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The Boy Who Cried Wolf de B. G. Hennessy

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (edição: 2006)

de B. G. Hennessy (Autor), Boris Kulikov (Ilustrador)

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A boy tending sheep on a lonely mountainside thinks it a fine joke to cry "wolf" and watch the people come running--and then one day a wolf is really there, but no one answers his call.
Título:The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Autores:B. G. Hennessy (Autor)
Outros autores:Boris Kulikov (Ilustrador)
Informação:Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (2006), Edition: 1st, 40 pages

Detalhes da Obra

The Boy Who Cried Wolf de B. G. Hennessy


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The Boy who Cried Wolf is a book written by B.G. Hennessey which entails of a young shepherd. The young boy currently desires to teach his sheep tricks, but his sheep seem uninterested. As a result, he cries Wolf to bring himself excitement. This draws the attention of the townspeople who come to his rescue. Nevertheless, the boy calls wolf once again and soon discovers that his sheep have been captured. I believe that the young shepherded brought danger to himself because he was unable to stay occupied. One moment the boy is bored and the next he is running for his life as he tries to escape danger. I believe that this book is great because it teaches students important lessons such as character. Often times when we call things into order they begin to happen if we aren't careful. I would recommended this book because it is amusing and teaches powerful lessons that can be applied to life. ( )
  elijahtaylor98 | Mar 30, 2020 |
The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a well-known story paired with colorful illustrations. This story teaches an important lesson about the importance of being honest, not lying to others, and the value of trust. When a young boy tells lie after lie for his own amusement because he is bored, he soon comes to wish he hadn't. After running to help the boy who was calling for help and crying wolf, the people around are tired of the lies and do not believe the boy when he calls yet again. Unfortunately, this time, the boy was nor lying and he suffered the consequences of his deceitfulness. ( )
  Jessica.Kirkland | Mar 12, 2020 |
I have always heard of the boy who cried wolf, however, I never knew the actual story. The folktale teaches a great lesson on not to lie for attention. The illustrations in the folktale also brings the story to life. The illustration of the big giant hungry wolves looking at the sheep while the shepherd boy runs away is such a powerful illustration. The style of the text is also a great contributor to the folktale. The style and the font of the text is playful just like the shepherd’s personality when he cried wolf because he was bored. The font just adds the slight playfulness to the text that bounces off the illustrations. ( )
  A.Bode | Mar 19, 2019 |
I still remember the first time I heard this story. I was about six years old and was so worried about the sheep! This tale is such a classic that all children should be familiar with because it teaches youngsters not to lie or no one will believe you! B.G. Hennessy does a precise job sticking to the original story; however, the rascally illustrations what made me love this story. I love how the illustrator uses overexaggerated features of the sheppard and how mischievous his sheep are acting! The sheep in the trees at the end actually made me laugh. I felt as if I was still in the 1st grade being read this story by my teacher, Ms. Moore. ( )
  agreenwald | Feb 20, 2019 |
This story is such a classic; the illustrations are fantastic. As a child, I remember reading/hearing this story but where the sheep get eaten by the wolves, but in this book, the sheep ended up just hiding in the tree. I enjoyed this version since it's less gruesome to read to children, but the lesson the story has is being told and coming across clearly to the reader. I liked how this story had some repetitive phrases, and I would enjoy reading this aloud to have the children read along with me during those repetitive phrases. The illustrations are great! Kulikov did a fantastic job at portraying the shepherd as a goofy, bored child. I liked how when the "townsfolk" came running to look for the wolf it seemed like there was a riot going on. It was hilarious how some of the characters looked, some had baseball caps on, and others had top hats, and one had on a suit of armor. ( )
  nomerbasic | Nov 19, 2018 |
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A boy tending sheep on a lonely mountainside thinks it a fine joke to cry "wolf" and watch the people come running--and then one day a wolf is really there, but no one answers his call.

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