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de Carol Higgins Clark

Séries: Regan Reilly (15)

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278596,494 (3.1)10
PI Regan Reilly and her husband Jack, head of the NYPD Major Case Squad, investigate an L.A.-based business scam that extends up and down the coast of California.

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Private investigator Regan Reilly and her husband, Jack, are in Los Angeles where Regan began her private investigator career. Jack, head of the New York Police Department’s major case squad, has come here to attend a series of meetings with the Los Angeles Police Department. After the meetings conclude, the couple plans to spend a few days traveling in the area.

Regan bumps into Zelda, a friend from some seven years ago when they both appeared on the television game show “Puzzling Words.” Zelda invites Regan to a party at a Hollywood Hills estate where she’s staying for a week, thanks to a successful bid at a charity fundraiser.

When Zelda suddenly falls ill, Regan stays with her friend and Zelda reveals her concerns about her father’s new wife. The two, it seems, got married in the back of a cab at a drive-through church in Las Vegas after knowing each other for only three months and Zelda is concerned about her father.

But other unknown dangers lurk and both women soon find themselves in danger.

Fifteenth in the Regan Reilly series, this is a lighthearted, quick read. Populated by a group of quirky characters, the book is light on both plot and character development. The escapist tale has enough backstory for readers new to the series, but the novella-length narrative lacks depth and, for a mystery, is short on suspense.

The elephant in the room, as far as this book is concerned, has nothing to do with the story. Instead, it’s the use of a cruel racial slur for the title. About a year after its initial publication, the book title became “Scammed,” but that did little to lessen the sting of the original choice. ( )
  jfe16 | Sep 20, 2020 |
First book by Carol, I love her Mom's Books and this one was pretty good actually. Will try another one of hers in the future. ( )
  diananagy | May 20, 2014 |
I won a copy of this book from Goodreads. A letter from the publisher was enclosed that said "...be sure to post your review if you like it!" ( )
  R0BIN | Apr 27, 2013 |
I really like Regan Reilly P.I. who married Jack Reilly no relation except by now being married.
Jack is a police Detective in New York where they now live. He is in LA for a conference. Regan had lived for years in L.A. but moved back to New York after they got married. Regan wants to show Jack some places and meet some of her friends after his conference is over.
Regan out shopping while Jack is busy with the conference runs into an old friend she made while they were on a game show together. They both lost.
Her friend tells her that she was now rich a neighbor who lived in her apartment that she sometimes walked her dog when she was sick left her to her surprise 8 million dollars.
Regan was invited to a party she was having this evening in a rundown mansion she bid on a charity auction and won for a week. After the party she asks Regan to help her find out about her father's new wife when she finds out they eloped.
Before Regan finds out much her friend gets really sick so she stays the night to keep watch and help her.
Earlier in the day Regan saw a suspious guy trying to get into multiple cars and reports it to security at the mall. She doesn't realized that she is followed to her hotel or the party.
I liked the story it was not her best but it was good. She usually comes out in the spring with her books. I read some of others reviews until then I did not realize that Gypped was a racist title until it was pointed out. Maybe they did not realize or think of it in that context either. Sorry some people got hurt I will try not to use it now that I know.
04/03/2012 PUB Scribner ( )
  rhonda1111 | May 1, 2012 |
Received for Review
Overall Rating: 3.50
Story Rating: 3.25
Character Rating: 3.75
Audio Rating: 4.00 (Not part of the overall rating)

First thought when finished: This was a perfect summer afternoon mystery--not to complicated but very fun!

What I Loved: Characters! Seriously, I just about loved every character in Gypped. I am not saying who was my favorite or who was just seriously bad but they all packed quite a wallop. I will say that a "certain someone" at the end with his "I don't want to read it" cracked me up! I loved the letter that he received and I thought it was a perfect ending to this story. I would hang out with everyone in this story---well except for the bad guys :)

What I Liked: The mystery was not overly complicated but it was fun. Reagen did a fantastic job of sifting through the information, getting a little in over her head, and most of all reconnecting with her friend Zelda (whom I loved)! I just thought it was downright fun.

Audio Review: Took me a bit to warm up to Michele Pawk but in the end she was perfect for Regan Reilly. I would listen to her again!

Final Thought when finished: I think fans of Carol Higgins Clark will love this entry into the series. ( )
  thehistorychic | Apr 19, 2012 |
Exibindo 5 de 5
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PI Regan Reilly and her husband Jack, head of the NYPD Major Case Squad, investigate an L.A.-based business scam that extends up and down the coast of California.

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