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Sweet Tea Revenge

de Laura Childs

Séries: Tea Shop Mysteries (14)

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23813114,530 (3.81)31
Tea shop owner and bridesmaid Theodosia Browning investigates when the groom is literally late on the couples' big day.

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I have read many other books in this series and am currently going back to read some of the ones I missed along the way. This is one of those. I agree with some other reviewers that the series is starting to lose its freshness (and some of its charm).

The tea shop is still charming and cozy (but we seem to be there less and less). I still wish I could visit the tea shop and have Drayton dispense tea facts and try one of his blends (they sound delicious).

I do hope the series gets back on an upward swing (though I've been warned by some others that it doesn't). There are one or two recipes at the back of this one that I will copy down to try at some point. I was hoping for one recipe (that Haley mentioned in the book) to be there that wasn't but I can't remember what it was now. I just remember when she mentioned it and it sounded good to me that I paused and went to the recipe part of the book and was disappointed when I didn't find it there.

The murder victim is Delaine Dish's fiance (murdered on their supposed-to-be-wedding-day). I didn't guess who the murderer was (but that is my norm so your experience may vary). ( )
  JenniferRobb | Aug 21, 2022 |
I think I enjoyed this less than usual because I inadvertently spotted the murderer early on. ( )
  Stephen.Lawton | Aug 7, 2021 |
Another great book in the series. ( )
  nlb1050 | Apr 23, 2021 |
Sweet Tea Revenge is the 14th book in the A Tea Shop Mystery series. It's always a treat for me to enter the cozy confines of the Indigo Tea Shop. Child's writing puts me right inside the store and I can literally see Theodosia, Haley, and Drayton scurrying around helping the customers of shop.

Delaine Dish has asked Theodosia to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. the wedding day has arrived and as time is approaching for the ceremony, Theodosia goes to Dougan Granville, the groom, and finds him dead with his nose close to unknown powder. What with a heated argument have being heard between the couple just a couple hours earlier, Delaine immediately becomes a person of interest. Of course Delaine asks Theodosia to do her own little investigation, much to Detective Tidwell's disapproval.

As Theodosia is organizing her thoughts on how to proceed with her inquiries, Jed and Tim Beckman arrive at Ravencrest Inn. Jed and Tim and want to film at Ravencrest for a segment Southern Hauntings. They excited to hear a death has just occurred, because they feel there is a better chance of making contact with the spirit world. Theodosia is reluctant to allow it, hopes that they may be of some help.

As Theodosia starts getting involved, she finds out that Dougan's estranged stepson wants into the law firm that Dougan is a partner in. From Delaine, she learns that Allan Grumley, the other partner in the law firm, seems hesitant to share with Delaine the terms of Dougan Will.

Child's once again kept me guessing to end of the book.

Tasty sounding recipes are included, as well as an extensive list of tea related link.

I am looking forward to #15. ( )
  FredYoder | May 17, 2015 |
I’ve read several of Laura Child’s books, including the Tea Shop Series, and was very disappointed in SWEET TEA REVENGE.

The day of Theodosia’s friend Delaine’s wedding (they’ve been engaged for four weeks), the groom is late. Theodosia finds him in his room at the Inn, cold and pulseless, white powder on a table next to him. Further investigation reveals that he has also been hit on the head turning his death into a homicide. Since his death had been recent, how cold could his body have been?

As usual, Theo works with Detective Tidwell. As usual, she and her friends don’t think much of his crime solving abilities (they expect the murderer to be caught with a few hours) and Theo gets involved. While she does check out several suspects, some of their extreme negative reactions to her and Delaine are not explained. She also finds some evidence that the police missed and removes it, placing it into an envelope and giving it to them, jeopardizing it’s reliability as evidence.

Two days after the murder, Delaine asks Theo to help prepare the groom’s house, which is next door to Theo’s, for the annual garden tour. It would seem that all the arrangements would have been made much earlier.

There are sections dealing with the Tea Room and about clothes as well as some ghost chasing. I don’t understand why neither Theodosia never seems to know what Haley is planning for the food every day. Doesn’t she have to buy the food? The recipes and party plans at the end are not exciting but the list of tea resources is helpful.

There isn’t much serious investigation and the ending almost comes from thin air and ends quite suddenly.

SWEET TEA REVENGE is a quick read and only slightly satisfying. Laura Childs can and has done better. ( )
  Judiex | May 6, 2014 |
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Rain slashed against stained-glass windows and thunder shook the rafters as Theodosia Browning hurried up the back staircase of Ravencrest Inn.
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Tea shop owner and bridesmaid Theodosia Browning investigates when the groom is literally late on the couples' big day.

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