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1Q84 (Vintage International) de Haruki…

1Q84 (Vintage International) (edição: 2013)

de Haruki Murakami (Autor), Jay Rubin (Tradutor), Philip ­Gabriel (Tradutor)

Séries: 1Q84 (1-3)

MembrosResenhasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaConversas / Menções
6,949296979 (3.83)3 / 722
An ode to George Orwell's "1984" told in alternating male and female voices relates the stories of Aomame, an assassin for a secret organization who discovers that she has been transported to an alternate reality, and Tengo, a mathematics lecturer and novice writer.
Título:1Q84 (Vintage International)
Autores:Haruki Murakami (Autor)
Outros autores:Jay Rubin (Tradutor), Philip ­Gabriel (Tradutor)
Informação:Vintage (2013), Edition: Reprint, 1184 pages
Coleções:Favorites, Read and Own

Detalhes da Obra

1Q84 de Haruki Murakami

Adicionado recentemente porArina42, biblioteca privada, meanderer, A2Seamster, GabbadelaMoraP

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This book was... weird. It has a very original idea compared to any other fantasy I've ever read which was good, but it was so overwritten that I got completely bogged down by the insignificant details that didn't matter. I know this is a translated work so I wonder how it compared to the original - not all languages have perfect words to translate into another language. Even so, I seriously think this book could have been 500 pages shorter and would have ended up having a larger impact on me because it would have been forced to focus on what was truly considered essential for the story. In addition, the author over-sexualizes the women in this book and talks about sex, or people thinking of having sex, or the bodies of people they have had sex with, that it got real old, real fast. I didn't quite understand the obsession with sex and bodies as many of these scenes had little to do with the overall plot. This wasn't a New Adult or romance book so many of these scenes weren't necessary and slowed down the book or made things so weird that the scenes fell into the category of: take this whole scene out and it wouldn't change the plot. I did, however, like the overall plot of the story so couldn't bring myself to only give 1 star. I can't believe I pushed through 1318 total pages on my Kindle. Unfortunately I don't think it was worth it. ( )
  courty4189 | Mar 24, 2021 |
I don't think this is the "masterwork" that some have called it, but it certainly is a great read. I'm not a big fan of fantasy fiction (or Magical Realism, or whatever it is), but Murakami writes so well that it would be hard not to fall down the rabbit hole and enjoy the book.
It's long - 1300 pages in the paperback edition, but I was having so much fun that I didn't really notice. There was a short part of Vol 3 where I thought the narrative development was faltering, but maybe Murakami heard me, and the pace quickly picked up again.
On a side note, I found it interesting how many cultural references were Western - in literature, philosophy and music. I don't recall any other books translated from Japanese that had such an international perspective. Ironically, the few references to Japanese literature turned out to be difficult/impossible to locate in English translation. ( )
  mbmackay | Mar 8, 2021 |


Fuka-Eri dictates to her sister events that happened to her in a cult compound known as Sakigate. These events involve Air Chrysalis', two moons and Little People. That manuscript - titled Air Chrysalis -is submitted to the New Writers Contest. It captures an editors heart and a novelist whose job - among others - is to read the submitted works.

Tengo is that novelists name. Komatsu knows it can be a winner and because of that he pretty much forces Tengo to ghost write it, to make it better.

Unbeknownst to them this unlocks a world of problems. Fiction becomes reality, reality becomes fiction. One moon becomes two.


Aomame is a killer of abusive men. She and her ice pick that isn't quite an ice pick pierce the brain stem and send the man to the other side. She, after finding herself in the world of 1Q84, is tasked with killing Leader. The head of Sakigate and the hearer of the voices.

Aomame and Tengo share a complicated past. A single memory that has stuck with them for twenty years. A moment in a classroom where they held hands.

They've never forgotten each other. Not a day passed when they didn't think of each other. Tengo's world is turned upside down by the novel, Aomame's by her killing Leader. This brings them into each other's orbit and closer to the other.

Will they or won't they find each other?

This is a love story. A weird, wacky, wonderful love story. Their is drama with the changing of the worlds, and curious happenings with Fuka-Eri and the Little People. Their are side characters like Ushikawa and Tamaru that add a lot to the story and keep you wondering what will happen next.

Tengo's story plays out richly, as does Aomame's. You really get to know them. You really begin to root for them and hope that they find each other. That begins to consume you. You begin to not care so much about anything else which is good because towards the latter portion of the book things begin to wind themselves up and in a way that isn't so climactic. If you expect a Hollywood shootout or Bonnie and Clyde style ending, something with more bang then you're going to be disappointed. This is after all, a love story. That's the point of it. You're meant to fall for Tengo and Aomame and root for them.

It is a will they or won't they find each other sort of story. One worth reading.

