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Little Red Riding Hood (Folk Tale Classics)…

Little Red Riding Hood (Folk Tale Classics) (edição: 2012)

de Paul Galdone (Autor)

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A retelling of the folk tale about a little girl who finds a wolf in her grandmother's clothing.
Título:Little Red Riding Hood (Folk Tale Classics)
Autores:Paul Galdone (Autor)
Informação:HMH Books for Young Readers (2012), Edition: Illustrated, 40 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:Fairy Tale

Detalhes da Obra

Little Red Riding Hood (Folk Tale Classics) de Paul Galdone


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This is the classic tale of little red riding hood. She sets out to bring her ill grandmother wine and cake to feel better and is tricked by the wolf along her journey. The story takes a turn for the worst, but of course ends on a happier note. Little red riding hood comes to the conclusion that she should always listen to her mother. The pictures are very engaging and could scare young children, but amplify the story. ( )
  jazminejackson | Oct 29, 2017 |
Little Red is sent to her grandmother's house to bring her some supplies, but along the way she meets a dangerous wolf. The wolf convinces her to stray from the path and go through the woods, like her mother asked her not to do. What happens to Little Red? You have to read the story to find out!

This story is close to the original way that it was written by the Grimm Brothers and can be scary for children that are of a younger age. The story is very entertaining, but is a little too graphic in certain areas of the book. I prefer a version of the story that is simplified a little more with a modified ending.

An activity that I would do with this story is I would have the students try to figure out the theme of the story. ( )
  kmedwa4950 | Nov 21, 2016 |
This is a retelling of the classic fairy tale, with the G-rated Disney ending of Red and Grandma getting out alive and the wolf anti climatically dying of fright at the sight of the huntsman. The illustrations were very engaging though, in what appears to be ink and colored pencil(?). I thought it was fine as far as fairy tale books go, but I also think there are better and more engaging versions available.
The story is so watered down that I can't even tell what the theme is. Be careful of strangers, except for when they're saving you from other strangers?
  kitsunek8 | Mar 18, 2016 |
I didn’t really enjoy this book too much. I’m not sure if it was the actual story of Little Red that I don’t like or just the way this one was told. I could tell that the choice of language used from here was from a while ago. For example, the fox says things like “Wither away so early, Little Red Riding Hood?”. When he said this I was confused at first but then after reading the next sentence, which was the response form Little Red, I realized that he was asking her why she was out and where she was going. Little things like this threw me off while I was reading this book. The writing wasn’t that bad because if you used your context clues, you could tell what the meaning behind everything was. That’s what I did like about the book because I like searching for things in the book then the author doesn’t tell the reader immediately. There characters in the book were Little Red, her mother, her grandmother, the wolf and the hunter. All of these were realistic except for the wolf because he was talking to the humans. Her grandmother was very realistic because she was sick and little red was bringing other things that would hopefully make her feel better. The author also set up the wolfs personality as soon as he is introduced. He says that little red doesn’t know how much of a wicked animal he is. The story was also told in third person. I think this was a good idea because there were things I saw as the reader that little red didn’t see, especially if she was telling the story from her point of view. For example, the wolf’s personality. The plot was organized but at times I felt like it was rushed, especially when little red was noticing the differences her “grandmother” had. I think this was because there were so many words on the pages with only one picture to refer to. For example, on one page the wolf was entering the grandmothers house and on the very next page he was in her bed. I think the author should have at least shown the grandmother with a frightened face or something. Other than that, the illustrations were very easy to follow and it was done in watercolor paint. The quality of the illustrations also made it apparent on how old the book was. This is a Traditional Literature book and the language of the book definitely made this apparent because it was written as if it was being told to the reader. ( )
  nmills3 | Mar 17, 2016 |
“Once upon a time there was a sweet little maiden who was loved by all who knew
her . . .”
So begins this classic tale about Little Red Riding Hood and her encounter with the
wolf one day when she is on her way to visit her sick grandmother. Paul Galdone has
drawn on the Brothers Grimm version of Little Red Riding Hood, and lends beautiful,
vibrant illustrations to his exciting retelling of this classic fairy tale. Small children and
Paul Galdone’s older fans will cheer as the old tale comes enchantingly alive in lovely,
nostalgic, full-color pictures. (amazon)
  AmyStepaniuk | Oct 31, 2015 |
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A retelling of the folk tale about a little girl who finds a wolf in her grandmother's clothing.

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