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Everneath de Brodi Ashton

Everneath (edição: 2012)

de Brodi Ashton

Séries: Everneath (1)

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Regretting her decision to forfeit her life on Earth to become an immortal on Everneath, a world between Earth and Hell, teenaged Nikki is given the chance to return to the Surface for six months, in this story loosely based on the "Hades and Persephone" myth.
Autores:Brodi Ashton
Informação:Balzer Bray (2012), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 384 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

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Everneath de Brodi Ashton


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I'm not sure it's possible for a book to fail the Bechdel test when there are no actual conversations in the first 50 pages, but this one seems to fail the intent, anyway. This re-imagining of the Persephone myth has an interesting premise and (what I read of it) is well-written. But our main character is wholly defined by (and obsesses over) her relationships to people with penises, aside from a token "best friend" with whom she exchanges three sentences, outside of hellos and goodbyes.

I just am not the target audience for this kind of book. DNF at page 50.

Hardcover, signed by the author, who seemed like a very engaging person at her book tour.

I was reading this for the Booklikes-opoly 2020 game, for the lot Stay-cation 8: Read a book that was published during the months of May, June or July, or that contains an item that would be used as a school supply or an article of clothing or an accessory pictured on the cover. This book has a girl in a dress on the cover. With half her head cut off, in true YA cover fashion. Since I DNF'd early, I don't earn any $$ for it. ( )
  Doodlebug34 | Jan 1, 2024 |
This made me feel like I do when I read a book by Nicholas Sparks or Jojo Moyes. ( )
  whybehave2002 | Mar 27, 2022 |
Didn't finish since it seemed to be derivative of other books I had read before... I'm not going to rate it though since I didn't get very far into it.
  bookwyrmqueen | Oct 25, 2021 |
teen fiction; paranormal romance (persephone, again). I gave it 50 pages but despite all the rave reviews could not bring myself to care. Love triangle between dull girl, sensitive jock, and bad boy Hades just wasn't very juicy, and ambiguities about the "Feed" weren't enough to keep me interested. ( )
  reader1009 | Jul 3, 2021 |
So there are two main reasons why I rated this book just 3.5 stars. First, the pacing of this book was all over the place. Second, some of the main characters (i.e. Cole) and secondary characters (Nikki's dad and brother) were not fleshed out enough for me.

This book until the very end flashes back to "LAST YEAR" with a countdown to how many months/weeks it was until the "Feed" and to "NOW" how many months that Nikki has til she has to come to a decision about whether she is returning to the Tunnels in the Everneath or will go along with Cole's deal. It was distracting the entire time and really messed up the flow of the book.

I definitely think it was a good idea for Ms. Ashton to highlight it for readers so it can consciously cue them up to what they are reading at that point in time. However, I think it would have worked better to either have the story go from the present and just flashback to everything that happened to have the reader understand why Nikki was okay with initially throwing away her entire life. Or just tell it in the present with minimal flashbacks.

I realize that there is a fine line to walk here since without the flashbacks you don't get a good sense of Jack's character for a long while and Nikki's relationship with him. I think there is a happy medium to using flashbacks in books and I think this one definitely got past that point after the umpteenth "LAST YEAR" and "NOW." I felt myself getting impatient since I wanted to see what was so awful that caused Nikki to make the initial choice she did.

The development of some of the characters in the book to me was somewhat lacking too. For example, Cole I guess is supposed to be this bad boy who somehow has feelings for Nikki. We know he has feelings for he because sometimes "emotions cross his face" and he acts jealous when Nikki hangs out with Jack. And Jack tells Nikki that Cole loves her.

My opinion. Cole is a bland sociopath. Or that is the way that Ms. Ashton writes him. He really doesn't care about Nikki unless he is trying to get her to bend to him and threatens everyone around her. I give Ms. Ashton kudos though for not having Nikki do that well maybe Cole really loves me and I can change him dialogue.

Initially Nikki feels herself drawn to Cole, but pretty early on you realize that this is not a true love triangle. Cole wants Nikki because he's angry that she dares like someone else more than him and is used to getting his way. Nikki is in love with Jack and wants to protect him. I am so glad that this book did not have any of that which one should I chose foolishness. The choice Nikki has to make is to do what is right or what is easy.
She really isn't choosing a guy in either scenario.

Along with Cole I wish that Ms. Ashton had fleshed out other characters in the book more. We have some great insights into Nikki and Jack. I initially didn't care that much for Nikki, but she grew on me and I thought her voice got stronger throughout the book. The same thing happened with Jack. I initially thought he was just going to be some typical jock that Nikki had dated. However, you get to see the depth and breadth of their relationship and I really liked how that got unveiled over time.

However, other characters like Nikki's father barely seem to be in this story. We reference Nikki's brother Tommy once in a while, but that's it. I think I had such a problem with this since we know that Nikki has a certain amount of time that she is back on the surface. She keeps saying she will do things differently this time and be with her family as much as possible. We instead get her mentioning how she is doing things differently this time, with no real sense that she is actually doing things differently. I had the same problem with Jack's brother Will. He's written one way for almost the entire book and than magically changes into a stealth Army ranger ninja (don't ask).

I thought that the way that the Greek mythology was woven into this story was done very well (the story of Persephone and Orpheus and Eurydice) and thought how clever it was that the story of Orpheus and his wife is what ends up unlocking everything for Nikki. I just wish that we had gotten more Greek mythology in this book. I got this book since it was recommended to me after I bought the entire Starcrossed series and that book takes Greek mythology and turns it on its head (in a good way). I was hoping for more of that in this book. Perhaps book two or three gets into the mythology a bit more. ( )
  ObsidianBlue | Jul 1, 2020 |
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Brodi Ashtonautor principaltodas as ediçõescalculado
Rubinate, AmyNarradorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
Timmermann, KlausÜbersetzerautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
Wasel, UlrikeÜbersetzerautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado

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History books call it the Underworld. Or even Hell. But I know it's neither. It is really called the Everneath, and it's not a place for the dead. It's a place for the Everliving-beings who have discovered the secret to eternal life. it's a place for their Forfeits-the humans who give up everything to nourish the Everliving. It's the world caught between this one and the next, a layer between Earth and Hell. I know because I was a Forfeit. I would give anything to change this.
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I was picturing his face-a boy with floppy brown hair and brown eyes-when the Feed ended.
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Regretting her decision to forfeit her life on Earth to become an immortal on Everneath, a world between Earth and Hell, teenaged Nikki is given the chance to return to the Surface for six months, in this story loosely based on the "Hades and Persephone" myth.

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