5 out 5 ( )
  JBTaylor42 | Feb 7, 2021 |
Well it was certainly long. I've heard about Murakami for years but had never read any of his books, partially because I'm generally leery of translated literature and partially because I just wasn't ever in the mood. I came in with pretty high expectations given how much I've heard his name. I really like long books that are good, but I don't like long books for length's sake, and this one just felt like it went on for too long. I feel like it could have been twice as good at half the length.

It did improve some for me in the latter portion of the book. Initially, I had figured maybe this was because it was finally all coming to a head, but after finishing, I read the end matter and learned that the first two books were translated by one person and the last book by another. I'm not a perceptive enough reader that I think I actually noticed a substantive change in the translation, but I do wonder a little whether there's not something subtle in the translation of the last book that, paired with things drawing toward resolution, made it more appealing to me.

Curiously, though the book felt like a long book, it was also somehow staccato, the style and pacing and dialogue often very clipped, and perhaps it is this characteristic that, spread out over nearly 1200 pages, began to feel a bit like being kept up at night listening to a dripping sink -- each drop dandy and perhaps even pleasantly musical taken on its own but the sum of them over the course of a long sleepless night pretty frustrating.

If I were to read the book again (doubtful), I think I'd want to pay closer attention to the styles of the different translators. I harbor a suspicion that the first two books have a more declarative style with more simple sentences and that the third has more subordinate clauses and slightly more complex sentences, providing a break from the relentless drip. That's just a suspicion, though; I haven't gone back really and looked. ( )
  dllh | Jan 6, 2021 |
This book is as heavy as a sandbag. I looked forward to reading its 1,300 plus pages. At page 2, so far so good and various themes set in motion.A few weeks later... It took a month to read, all 1,318 pages. It is a trilogy after all and I enjoyed it. It is well written and captures attention throughout. I like the chapter by character approach. I struggled with the other world features such as the Air Chrysalis, maza and dohta, two moons, Perceiver and Receiver. Putting aside religious cults and fantasy v reality, I think it is all about reality. I read it as a futuristic story about conglomerates and corporations running the world. Wherever one is, and whatever one does is tracked. Behind the narrative I think the theme is no escape from all powerful states and mega companies (Google for instance has just incorporated Fitbit). Such entities will absorb every step and determine every decision we make. Governments and states will do the same. They can find us and do whatever they like with us. I was surprised that there was.a happy ending - or so it seemed. ( )
  jon1lambert | Jan 6, 2021 |
Mostrando 1-5 de 293 (seguinte | mostrar todas)
Murakami name-drops George Orwell's laugh-riot 1984 several times. Both books deal with the concept of manipulated realities. And while Murakami's book is more than three times as long, it's also more fun to read.
adicionado por WeeklyAlibi | editarWeekly Alibi, John Bear (Jan 26, 2012)
As always, the experience is a bit like watching a Hollywood-influenced Japanese movie in a version that’s been dubbed by American actors. This time, sad to say, it also reminded me of stretches of the second season of Twin Peaks: familiar characters do familiar things, with the expected measure of weirdness, but David Lynch has squabbled with the network and left the show.
I finished 1Q84 feeling that its spiritual project was heroic and beautiful, that its central conflict involved a pitched battle between realism and unrealism (while being scrupulously fair to both sides), and that, in our own somewhat unreal times, younger readers, unlike me, would have no trouble at all believing in the existence of Little People and replicants. What they may have trouble with is the novel’s absolute faith in the transformative power of love.
One of the many longueurs in Haruki Murakami’s stupefying new novel, “1Q84,” sends the book’s heroine, a slender assassin named Aomame, into hiding. To sustain her through this period of isolation she is given an apartment, groceries and the entirety of Marcel Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past.”

For pity’s sake, if you have that kind of spare time, follow her lead. Aomame has the chance to read a book that is long and demanding but well worth the effort. The very thought of Aomame’s situation will pain anyone stuck in the quicksand of “1Q84.” You, sucker, will wade through nearly 1,000 uneventful pages while discovering a Tokyo that has two moons and is controlled by creatures that emerge from the mouth of a dead goat. These creatures are called Little People. They are supposed to be very wise, even though the smartest thing they ever say is “Ho ho.”
adicionado por Shortride | editarThe New York Times, Janet Maslin (Nov 10, 2011)
1Q84 is psychologically unconvincing and morally unsavory, full of lacunas and loose ends, stuffed to the gills with everything but the kitchen sink and a coherent story. By every standard metric, it is gravely flawed. But, I admit, standard metrics are difficult to apply to Murakami. It's tempting to write that out of five stars, I'd give this book two moons.

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An ode to George Orwell's "1984" told in alternating male and female voices relates the stories of Aomame, an assassin for a secret organization who discovers that she has been transported to an alternate reality, and Tengo, a mathematics lecturer and novice writer.

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