exceptionally talented & gifted Louise Penny. ( )
  Stephen.Lawton | Aug 7, 2021 |
Summary: The murder of the last Ouellet quintuplet, a former client and friend of Myrna’s brings Gamache back to Three Pines which serves as a hidden base of operations as Sylvain Francoeur’s efforts to destroy Gamache comes to a head.

Chief Superintendent Sylvain Francoeur as taken away Gamache’s right hand man, Jean-Guy Beauvoir, transferred out his department’s best agents, filling their slots with the indifferent or corrupt. Is it simply the fact that Gamache had arrested former Chief Superintendent Arnot? Or is there, as Gamache suspects, something more going on?

Amid the increasing pressure on Gamache, he continues to do his job. And that job takes him back to Three Pines. A former client who had become a friend of Myrna Landers was supposed to come for a Christmas visit but fails to turn up. Gamache investigates and finds her dead in her home, killed by a head blow from a lamp as she was packing. One of the most startling discoveries was that she was Constance Ouellet, the last of the Ouellet quintuplets, considered a true miracle at their birth, exploited by a doctor who had not even been at the delivery, and used by the government to create a fairy-tale story. Who would have a motive to kill her? It turns out that Constance has left clues, unrecognized by those around her.

The murder allows Gamache, through a combination of misdirection and shrewd preparation, to turn Three Pines into a base of operations to ferret out what Francoeur is trying to do, along with Yvette Nichol, who has been spending years in the basement of the Surete learning to listen, and Jerome and Assistant Superintendent Therese Brunel. Jerome has been covertly infiltrating the Surete’s systems until he found a name that scared him. It’s time for the Brunels to flee, ostensibly to Vancouver, but actually to Three Pines.

One problem. When they find what they are looking for, they will be found, jeopardizing the whole village. It comes down to who will outmaneuver who? And the wild card is Beauvoir, who knows Gamache and in his drug addiction is tied to Francoeur.

One other piece. A woman in the Transportation Ministry, Audrey Villeneuve was found dead at the base of the most heavily-traveled bridge in Montreal. Her car was on the bridge and her death was ruled as a suicide. The book opens with her distraught drive onto the bridge. Let’s just say it’s not irrelevant.

The story line leaves us wondering at times if Gamache is paranoid, seeing conspiracies where there are none and becoming unhinged. Does he love and then leave as Beauvoir believes, or is there love that persists even when denied? And was inviting Nichol a good idea? Is this an one of Gamache’s redemption efforts that will put them all at risk? Penny quotes a poem, “Anthem” by Leonard Cohen, with these words “There’s a crack in everything/That’s how the light gets in.” In this novel, we see in Gamache who believes in the foolish wisdom that to risk loving and trusting is the crack that lets the light in. The question is whether this will prevail over the earthly wisdom of power. Many lives and a hidden village hang in the balance. ( )
  BobonBooks | Aug 2, 2021 |
Chief Inspector Armand Gamache has received a message from Myrna Landers of Three Pines village that a friend has failed to appear for the Christmas period. Meanwhile at the Surete most of his best agents have been dispersed elsewhere and his old friend Beauvoir is not speaking to him. But Gamache heads out to Three Pines to investigate but what is really happening at the Surete.
An enjoyable and well-written story

( )
  Vesper1931 | Jul 29, 2021 |
I don’t actually have enough stars to give to this book. It was literally breathtaking. This is the ninth book in the Gamache series and the last one was very disappointing and left me wondering if maybe Ms. Penny would not be able to sustain the level of excellence that had defined the series until then. I was wrong. This book manages to juggle a bunch of different goals and each of them is handled deftly and with great emotional impact. There is the individual story of this book, which involves a murder and an unraveling of family and societal secrets. Since I’m SPOILER AVERSE I won’t go into the details but it is revealed nicely, develops with good pace, has some nice red herrings and diversions, and is resolved well. But as always with these books there is a lot more going on than the crime at hand. The major continuing story lines from the first eight books is fleshed out and really moved along, in ways I was not necessarily expecting and with intriguing results. I will admit that my least favorite part of many series books is the continuing super villain or problem, but Ms. Penny turns it into a positive for me. Finally, and most importantly, is the development of the rich cast of characters she has created. Without a doubt this is the strength of all of the books and I marveled at how she manages the myriad pieces on her chess board in the book. Major characters are given wonderful developmental arcs, always believable but often surprising (if that makes sense). I actually feared up a little at one scene late in the book between two characters where each is allowed to redeem themselves that is shown with such small pieces of action. One simple gesture on one characters part and the willingness to accept that gesture on another is rendered in such pitch perfect prose that I simply stopped and considered it (this is the literal breathtaking part). The character of Gamache continues to defy banality and the depth of his depiction is wonderful. In addition to the main characters being so well treated, Ms. Penny is able to bring in many of the other characters she has created in the first eight books and she gives them true life. It is definitely a series that rewards you for reading through. There are payoffs and aha moments that really resonate. Finally, I was reading this book as I’m on a family trip to Montreal and Quebec City and it could not have been more timely. Much of this story takes place in Montreal and I had just visited one of the places that plays a major role in the back story of the novel as I was reading about it. The title of the book coming from a Leonard Cohen song is obviously just icing on the cake. I’m very glad that I was wrong to be worried about Gamache. I’m not sure where the next books in the series will take me, that is after all part of the fun of reading them, but I’m absolutely willing to go along for the ride. ( )
  MarkMad | Jul 14, 2021 |
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In Three Pines Chief Inspector Armand Gamache investigates the disappearance of a woman who was once one of the most famous people in the world and now goes unrecognized by virtually everyone except the mad, brilliant poet Ruth Zardo.

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