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An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace

de Tamar Adler

Outros autores: Alice Waters (Prefácio)

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6622233,561 (4.13)30
Tamar weaves philosophy and instruction into approachable lessons on instinctive cooking. By wresting cooking from doctrine and doldrums, Tamar encourages readers to begin from wherever they are, with whatever they have.

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A lovely if meandering source of inspiration for when cooking gets tedious. ( )
  mmparker | Oct 24, 2023 |
I think this book is written for foodies who supposedly don’t know how to cook. It didn’t really work for me in the amazing food aspects, but I did get a little bit more out of the how to parts. To me there are just some foods that don’t taste good, and so it’s somewhat frustrating listening to the author be so obsessed with certain items that just don’t sound appealing. I think this will work best for those who already love food the way the author does and can be cheered on accordingly (hence the foreword by Alice Waters), but I don’t feel any burning desire to try new things. ( )
  spinsterrevival | Apr 16, 2023 |
This book gently shares a philosophy of using food well and eating well. Adler advocates living well but without excess. Lunch could be an egg and cheese on bread with a little greens, but it's a single egg, just enough cheese, and a slice of bread, not a huge sandwich, a bag of chips, and a soda beside.

Although Adler's food ethic is not directly one that is completely compatible with food justice concerns, it's probably more closely adaptable to one than some of the more mainstream food ethics like those of Michael Pollen. For example, she is an advocate of boiling (done right) as a cooking method, and one of her central tenants is making the ends of one meal become the beginning of another.

In addition to all that, I was salivating for nearly all of the recipes. Yummy! ( )
  eri_kars | Jul 10, 2022 |
I had no idea that someone could be this excited about boiled greens, but there you go.

Seriously, this has already influenced my cooking. Two days ago, I made a delicious minestrone with what was in the produce aisle, including the biggest leek I've ever seen. Our veg box had more small sweet peppers than could be eaten in a couple of days, so I followed her advice and pickled them. ( )
  wunder | Feb 3, 2022 |
This philosophical cookbook breaks down cooking by mood, food types, technique, and more, leading the reader through Adler's very personal perspective on food -- one that, ultimately, ends up feeling very universal. With a frugal focus on avoiding food waste and a celebration of the ordinary (I will always have parsley on hand after reading this!), this book is a good fit for pandemic cooking and an inspiration for playful experimentation in the kitchen with lots of tasting as you go. I found it best to stick to just a chapter or two a day so that Adler's rich prose didn't become too much, and while it is not a traditional cook book by any means, there is a very detailed index that can help navigate the recipes and ingredients sprinkled throughout when you want to dive into them later. ( )
  kristykay22 | Dec 6, 2021 |
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Adler, Tamar. An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace. Scribner. Oct. 2011. c.272p. index. ISBN 9781439181874. $25. COOKING
Adler, who opened a farm-to-table restaurant in Georgia and cooked at Chez Panisse (Alice Waters here contributes a foreword), offers insight into how to make simple foods into enjoyable meals, e.g., food scraps that are normally thrown away are instead used for soups, bones for stock, and orange peels for marmalade. In the chapter “How To Boil Water,” she encourages readers to put on a pot of water, then figure out what to throw in it—vegetables, pasta, potatoes, beans, even meat—increasing flavor with each item. Adler devotes a chapter to eggs, which can easily create a meal via a variety of cooking techniques, and she includes a recipe for Tortilla Española (simply potatoes, onions, and eggs). She also offers inspiration for making an exciting salad from in-season produce. VERDICT Working with mundane, simple foods and easy cooking techniques, Adler shows readers how to stretch their ingredients and add flavor to foods. This is not a cookbook but a narrative featuring easy-to-implement ideas that will encourage seasoned cooks to experiment and make mealtimes pleasing experiences.

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Tamar weaves philosophy and instruction into approachable lessons on instinctive cooking. By wresting cooking from doctrine and doldrums, Tamar encourages readers to begin from wherever they are, with whatever they have.

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